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Sex Therapy

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Sex Counselling Near You | Online Sex Therapy

Are you aware of the term "sex therapy"? When talked about these therapy sessions, there are certain questions that pop into an individual's mind:

  • "How would I know I need it?"
  • "Is my sex life normal?


Sex therapy is taboo in Indian society, but now more people are opening up. My Fit Brain is one of the leading online platforms where you can consult sex therapists in India. Some people hesitate to seek the help of counselors even when they need it. But worry not, My Fit Brain is a safe place where you can talk to our therapists from your home.

Also, there are certain individuals who avoid visiting a therapist as they are afraid of the unknown. However, the individuals who have attended the sessions said that sexual therapy counseling near me had benefited them immensely. Do you want to know more about sex therapy? Read on. 

What is Sex Therapy? 

Sex Counseling is an effective form of psychotherapy that is beneficial for couples as well as individuals of any sexual orientation or gender. It is also thought of as talk therapy, which is a combination of cognitive-behavioral interventions as well as counseling. 

Sex Counseling can be very beneficial for those who are struggling with low sex drive or those with erectile dysfunction. This type of therapy deals with the physiological aspect of sexuality. It has been around for a long time and helps people deal with the emotional and mental aspects of their sexuality. It also helps to relieve stress, boost self-confidence, improve communication between partners, and promote healthy relationship building. Many couples have benefited from sex counseling in regards to resolving issues in the relationship.

It is indeed the best treatment for sexual anxiety, sexual dysfunction, lack of desire, premature orgasm, etc. However, to reap out maximum benefits, it is significant for individuals or couples to rely on a trusted therapist. The majority of the individuals, these days, opt for a sexual therapist near you as the place boasts some highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals who strive to carry out effective sessions that provide the individuals with the finest outcomes.

Are you aware of sexual dysfunction? Some of the many symptoms of this condition include:

  • Non-consummation or else not having sex for a prolonged period.
  • Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation
  • No sexual desire
  • Unwanted sexual fetishes
  • Lack of confidence during sexual intercourse.
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Sexual addiction


If you're interested in coping with any of the above-mentioned issues, feel free to talk to a sexologist online.

Advantages of Seeking Sex Counseling From My Fit Brain

Advantages of Seeking Sex Counseling

Sex therapy is basically a therapeutic process of curing persons caused by sexual disabilities. It is usually perceived that if a person's sex life isn't satisfactory, he must face numerous problems. Irritability, low self-esteem because of lack of pleasurable sex, as well as the man's inability to have eyes on his partner are among the common issues linked with unsatisfactory sex. In such cases, sexual counseling can prove to be really helpful and beneficial.

Develop Realistic Goals 

For instance, the underlying cause of sexual dysfunctions maybe age. But that can be easily addressed during counseling. The experts explain the effects of aging and the impacts it may have on sexual techniques. We help the individuals by introducing the best coping techniques.

Explore Sexual Fantasies 

Our sex therapist helps the patients to explore their fantasies. They also recommend erotica as well as other means for stimulation.

Good Sex Life 

Therapy aims to increase the couples' intimacy which usually leads to an enhanced sexual life. There are many benefits of this form of therapy because it usually improves the couples' sense of satisfaction, promotes better communication between the partners, boosts their confidence level, and helps them accept one another more. 

Building Intimacy 

Some partners enter a relationship prepared to give and receive closeness and expect that. However, intimacy can be allusive for some. It can likewise be broken, and speaking about sex can be challenging.

As a way to attain true intimacy, you have to trust and be comfortable with another person. You could also realize that intimacy is hard to reach not because of your spouse but because you carry feelings like shame surrounding sexual pleasure. With our lady sexologist, you can broach these subjects. While receiving the counseling, you need to break down any barriers that exist.

Recovering Low Libido or Sexual Interest 

One or both partners may find that over time, their libido is not quite as powerful as it once was. They can struggle to feel stimulated or maintain sexual interest within their spouse.

Sex counseling provides a safe area to go over issues of libido and uncover ways in which you may get back to a happy, regular sex life. Our certified sex consultant may encourage sensate focus exercises, where both spouses become acquainted (or reacquainted) with one another's bodies in a slow and wholesome way.

Exploring Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity  

There is no single path to exploring or detecting one's sexual orientation or sexual identity. Coming out to an already-established spouse can feel intimidating for a few partners.

For instance, you may wonder if your partner will know how you arrived to recognize your own bisexual or queer identity while in a relationship. You may worry that they won't understand how to respond if you let them know your gender identity isn't what you or they once thought it was. With the support of our lady sexologists for male, then you can have these conversations in a space where you feel secure and supported, and your partner can ask questions without overstepping your boundaries.

Overcoming Trauma 

Experiencing sexual trauma can make it incredibly difficult to experience sexual pleasure. In reality, what starts as consensual sexual activity can become activating for a partner who's living with sexual trauma.

Working through trauma is better with all the advice and assistance of our trained online sexologist. Addressing sexual trauma in a sex treatment setting can bring recovery to the individual and provide insight to their partner on the best way to be understanding and supportive.

Helps in Communication 

When a person is experiencing trouble with basic communication, it can result in problems in virtually every arena of their relationship, particularly as it pertains to sexual wellbeing and sexual dysfunction. If miscommunication is often leading to anger, hurt feelings, or distrust, sexual intimacy might feel difficult to realize. Learn better ways to communicate can help heal past troubles and open new doors in the future with My Fit Brain.

Dealing with Jealousy 

Jealousy is one of the biggest relationship destroyers, and it is in several forms. If jealousy influences or results from anything regarding sexual activity, it can make a mess of your sexual life. 

Cueing Exercises 

Our online sex therapists use various exercises that help patients to recall their past experiences of the positive emotions they had about sex. The professionals use them simply as "cues" in order to enhance an individual's sexual desire.

Sex therapy also helps individuals to explore varied ways of sexual expression. If you're keen to have online sex counseling, you can rely on the experienced therapists of My Fit Brain. We are licensed and have a good reputation in the market.

Reasons Why You Should Seek For Sex Counselling

A lot of couples are not satisfied with their sexual life, but still, they don't talk to a sex therapist in India. A dissatisfied sexual life can cause issues in your personal as well as professional life. People find the idea of talking about their intimate life with a complete stranger embarrassing. Some couples also think that they can sort out their sexual issues by themselves with some conversation, but they are absolutely wrong.

To make sex life more romantic and satisfying, couples are choosing online sex therapy. They choose an expert to sort out the problems they are having by themselves. Sex counseling is the best thing that a couple can opt for in order to sort out their sexual problems. Our online counselor will talk you into understanding your problems and suggesting therapy according to your condition. However, you would have to share some of your most intimate details with the therapist, but it is normal for us, as we handle many similar cases a day.

If you are also dealing with sexual issues, then try not to solve the problems by yourself, consult My Fit Brain's sexologist near you. There are various reasons to seek for sex therapist near you. Below are the most common reasons to opt for a online therapist to sort out your sexual issues.

1. To explore the psychological side of sexual issues 

Our sex therapist will help you work through the emotional issues that are causing problems in your sex life. You will learn about the performance anxiety due to your sexual issues like low sex desire, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc. Both men and women can explore the psychological issues that are causing relationship stress.

2. To know the reason behind the lack of attraction 

Sometimes you are just not feeling attracted towards your partner to have sex. The reason can be, you can't go on a date, or you spend a lot of time doing work. There is no passion and spark in your relationship that attract you towards each other. With sex therapy, you will know the exact reason behind your lack of attraction towards each other.

3. To get rid of sexual problems due to psychological issues 

A huge number of men and women face some sexual problems that are occurring due to some psychological issues like stress, anxiety, depression, etc. We can help get rid of your sexual problems that are occurring psychologically with the help of sexual therapy. You will explore the issues causing relationship stress.

4. To make your sex life amazing 

We all want to have a sexual life without any problems, but for some couples, it seems impossible to have an uninterrupted sexual life. In order to get an amazing sex life, one can opt for online sex therapy and attain their desired sex life. You will get the chance to discuss your issues with our sex therapist near you, and we will surely sort out your problems.

5. Porn Addiction 

 Porn Addiction 

If you or your partner suffers from porn addiction, it would be best if you seek therapy to help you or your partner through the process of breaking the addiction. Often this issue is deeper than just the addiction, like any other addiction, and solving the problem at its core is key to solving the addiction. Sexologist's online consultation can help and play a vital role in your or your partners' recovery.

Addiction of any kind is serious as you can certainly try to solve it on your own; you shouldn't, though. We all need help sometimes, and there's no shame in seeking that help. Therapy can help, and My Fit Brain is here to help you.

6. Sex Addiction 

 Sex Addiction 

Sex addiction can manifest itself in many ways. Regardless of the manifestation, it's destructive and compulsive. It's possible that you struggle with sex addiction or that your partner does. It's not always something that's easy to see, and that can make it all the more destructive.

Working with our sexual therapist near you can help you identify your triggers and other problem areas that you need to solve so you can move past your addiction. These people are professionals and want nothing more than to help you and see you improve.

7. Stale Sex Life or Sexual issues 

As much as we want it to, our sex lives are not always going to be perfect and rosy. There are so many reasons why it can become stale or boring. Sometimes there's something in our own past that manifests itself in a sexual issue that we can't seem to overcome. If you have something like this and it's affecting you or your partner, it would be best to seek an online lady sexologist. There's no reason to go on and deal with these problems yourself.

8. Different Libidos 

It is very common for a couple to have mismatched drives. The problems can badly affect your relationship, as both the partners feel forced or pressured into having sex and feel that their needs are being ignored. Situations like this can put your relationship in a problem. If one partner wants sex all time and the other wants it sometimes, then it is a matter of concern, which can be treated by talking to a sexologist online.

9. Unresolved intimate issues 

Couples often cannot solve their intimate problems due to hurt, anger, anxiety, accusations, fighting, and so on. Anxiety is one of the most common hurdle, which is putting a damper on your sex life, and most people are unable to deal with it. In order to resolve these issues, you need to consult our online sexual counsellor, and we will teach you to solve your intimate issues on your own. After getting online sex therapy, you can see the visible change in your sexual life.

10. Painful sex 

Many women experience pain during sex due to a lack of lubrication and arousal. For a woman, intercourse simply hurts and makes it uncomfortable. This makes it difficult to have satisfying sex. To get rid of this issue, you need to see our top sex therapists in India. We will help you to explore your sense of pleasure and pain. You will also go through some medical checks to know the root cause of the problem.

11. Ejaculating too soon 

Ejaculating soon is not a problem until it continues regularly and making it difficult to maintain a satisfying sex life. It can sometimes be caused by feeling anxious or not feeling fully focused on the sexual intercourse. Online sex therapy is safe and effective. My Fit Brain therapists can help by taking you through a series of exercises to last longer in bed.

These are the commonest reasons to opt for sex therapy to get rid of sexual problems. Our aim is to give you the desired sex life forever. Don't feel embarrassed while talking about your sexual concerns with us.

Structure of Our Sex Therapy Sessions

Our sex treatment session seems a lot like every other psychotherapy session, with the difference of an extra focus on sexuality and whatever specific challenges you are interested in focusing on.

Historical sessions are "get to know you" time: In your initial session, we will get to know you and want to get a sense of the circumstance surrounding your concerns and may ask you questions around the following subjects:

  • Your sexual history, both as people and (if appropriate ) as spouses.
  • Your general mental health history.
  • Your sexual orientation.
  • Any physical or medical concerns that may be impacting the present dilemma.
  • The timeline of your relationship and what it's like outside of sex (if the problem is related to a partnered relationship).
  • Your typical sexual habits, such as frequency and so on.
  • How you show desire and affection beyond sex?


If a medical problem might be involved, we might also take a more comprehensive medical history or refer you to a doctor for an evaluation or medication administration.

In later sessions, we will dive into more contextual details: As you grow more familiar with our lady sexual counsellor for males, then you can be prepared to talk about the above subjects in more detail and delve into your own emotions and those of your spouse.

Homework is frequently involved: Our job will be to help you identify patterns around these issues, gain a feeling of security in working on them, and experimentation with new courses of action. To this end, our therapists assign homework which might be psychological (such as communicating or mindfulness exercises) or physical (trying out specific kinds of romantic touch at home) to be completed between sessions, and you will probably spend some time during every session going on the results of the homework.

Who could benefit from sexologist online consultation?

We're all aware of how a therapist can help you with anxiety, depression, and a host of other psychological illnesses. We're familiar with them, and there's been a growing acceptance and people seeking their help. So how is a sex therapist any different from your standard run-of-the-mill therapist? How can they help you? We often don't hear about people talking to a sexual therapist near you, but it is becoming more common as sexual issues are also common. All it takes is the ability and willingness to seek help. So, if you are looking for sex counseling, then My Fit Brain can help you.

One of the more common things we can help with is erectile dysfunction or women who are unable to orgasm. These are both very common things, and working with our online therapist can help you develop strategies and methods to solve these problems. We also work with you to change your lifestyle in such a way that these problems won't persist.

Just about anyone who has concerns or curiosities related to intimacy and sex might benefit from an online lady sexologist. My Fit Brain prioritizes your sexual health as well as well-being, and it can give you a compassionate, non-judgmental environment where you can explore your sexuality from the comforts of your home. 
Common therapy approaches to sexual health and dysfunction used by My Fit Brain are

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Couples therapy
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy
  • Psychodynamic therapy
  • Psychoeducation around sexual health


If you're seeking the help of a sexologist near me, there's no need to be shy or put it off. There are many people who struggle with sexual issues every single day and there's no reason that you should be one of them. Working with My Fit Brain can help you overcome your issues and be better. Give us a call for a consultation.

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