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Ninaada P L

Consultant Psychologist, Counselor

Area Of Expertise : Couple Counseling, Parenting, Self Improvement, Sleep, Physical Health, Work Stress, Job Stress, IQ Testing, Personality Test, Panic Attacks, ADHD, Bipolar Disorders

Language : English, Hindi, Kannada

Bangalore, India

Ninaada P L is an experienced and certified consultant psychologist who helps the people facing mental health issues. Book your appointment online!

Ninaada P L is a certified and experienced Consulant Psychologist based in Bangalore. She has completed her Masters of Science in Applied Psychology which gives her a broad knowledge of the sub types of psychology. She is interested in psychology as a subject and want to explore it. And at the same time help individuals. She has taken up multiple internships to enhance her skills. She is expertised in treating the people dealing wih addiction problems, bipolar disorder, diificulty in choosing career, depression, marital issues, relationship issues, developmental issues in kids and many more. 

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