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Aadil Chahal

Life Coach, Mental Health Professional

Area Of Expertise : Couple Counseling, Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety, Motivation, Parenting, Self Improvement, Physical Health, Decision Making, Addiction, Family Counseling, Stress Mgt.

Language : English, Hindi


Talk to Aadil Chahal on My Fit Brain who is Best Life Coach in Hisar. He is an NLP Coach & a Leader.

Hi, I am Aadil Chahal, I am a NLP LIFE COACH & FITNESS EXPERT with the experience of more than 20 years. In my experiences of life, being in different corporate jobs, Personal Coaching hundreds of people and working an Actor in theatre and bollywood movies, I have learnt that everything that is crucial for our existence is connected to each other. If we observe it minutely, we will understand whoever we have become today is a result of our thought patterns, our behavioral patterns, environment we are surrounded with, our belief system which is created by experiences we have had with the people we have spent time with and observing things in the world by using our own intellect. All the techniques I use and share with clients are self tested by me only and then on many clients. I live a life where I don't get sick, and most of the people are either mentally stressed, anxious and depressed because they don't understand the patterns of thoughts and emotions and how emotions effects us on physical levels and drains us on all levels, where it starts effecting our relationships with ourselves, family and society. A Fit Human according to me is one who is " Physically Healthy, Mentally Calm and Spiritually Elevated ". If you are experiencing Stress, Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, Relationship problems, mental health issues or Addiction. Lets work together and bring out better version of yourself by taking one step at a time, every journey starts with first step. You have already taken that first step by coming here on this website and checking my profile, lets start the journey together and become a better version of yourself on mental, physical and social level, where you yourself and everyone will be proud of. Talk soon.

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