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LGBTQ Counselling

Looking for LGBTQ counseling? Find experienced LGBTQ counseling near me experts for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer at My Fit Brain.

HowL GBTQ counseling near me will give you more self-confidence

At our LGBT counseling services, we understand that self-confidence can be a challenge for many individuals who identify as LGBT. Our trained therapists offer a safe and confidential space where you can explore your concerns and develop strategies to overcome any barriers to self-confidence. We will work with you to identify your strengths, celebrate your unique qualities, and help you embrace your identity with pride.

By providing you with the tools and resources to navigate challenges related to your sexual orientation or gender identity, we can help you develop a stronger sense of self and improve your overall well-being. With our support, you can feel more confident and empowered to live your life authentically and on your terms.

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What are the signs to take LGBTQ counseling near me

As society becomes more accepting and inclusive of LGBTQ individuals, it’s important to recognize that many people still face unique challenges related to their sexual orientation or gender identity. LGBTQ counseling can be a valuable resource for individuals who are struggling with issues related to their LGBTQ identity. Here are some signs that you may benefit from LGBTQ counseling near me.


  • If you’re feeling ashamed or uncertain about your sexual orientation or gender identity,LGBTQ couples counseling near me can help you work through these feelings and develop a stronger sense of self-acceptance.
  • Unfortunately, discrimination and harassment are still common experiences for many LGBTQ individuals. Many LGBTQ individuals struggle with feelings of isolation or disconnection, particularly if they live in communities where there are few other LGBTQ people.
  • Whether you’re in a same-sex or opposite-sex relationship, LGBTQ couples counseling near me can help you navigate the unique challenges that can arise in LGBTQ relationships, such as dealing with homophobia or transphobia from family members or friends.
  • Mental health issues are common among LGBTQ individuals, and LGBTQ couples counseling near me can be an effective tool for managing symptoms of anxiety or depression.
  • Coming out can be a difficult and stressful experience, and counseling can provide you with support and guidance as you navigate this process.
  • If you’re questioning your gender identity or sexual orientation, LGBTQ couples counseling near me can provide a safe and supportive space to explore these feelings and make decisions about your identity.

Unfortunately, many LGBTQ individuals experience trauma related to their sexual orientation or gender identity, such as hate crimes or rejection from family members.


The Supreme Advantages of the LGBTQ marriage counseling

LGBTQ lifestyles require systematic analysis. In many cases, LGBTQ counseling just provides a safe space. LGBTQ marriage counseling is an important resource for couples who identify as LGBTQ. As same-sex marriage has become legal in many countries, it has created a need for specialized counseling services to support the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ couples. LGBTQ marriage counseling can provide a safe and inclusive space for couples to discuss their issues and feelings, while also promoting effective communication and conflict resolution.
● LGBTQ counseling can provide a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to discuss their concerns and feelings related to their sexuality or gender identity.
● Our counseling can help individuals navigate the challenges of coming out to friends and family, and provide support during the process.
● My Fit Brain’s Counseling can help individuals understand and accept their sexual orientation or gender identity, leading to improved self-esteem and self-acceptance.
● Our counselings can provide support for individuals who have experienced discrimination or harassment due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.
● Help individuals address mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, which are more common among LGBTQ individuals due to social stigma and discrimination.
● Can provide resources and referrals for medical or legal services related to LGBTQ issues, such as hormone therapy or legal name changes.
● Our Counseling can help individuals build a sense of community and connection with other LGBTQ individuals, which can be especially important for those who may feel isolated or marginalized.
● Push individuals address issues related to relationships, including communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy.

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How My Fit Brain counseling can help LGBTQ Community

Conformity and sameness are very highly valued in a democratic approach. Globally, the consumer culture and the system of uniforms stress sameness. Food and work, vehicles, and thoughts are similar. Anything different is blamed. The same idea applies to genders. Traditionally, the male and female genders marry and raise children. The love between a man and woman is the norm.

LGBTQs are different in the attraction towards the same sex or both sexes, the bisexual. It is not the individual’s fault. They were born that way. A large number of such individuals are found in India. Like inferior outcasts, they are isolated in society. They have to live in a closed community with similar persons.

In a sense, LGBTQs may be compared to lunatics and criminals who for various reasons need to remain apart from regular society. Straight people want to keep them at a distance. They find something strange and ugly about them.

Discrimination and distrust, anger, and hatred, for generations, have resulted in a miserable psyche for the LGBTQs in India and around the world. Advanced societies may be more liberal and broad-minded. India continues to live in conservative times. LGBTQ Counseling India can play an important role. LGBTQ personal problems need attention.

● Provides a safe and inclusive space:

LGBTQ marriage counseling offers a safe and inclusive space for couples to discuss their issues and feelings without fear of judgment or discrimination.

● Helps address unique challenges:

: Same-sex couples often face unique challenges that may not be experienced in heterosexual relationships. Our LGBTQ marriage counselor is trained to recognize and address these challenges.

● Promotes effective communication:

Our LGBTQ marriage counseling can help couples improve their communication skills and learn how to express themselves in a healthy and productive way.

● Provides tools for conflict resolution:

Our counselor can teach couples various tools and techniques to resolve conflicts in a healthy manner and prevent issues from escalating.

● Helps with family dynamics:

My Fit Brain’s LGBTQ marriage counseling can help couples navigate complicated family dynamics, such as coming out to family members or dealing with unsupportive relatives.

● Addresses internalized homophobia:

Internalized homophobia can be a significant issue for some LGBTQ individuals. Our Counseling can help individuals explore and overcome their internalized homophobia, leading to improved self-esteem and self-acceptance.

● Promotes self-discovery:

: Our Marriage counseling for LGBTQ couples can provide a space for self-discovery and growth, leading to a better understanding of one's own identity and values.

● Improves mental health:

LGBTQ individuals face higher rates of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Our Marriage counseling can help address these issues and improve overall mental health and well-being.

What exactly are the nasty experiences the community faces?

Quality of life suffers harshly with basic services like medical care denied. When fundamental rights have no meaning, it appears as if life is not worth living. Morale suffers a terrible blow and everything comes under a cloud.
1. Oppression becomes a bitter nightmare with no hope in sight.
2. Stressed lives are full of handicaps, both physical and mental.
3. Home and school environments become arenas for cruelty and bullying.
4. Education and jobs become hard to obtain and sustain for a long.
5. Social life is denied.
6. Such persons cannot progress far professionally with chances unavailable.
7. Trauma and fear of prejudice become common and confidence is lost.
8. Loneliness and suicide may occur in desperation.

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How do they fare in the developed world?

Even in western societies, such persons are three times more exposed to anxiety and depression. Youth stand four times the dangers of suicide. Similarly, many such persons stand at risk of substance abuse, violence, and murder.

Compared to Asian societies, the advanced west is certainly more liberal and tolerant. They allow greater freedom and do not ostracize the gay community so severely. Same-sex marriages have solved some of the eternal conflicts between the sexes. Those who cannot tolerate the opposite sex can have a chance with their sex. Adoption is quite feasible and several such cases now exist of happily married same-sex relationships.

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Our first consultation with Dr. Neha was earlier this year. Improving and treating ones mental health is not only about medication but it is to make the person feel more in control of their life.


"She is an excellent mentor and guided us patiently by answering all our queries."


"Dr.Neha Maam explains everything Very well and gained a lot of new experience."


Our first consultation with Dr. Neha was earlier this year. Improving and treating ones mental health is not only about medication but it is to make the person feel more in control of their life.


Frequently Asked Questions
Counseling LGBTQ services are designed to support individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. Our services offer a safe and confidential space to discuss concerns related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and other related issues. A trained therapist can help you to explore your feelings and work through any challenges you may be facing, providing you with the necessary tools and resources to thrive.
If you are struggling with your sexual orientation, gender identity, or feel isolated, anxious, or depressed because of your identity, you may benefit from our LGBT counseling services. If you are experiencing challenges related to coming out, transitioning, or dealing with discrimination and stigma, seeking counseling can help you feel more supported and empowered.
During a Counseling for LGBTQ session, you can expect a supportive and non-judgmental environment where you can discuss your concerns openly and honestly. A trained therapist will listen to you, provide guidance and support, and help you develop a plan to address your concerns. You may also receive education on topics such as healthy coping skills, communication strategies, and resources to help you navigate challenges related to your sexual orientation or gender identity.

If you are questioning your sexual orientation or gender identity, LGBT counseling services can still be beneficial. Our Counseling for LGBTQ can help you explore your feelings and gain a better understanding of yourself. A trained therapist can provide support and guidance as you navigate this journey and help you develop coping strategies for any challenges you may face. Additionally, many LGBT counseling services welcome individuals who are questioning their identity and offer a safe and non-judgmental space to discuss your concerns.

5. Can non-LGBT individuals also benefit from LGBT counseling services?

Yes, non-LGBT individuals can also benefit from LGBT counseling services. These services can help individuals develop a better understanding of LGBT issues, including discrimination and stigma, and learn how to be more supportive of their LGBT friends, family members, or colleagues. Additionally, if you have a loved one who identifies as LGBT, counseling can help you learn how to better support them and improve your communication and relationship with them.
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Psychiatrist, Sexologist

Location: Hisar, India

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Dr. Karanjit Singh

Psychiatrist, Counselor

Location: Hisar, India

Languages: English, Hindi

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