Online Psychology Internships India

Looking for online psychology internship - find top-rated internships in India. Learn about the opportunities, courses and career options available to you online.

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Online Psychology Internships India

Online Internship For Psychology Students in India | Psychology Internship For Undergraduates

Are you looking for an online psychology internship in India? My Fit Brain is offering online internships for psychology students.

As the world becomes a faster and busier place, the need for psychological counseling has increased. In these modern times, people of various ages are facing challenges in life like feeling isolated, stressful or even dependent on a particular substance.

Counselling gives an opportunity to these individuals to sort out a problem or issue that he or she has been having trouble with. Counseling can help us get tools to navigate our emotions, as well as help, understand the emotion of others.

Counseling psychology internships at My Fit Brain are different and unique in their own ways, as we plan to supply all the necessary knowledge and expertise to students who would like to become future counselors or psychologists. All our mental health mentors are highly skilled and experienced and experienced with RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India). We bestow our efforts and time to teach and supply them with the best possible knowledge and experience. The benefit of an Online Internship for Psychology students is that you would have the ability to gain the required expertise and knowledge of an in-person internship without a commute and by the comfort of your home and thus finish the prerequisites.

Our is confidential and easy to use. It means that anyone who seeks counseling sessions with our experts from anywhere in the world. The online sessions are very helpful for clients who are unable to reach centers due to mobility issues or issues such as social anxiety or agoraphobia. We offer a safe, confidential, and very user-friendly online environment through video conferencing.

Myfitbrain also provides face-to-face therapy sessions to children, adolescents, adults, working professionals, and couples. Our sessions are usually 50-60 minutes long held on a weekly basis depending upon each case. Counselors in these sessions help our clients tell their stories, which is the first step to recovery and develop responses that work for our clients. These counseling sessions help cope with grief and loss, trauma, anxiety, abuse, depression, relationships, parenting issues, teenage transitions, marital issues, sexuality, communication, intimacy, and many more situations like these.

Online Psychology Internships India

We will offer:

  • Orientation to psychology, with special emphasis on the practical aspect of counseling psychology.
  • Sessions on different treatments.
  • Case discussion session with practicing advisers - based on real-life case studies.
  • In-depth analysis and experience on the case of history taking process.
  • Career Guidance to pupils who want to research psychology because of their career choice.
  • Each of the above is completed under the strict supervision of Specialists.

In our psychology internship online, we provide,

  • General introduction to counseling- including an outline of different psycho-therapeutic perspectives and counseling approaches, the importance of counseling, types of counseling, etc.
  • Case history taking to assess the mental state and behavior of the person being seen.
  • Psychological test administration & interpretation.
  • Report writing - documentation that contains the results of the testing and summary
  • Case history sessions from patients (5 sessions).


  • Continuous mentoring and coaching by industries experts
  • Internship Certificate as well as Experience Letter
  • Quality students to have opportunities to work at Myfitbrain
  • Placement Assistance
  • Letter of recommendations for further studies or work references
  • Platform to showcase your skills and talent
  • Practical and live experiences including followings,
  1. Communication techniques (mirror technique, Using the Senses, Master Emotional Triggers)
  2. Therapeutic and intervention approaches ( autobiographical journaling, Free association etc.)
  3. Taking case histories and designing case studies.
  4. Developmental Studies and their application in understanding client behavior

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Why choose an internship for psychology students from Myfitbrain?

We offer training experiences and professional development which we consider foundational, including enhancing interns’ ability to make sound and scientifically informed professional judgments, to understand and apply professional laws and ethics in a variety of clinical contexts, deepening their appreciation of individual and cultural diversity and the impact of difference and diversity on people’s lives, and developing interpersonal and professional collaborations. 

We emphasize direct experience with patients at various stages of development, with a wide breadth of presentations and demographic characteristics, in varied contexts and service delivery systems (i.e., outpatient mental health, psychiatric inpatient, medical setting), and employing a variety of modalities or approaches, which we believe prepares interns to enter comfortably into a range of professional roles and settings. 

Our interns develop core competencies in the general areas of clinical psychology, including assessment and diagnosis, psychological intervention, supervision, professional consultation, and program evaluation/development. 

Each intern gains experience in a psychiatric setting (being assigned to one of the following units: eating disorders, adolescent partial hospitalization, adult partial hospitalization, adult inpatient, and geropsychology/neuropsychology). 

These experiences are meant to serve as a springboard for future professional and clinical development. These placements are assigned based on interns' prior experience and professional aspirations and provide interns with the opportunity to begin to flexibly transfer and apply the foundational and general skills to working with a range of patients, and across a range of settings.

internship for psychology students from Myfitbrain

Advantages of Psychology Internship Near Me

Mastery of the practical applications of theoretical concepts is also vital and there is no better way for students to acquire such experience than through participation in internships – work-related positions that offer them the opportunity to gain professional insight into an occupational field of interest. Given the demanding and ever-changing world of employment, it is crucial that internships form a core component of all psychology degree programs at the tertiary level.

Hardly anyone would dispute the importance of practical experience in securing a desirable job in today’s society. No longer will first-class honors suffice. Employers must be convinced that graduates are capable of transferring their knowledge to the workplace and of functioning effectively in it. Unfortunately, these abilities cannot be learned in a lecture theatre. They must be developed in a real-world environment. Internships offer psychology students exposure to such environments and the opportunity to gain valuable work- experience.

However, it would be unwise to use the term ‘work experience’ to summarize the total value of an internship. In doing so, one would minimize the worth of the endeavor to merely a means of lengthening one’s resume, when in fact there are many other benefits to be gained. 

Firstly, internships help individuals to improve their level of professionalism. By immersing them in the culture of an organized institution, internships encourage individuals to develop a more realistic view of what is expected of them in the real world. They learn to communicate effectively with supervisors, co-workers, and clients and improve their time management skills as well as their ability to function efficiently under pressure. Internships allow individuals to acquire new skills through training and to strengthen old ones through practice. The result will be a more confident and competent individual possessing more professional work attitudes and habits.

Internships also assist students in making informed career decisions. Through daily activities and interpersonal interactions, interns are able to gather valuable information about their field. They also get a chance to evaluate their own strengths and preferences before they formally enter the job market. Such information can be helpful in deciding if they have made the right career choice and can reinforce doubts or resolve relating to their career goals.

A psychology student’s likelihood of acquiring employment after graduation is increased if he/she also possesses practical knowledge of his/her field. Interns get the opportunity to meet and network with individuals, including potential employers, with whom they would not normally come in contact. Such ‘links’ can prove to be essential when seeking jobs. Students may also learn of job openings while working as interns, and the acumen they gain will offer them a competitive edge over their less experienced competitors.

Some individuals will discredit the value of internships on the grounds that there are disadvantages to such experiences. True, students will have to set aside time out of their busy schedules to engage in internships. Universities will have to establish internship contracts with various organizations, and this can be time-consuming. Supervisors will have to observe and evaluate interns, and this can present problems, especially for those with heavy workloads. So yes, there are disadvantages, but these should not be overplayed.

Internship helps students learn the ins and outs of working in the field, including what it's like to employ theories they learn in class to real individuals in crisis. Online psychology internships allow students to work more independently. These students report to their supervisors.

Supervised, hands-on expertise allows psychology pupils to serve their patients after earning a degree. An internship or practicum can help a student be more successful. Over 81 percent of graduates who chose internships say it benefitted their careers by helping them find focus. These places may also help students network with current specialists who may offer a job upon graduation. 

Interns can work with clients or groups of clients directly, with or without supervision. Throughout the day, the intern may check in with the supervisor to get feedback, ask questions, and examine the intern's recommendations for every customer.

In Which Type of Setting Can I Work?
Since internships offer practical experience to get a resume, psychology students need to pick out a schedule aligned with their career goals. Someone looking to work in substance abuse facilities needs to try to get an internship in an identical setting. 

Students can select from a plethora of different settings at Myfitbrain. Degree applicants taking classes on the internet can often finish their college psychology internships close to home rather than the faculty. The length of a student pre-professional experience program changes depending on the institution's needs, the company's requirements, and the degree level. A recent study of psychology program directors discovered that the average desirable span of an internship is 1,094 hours. However, there's absolutely no agreed-upon minimum for an internship within the psychology community. Based on the particular area of psychology, an internship can last between six months and two years.

How Can My Psychology Internship Assist Me?

Not only do psychologists need to understand the concept, identification criteria, and treatment options, but they must also understand how to build trusting relationships with every customer. 

Because professional social skills are difficult to teach in a classroom setting, students have the chance to hone them in internships and practicums. Furthermore, these experiences make it possible for learners to see what happens behind the scenes, which helps to smooth the transition from college work to an expert field.

Internships also help students gain professional connections in addition to offering clarification regarding which field of psychology students want to spend their careers in. To get the maximum from an internship, the candidate must set certain goals.

MY FIT BRAIN with the team of counselors is providing online counseling services, making it easier for their clients, to seek a solution to the problem they are facing in their life.

Feel free to contact us now !!

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Dr. Neha Mehta

Dr. Neha Mehta

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