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Sex counseling Near You | Online Sex Therapy

Looking for psychosexual therapy? My Fit Brain provides the best sexologist online consultation for all types of sexual problems. Book An Appointment!

How Online sex therapy and counseling can help in
resolving sexual issues?

Sex therapy is taboo in Indian society, but now more people are opening up. My Fit Brain is one of the leading online platforms where you can consult sex therapists in India. Some people hesitate to seek the help of counselors even when they need it. But worry not, My Fit Brain is a safe place where you can talk to our therapists from your home.

Also, there are certain individuals who avoid visiting a therapist as they are afraid of the unknown. However, the individuals who have attended the sessions said that sexual therapy counseling near me had benefited them immensely. 

Still confused about the symptoms, take this 1 min quiz to to find all the symptoms

What is Online sex therapy and counseling?

Sex Counseling is an effective form of psychotherapy that is beneficial for couples as well as individuals of any sexual orientation or gender. It is also thought of as talk therapy, which is a combination of cognitive-behavioral interventions as well as counseling.

Sex Counseling can be very beneficial for those who are struggling with low sex drive or those with erectile dysfunction. This type of therapy deals with the physiological aspect of sexuality. It has been around for a long time and helps people deal with the emotional and mental aspects of their sexuality. It also helps to relieve stress, boost self-confidence, improve communication between partners, and promote healthy relationship building. Many couples have benefited from sex counseling in regards to resolving issues in the relationship.

It is indeed the best treatment for sexual anxiety, sexual dysfunction, lack of desire, premature orgasm, etc. However, to reap out maximum benefits, it is significant for individuals or couples to rely on a trusted therapist. The majority of the individuals, these days, opt for a sexual therapist near you as the place boasts some highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals who strive to carry out effective sessions that provide the individuals with the finest outcomes

Are you having Issues in your Sex Life? - What causes sexual issues?

Physical health conditions

Sexual problems can be caused by a variety of physical health conditions, including hormonal imbalances, diabetes, heart disease, and neurological disorders. These conditions can affect sexual desire, arousal, and performance.

Psychological factors:

Mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress can impact sexual function, as can relationship problems, past trauma, and low self-esteem. Negative thoughts or beliefs about sex can also contribute to sexual difficulties.


Certain medications, such as antidepressants and blood pressure medications, can cause sexual side effects such as decreased libido, difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, or delayed orgasm.

Substance use:

Substance use, including alcohol and drugs, can impact sexual function by decreasing desire, impairing performance, or interfering with orgasm


As people age, changes in hormone levels and physical function can impact sexual desire, arousal, and performance. Women may experience changes such as vaginal dryness, while men may have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection.

Lifestyle factors

Poor lifestyle habits such as a lack of exercise, an unhealthy diet, and poor sleep habits can also contribute to sexual problems. Stress, lack of intimacy or emotional connection, and fatigue can also affect sexual desire and function.

Signs that you need Online sex therapy and counseling!

Some signs indicate you need to look for a sex counselor. Online sex therapy and counseling can be done for many reasons. Are you aware of sexual dysfunction? Some of the many symptoms of this condition include.



  • Non-consummation or else not having sex for a prolonged period.
  • No sexual desire and Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation
  • unwanted sexual fetishes
  • Lack of confidence during sexual intercourse.
  • Pain during intercourse and sexual addiction
  • Experiencing difficulty achieving or maintaining arousal.
  • Feeling ashamed or guilty about your sexual desires or behaviors.
  • Avoiding sexual activity altogether because of anxiety or fear.
  • Experiencing relationship issues that are impacting your sex life.
  • Struggling with compulsive sexual behavior or addiction.
  • Experienced sexual trauma or abuse in the past.

If you're interested in coping with any of the above-mentioned issues,
feel free to talk to a sexologist online.

Are any of these symptoms experienced by you and your family? If yes, then know that you need a therapy right away! Visit the experts at My Fit Brain now to get the best sex counseling now!

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Why do you need sex counseling?

A lot of couples are not satisfied with their sexual life, but still, they don’t talk to a sex therapist in India. A dissatisfied sexual life can cause issues in your personal as well as professional life. 

To make sex life more romantic and satisfying, couples are choosing Online sex counseling male and female They choose an expert to sort out the problems they are having by themselves. Sex counseling is the best thing that a couple can opt for in order to sort out their sexual problems. Our top online counselor will talk you into understanding your problems and suggest therapy according to your condition.

Can top online counseling help you with Online sex counseling male and female?

Get sexual counseling near me sessions for sexual orientation from My Fit Brain

Online counseling can surely help you with your sexual life and if you face any signs or issues in your sexual life you should seek the help of a counselor. Even it helps you to recover from the addiction issues you are facing. Below are the most common reasons to opt for an online therapist to sort out your sexual issues.

  • To explore the psychological side of sexual issues 
  • Know the reason behind the lack of attraction 
  • Get rid of sexual problems due to psychological issues 
  • Make your sex life amazing 
  • Recover from porn Addiction 
  • Beat sex Addiction 
  • Unresolved intimate issues 
  • Stale Sex Life or Sexual issues

Learn all about maintaining your health

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Family Counselling
How can My Fit Brain help you with sex counseling?

If you are also dealing with sexual issues, then try not to solve the problems by yourself, consult My Fit Brain’s Sexologist near you. My Fit Brain is an online counseling platform that provides online counseling for any mental issues and other psychological issues. There are various reasons to seek for sex therapist near you.

Recovering Low Libido or Sexual Interest

Our certified sex consultant may encourage sensate focus exercises, where both spouses become acquainted with one another's bodies in a slow and wholesome way.

Exploring Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity

There is no single path to exploring or detecting one's sexual orientation or sexual identity. Coming out to an already-established spouse can feel intimidating for a few partners.

Overcoming Trauma

Addressing sexual trauma in a sex treatment setting can bring recovery to the individual and provide insight to their partner on the best way to be understanding and supportive.

Cueing Exercises

Our online sex therapists use various exercises that help patients to recall their past experiences of the positive emotions they had about sex.

Find out how we work
  • We at My Fit Brain keep the booking procedure very simple. You have to just answer some questions, choose your therapist and start the session. Initially, in your session, you may be asked questions like.

Your sexual history, both as people and (if appropriate ) as spouses.

Your general mental health history.Your sexual orientation.

Any physical or medical concerns that may be impacting the present dilemma.

The timeline of your relationship and what it’s like outside of sex.

Your typical sexual habits, such as frequency and so on.

How do you show desire and affection beyond sex? 

This is done to understand your issue and suggest possible solutions.


Fill Questionnaire


Pick a therapist


Book the session

We have here some of the sexologists or sex therapists who are well trained and help you out.

Look for your therapist!
Find the best therapist at My Fit Brain.
Choose here.

Online sex counseling male and female is nothing to be embarrassed about. If you feel your sex life is not good and have any signs of a disturbed sexual life then you should immediately seek the help of a sex therapist. My Fit Brain helps you understand your sexual emotions and resolve your issues with your partner. We analyze the underlying issues that are hampering your sexual life or not. If you feel there are you can book a session now or talk to our therapist now.

Book a Session

Our first consultation with Dr. Neha was earlier this year. Improving and treating ones mental health is not only about medication but it is to make the person feel more in control of their life.


"She is an excellent mentor and guided us patiently by answering all our queries."


"Dr.Neha Maam explains everything Very well and gained a lot of new experience."


Our first consultation with Dr. Neha was earlier this year. Improving and treating ones mental health is not only about medication but it is to make the person feel more in control of their life.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is a form of counseling that focuses on helping couples or individuals with resolving the difficulties faced in their sexual life. Online sex counseling male and female is a kind of counseling that provides them with proper sex education that will aware them of how their body works while performing sexual activities. People usually feel anxious while visiting their sex counselor especially during their first visit but now the time has come that we should normalize taking such therapies and change our perspectives towards it.

Yes, Sex therapy works in helping you to resolve all of the difficulties faced in your sexual life. It helps individuals, couples by providing them with proper sex education. Sex therapists also help you to find out the symptoms and signs that lead to problems in your sexual life. In this kind of therapy, therapists try to treat their patients by talking about various things like patients’ past experiences, feelings, worries, etc. After every session, you will be to see better understanding and improvement and ultimately it leads to resolving your issues.

Yes, you can get your sex therapies done online. There are so many online counseling platforms/sites available where you can get your Therapy sessions done according to your availability, convenience, affordability, etc. One of these online counseling platforms is My Fit brain. It is also considered one of the best online counseling platforms which provide you with experienced and certified therapists. Many people feel awkward visiting their sex therapist. But, now there’s no need to feel awkward and anxious as now you can get your Sex counseling sessions online.

Finding out sex counseling near you is very easy. You just have to have done proper research in your locality. Ask someone you trust, share it with your friends. take recommendations for them. You can even take help from your family doctor and ask him/her which sex counselor you should consent to. And one thing you should always keep in mind while searching for a good sex therapist is that they should be certified and well experienced as it matters a lot when it comes to getting your issues resolved. So, I hope your query of how to find good sex counseling near me is cleared.

It is a kind of sexual therapy that aims at helping individuals or couples to improve their physical intimacy and also to help them to manage any kind of sexual difficulties faced. Psychosexual therapy also examines the mindset which leads to the mental or physical factors causing difficulties in your life. A psychosexual therapist uses various kinds of strategies to identify these causes which are affecting and leading to issues. You can even get your psychosexual therapy done online on online counseling platforms like My Fit brain.

Top Therapists

Dr. Neha Mehta

Consultant Psychologist

Location: Hisar, India

Languages: English, Hindi

Dr. Prem Munjal

Couple Counseling

Location: Hisar, India

Languages: English, Hindi

Dr. Abhishek Chugh


Location: Rohtak, India

Languages: English, Hindi

Dr. Karanjit Singh


Location: Hisar, India

Languages: English, Hindi

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