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Shabnam Thukral

Mental Health Professional, Counseling Psychologist

Area Of Expertise : Child Counseling, Self Improvement, Physical Health, Work Stress, IQ Testing, Personality Test, School Counsellings, Child Education, Mental Health, Meditation, Motivation, Couple Counseling

Language : English, Hindi, Punjabi


Looking to book an online appointment for counseling? Shabnam Thukral is the best online counselor based in Rohtak, India. Book your session online!

Shabnam Thukral is the best online counselor based in Rohtak, India, completed her master's in psychology. She has enrolled herself in various national and international conferences and workshops like CBT, the Rorschach comprehensive system, and Aptitude testing. She also worked with our registered psychologist Dr. Neha Mehta and gained skills in Child counseling, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Child education, Motivation, Career counseling, and expertise in relaxation therapies. She has a unique understanding of this kind of psychological problem and is able to resolve such issues with her counseling skills. Currently, she is working with neuropsychiatrists. She offered services like I.Q/S.Q/D.Q and personality testing. 

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