Who Talks More about Sex - Girls or Boys?

The tendency of how often do men and women think of sex depends on how much they know of it. Here are some points on who talks more about sex - girls or boys.

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who talks more about sex - girls or boys

Sex is a taboo in society. Talking about sex openly or in private and thinking about it is considered sick. The reason why you should not have sex at a young age is because it introduces you to something about which you don't have any knowledge as it is not discussed and told and you learn about it from friends of the same age and the internet. Despite the lack of information, it is still a topic of conversation in private. But have you ever wondered who talks more about sex - girls or boys? Though it is discussed by both gender and it should not consider which gender discusses it more often, however, who likes to talk about sex more is a very concerned subject. In this article, we will have a look at how often do men and women think of sex.

Who Talks More About Sex - Girls or Boys

The concern of the discussion is to know who talks more about sex - girls or boys. However, it is where gender doesn't play a significant role. Both men and women think of it. Do men talk more about sex or is it women? Though it is thought of men to be engaged with friends or girlfriends in conversation about intercourse. It is thought that men excel in these conversations and they are way ahead. However, it is not always true. Let's look at which gender is engaged more in sex conversation.

1. Boys Normally Express And Talk About It

It is true that boys normally express and talk among each other and with their girlfriends. When it is considered who likes to talk about sex then the first thought is always of males. The question do men talk more about sex or not cannot be completely identified. Men are logical, expressive, and bold and they tend to have more interest in these conversations especially after puberty hits them. The introduction to porn, and other sex-related information from their friends, seniors, and the internet make them discuss such topics more often, mainly after they enter college. Since sex education is yet not prevalent boys find ways to know about it.

2. Girls Are Less Expressive in Topics Related to Sex

Less Expressive

When it comes to who talks more about sex it is seen that girls are less expressive in topics related to sex. The main reason behind it is that they are not made aware of it. Even when they enter puberty and experience changes in their body, very few females get to know about sex, they are only aware of periods. Even mothers don't discuss it with their daughters and even are brought up in such a way that girls tend to be less expressive. Talking to a female psychologist helps in these areas. Many men wonder do girls like talking about sex or not. Girls after a certain age desire it even more than males.

3. Girls Sometimes Fear Talking About Sex

Girls Sometimes Fear

Do girls think more about sex or not, cannot be answered simply. Many girls fear talking about sex. There are many reasons why females find it fearful to discuss sex. Many women have been victim of domestic violence, have been raped, teased, harassed, and suffered many traumas related to it which make it difficult to talk about it freely and easily. Even boys who have witnessed domestic abuse or rape find it difficult to talk about sex. This is another reason why sex discussion is not very common among females however, it is also not the whole case.

4. Boys Who Are Sentimental And Introverted Express Less


Do men talk more about sex might be your question now. Though there are boys who freely speak about sex there are also boys who don't talk of it and find it difficult to speak of it. Boys who are sentimental and introverted express less and tend to discuss little to nothing about sex or intimacy. The male category which tends to witness violent things related to sex finds it difficult to speak and express it as it brings back the trauma and memories. Also many times it's not boys but girls who express more sex which is discussed in the next point.

5. Extroverts And Gen Z Girls Freely Talk of Sex


Today's generation of young teenagers is called Gen Z. Girls who talks more about sex are mainly extroverts. The question, do girls like talking about sex answers that yes girls desire it more whereas boys think of it more often. In a  research study, it was found that girls often talk about sex with their roommates and friends. They mainly talk about it to find more information about it and also casually as a topic. Both girls and boys talk about sex and discuss it. There must be a maturity guide for teens that helps the teens to know about sex and related information to avoid any misconceptions and flow of wrong information.

When Does Conversation About Sex Begins

There are reasons why its discussion starts which are dealt with in this section. When knowing about who talks more about sex - girls or boys it is also necessary to know why it begins. Here, we list 3 reasons why sex discussion begins among all age groups.

1. Begins With Puberty

Sex discussion usually begins around puberty. When puberty hits, both boys and girls experience physical, mental, and hormonal changes in their bodies and they are not explained or told about it. When wondering who likes to talk about sex it indicates that both the sexes desire to talk about it. Some talk freely whereas some feel restricted. In puberty, teenagers experience many changes which make them eager to know about it and it introduces them to sex. The parents must know how to talk to children about sex and introduce them to sex to avoid any misinformation.

2. Discussed by Those Who Wish to Give Better Sexual Performance


The one who talks more about sex is either the one who wishes to give a better sexual performance or the one who wishes to know about it. How often do men and women think of sex depends on how their sexual life is going on. They usually discuss sex with their partners on how they can give better sexual performance and satisfy them. It is very common in couples but at times rare in some couples who are shy. Many times individuals wish to know more about sex and hence they discuss it with their friends and partner.

3. When Sexual Life is Not Good

Do men talk more about sex? Usually, males and women begin talking about sex when their sexual life is not good or there are some conflicts. Many people go for sex counseling to deal with these issues. These may be lack of desire, no satisfaction, etc. When men find their sexual life not thrilling enough they talk about it with others or look or think of it. The same is not with females; they usually don't talk about it but think of it. These are some of the reasons why sec conversation begins in the first place.


It is very evident who talks more about sex - girls or boys. It is both genders who likes to talk about sex. The reason why women say no to sex or sex talk is mainly because they are not very expressive and fear it because of past trauma or domestic abuse or rape. There are always boys who are introverted and hence avoid sex conversation. Do girls think more about sex or is it vice versa? This is the concern that reveals that in today's era, both sexes speak freely of it and try to gain authentic knowledge about it. The frequency of how often do men and women think of sex depends. It is often stimulated by different reasons which are not definite and also it is not an everyday topic. Therefore, both boys and girls talk of sex. Boys talk about it and girls think about it more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    1 Why are women unaware of sex and sexual-related problems?

    The tendency of how often do men and women think of sex depends on how much they know of it. One of the reasons why girls refuse to get physical is because they are not aware of it. Many women even after marriage take counseling to know about sex. The main reason is that they are never told of it, not even by their mothers and doctors also do not speak of it clearly neither they try to know about it unless forced since sex as a topic is considered taboo.

    Earlier sex was considered taboo in society and hence it was not discussed openly. However, as time has changed sex is being discussed more and more freely and openly everywhere so that children and teenagers can learn about it to avoid misinformation regarding it and end up in something worse. There is no wrong in talking about sex. It doesn't matter who talks more about sex but if it is discussed, it should be a healthy discussion.

    Many people wonder do girls think more about sex and to some extent it can be true. Women are also very concerned about this sexual life. Women desire sex more than men do and hence it is a concern for women. They are very concerned about their desires and satisfaction. Women tend to know about it and wish to make their sexual life better and be able to please their husbands as well. They are usually concerned with low sexual desires, STDs, pleasure, etc. Hence it is clear that women think about sex very seriously.

    Women are usually aware that men talk about sex. It is an already fitted thought that men talk are the ones who speak and talk of sex often either with their friends or girlfriend. So, there are usually no thoughts given about it. Girls usually don't like talking about sex to men because they are not very comfortable however, there are exceptions. Girls don't think of men who talk of sex as lusty, or bad. A judgment of character is not made by either women or men.

    Many men think do girls like talking about sex and when they do meet or know about it indeed women talk about sex some find it strange, while some take it positively. Men have said that talking about sex can be awkward with girls at times however, it's not the case every time. Men like it when their girlfriends participate in these conversations with them as it raises interest and desires. Many men don't find anything wrong in it and don't think of girls as bad ones. As the time is changing, thinking has also changed.

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