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Suraj Biswas

Consultant Psychologist, Therapist

Area Of Expertise : Self Improvement, PostPartum Depression, TeenAge Problems, Depression, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Anxiety, Mental Health, Meditation, Phobia, Over Thinking, Stress Mgt.

Language : English, Hindi


Suraj Biswas is a psychologist with five years of expertise in Counselling, Therapy, and Coaching such as Stress, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, and Phobia.

I treasure helping my clients Worldwide to find happiness within themselves so that they find their definition of what it means to live an amazing life! Hi, I am Suraj Biswas, a psychologist with five years of expertise in Counselling, Therapy, and Coaching. I have a master's in Psychology and neuro-linguistic Programming, a Certified Life Coach, and a Hypnotherapy expert. I employ a variety of techniques to approach issues such as Stress, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Phobia, Personality Disorder, Relationships, Parenting, Sexual Health, Decision Making, Planning, and Growth. Fun Fact: I love playing guitar and love doing voiceovers which makes me a person who loves speaking in a narrative style. Please arrive at the session with an open mind and you will be shown how to navigate undesirable thoughts which are running the show in your head. My goal is to ensure you would have an awesome experience.

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