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Arun Mathews

Relationship Counselor, Counseling Psychologist

Area Of Expertise : Couple Counseling, Marital Counselling, Physical Health, Job Stress, Divorce Cases, Motivation, Depression, Relationship Counselling, Break-up Counselling, Anxiety, Work Stress, Spirituality

Language : English, Tamil, Malayalam


Arun Mathews specializes in Marriage and Relationship counselling as a seasoned and compassionate counsellor with over nine years of counselling experience.

Looking for a counselor in Bangalore who specializes in Narcissism abuse cases? Look no further! Arun Mathews is one of our best online counselor in Bangalore. He specializes in Marriage and Relationship counseling (especially Narcissism cases) As a seasoned and compassionate counselor with over nine years of counseling experience, he has dedicated himself to helping individuals navigate through emotional turbulence, be it personally or in relationships. His expertise in addressing a wide range of mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, narcissism, relationship issues, personality issues, in a simple but effective way. He believes in helping clients by being empathic, active listening, and by using evidence-based therapeutic techniques to provide personalized emotional support tailored to each individual's unique needs. His professional goal is to create a safe and non-judgmental space where clients can express themselves freely, gain insight, develop coping skills, and achieve positive change within themselves, so that in time, you would never need a counselor ever again!

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