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Stress Management Counselling

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Stress now becomes the physical characteristics of the human body. The higher the stress level, the slower the brain works. Stress comes from a change in emotional feelings like suffering pain, love, or many other reasons. These symptoms of Stress increase the level of stress hormones which disbalances the mental and physical behavior.

Researchers have been observing for centuries that Depression and Stress are closely interrelated to each other. In the case of Depression, a person faces a depressive mood and physical pain. On the other hand, the same principles are applied to Stress itself. So let’s have a quick look at the What is Stress, Symptoms, causes, different types of stress management, and its procedure for curing Stress.

What is Stress?

Stress is a hormonal change in the human body that affects the physical and emotional aspects. Stress makes the mind pressurize and take into the situation of overthinking. different types of stress management techniques are used for different types of stress. Stress is normal for everyone. However, it is concluded that Stress is a positive statement of mind because it keeps us alert, tackled in every situation, and problem-solving.

But excessive experiences of Stress are not good for health at all. For example- the pressure of study, family issues, the problem of monetary funds, etc. All these problems give rise to an increase in the level of Stress due to changes in Stress hormones.

Stress Hormones

Stress Hormones are also known as the “Cortisol hormone“. Cortisol is a type of steroid hormone which is produced by adrenal glands(found on the kidney). Whenever we feel any danger or frightening experience a special chemical realizes inside the body which is known as (ACTH) an adrenocorticotropic hormone.

During the ACHT releasing it targets directly to adrenal glands to release cortisol and adrenaline. Cortisol can be tested through the blood sample by checking the level of cortisol present in blood cells. Serum Cortisol test is another term for cortisol level test. It is found that Cortisol is also responsible for stunt growth, problems in the digestive system, reproductive issues, and low immune system.

Stress and Cortisol

stress and cortisol

As we have discussed in the earlier section of Stress hormones, how Cortisol is mainly responsible for Stress. There is no exact match term given to the Stress hormone, it generates from the process of the cycle.

The cycle explains, on the top of the kidney beans, there are adrenal glands that produce cortisol (steroid hormones) which involves stress hormone in it. You may have experienced some tragic situation of the threat of losing control, at that time ACTH hits the adrenal glands and then the cycle begins just discussed before.

When there is a boost in the level of Cortisol there is an increase in the level of energy and strength as well. Cortisol also reflects its effects on Stress, the immune system, the physical system, and the nervous system

Although a sudden change in stress hormones causes:

  1. Increase in Blood Pressure
  2. Fast Heart Rate
  3. Panic
  4. Angriness
  5. Irritability

Once these hormones are checked can be treated through certain medications or therapies.

These hormones can be traced through the symptoms of Stress. Symptoms of Stress can be divided into three variations- Physical, Cognitive, and Behavioral.

Symptoms of Stress

At the time of Stress, our body nervous system controls breathing, heart rate, and more reflex actions. Our body has a “fight-to-flight response” which helps in handling the situation of the stress response.

During the increase in the level of Stress for years on the body it takes the stress to the worse scenario and can be identified by following three major factors of stress symptoms:

Physical symptoms of stress - Inforgraphic - My Fit Brain

Physical Symptoms

Stress has a major impact on the physical body. If there is stress then there are higher chances of feeling physical characteristics. For identifying exactly, there are some symptoms of stress categorized below:

  1. Easy Fatigue/Week
  2. Stomach Problems
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Headaches
  5. Pain in a different part of the boy
  6. Muscles soreness
  7. Sleeping Problem
  8. Catching Cold Easily
  9. Loss in Sexual Activity
  10. Imbalances in the neurological system
  11. Dry Mouth

These symptoms are the same as Depression illness. If you are facing such kind changes in your body, then consulting a doctor at the right time would be a perfect solution for it. The Doctor may advise some medications or therapies for the cure.

Cognitive Symptoms

Stress Directly attacks the functioning of our brain. These attacks or pressure you can say is directly related to our thought process and way of thinking. Cognitive is all about our inside feeling, ability to make rational decisions, and other mindful thoughts.

When a person faces Stress these thoughts completely change which in result turn them into the symptoms of Stress.

The Cognitive Symptoms of Stress are:

  1. Worrying Too Much
  2. Constant Changing Thoughts
  3. Forgetting the task for doing the work
  4. Lack of concentration
  5. Losing Focus
  6. Not be able to make decisions
  7. Feeling negativeness all the time

Cognitive Depression can be developed at any stage or may be due to any reasons. The reasons may be due to stress of studies, family issues, Not having enough funds to support the family, or getting hurt by loved ones.

The following reasons create the loss of sensibility and increase the level of stress which is also known as “Pressure” in simpler terms.

For concluding the exact level of stress from the mind, Cognitive Symptoms are the best way to do it. Cognitive Symptoms can be cured through therapies and other prescriptions prescribed by doctors.

Behavioral Symptoms

Behavioral Symptoms reflect the change in the habit of doing work while under the illness of stress. Behavioral is another common way of identifying stress easily. If you have any doubt about the Physical and Cognitive symptoms you can take the help of a behavioral approach.

The following are the Behavioral Symptoms for concluding Stress:

  1. Change in eating habits
  2. Doing unusual activities
  3. Not taking proper responsibilities
  4. Procrastinating
  5. Increase in the consumption of Alcohol/Drugs/Cigarettes.
  6. Change in priorities due to the heavy load on the Neuro System.

When we are facing Depression or Stress type of illness our body and behavior are the first ones to respond. These changes show that something is not right or wrong. These behavior symptoms not only harm our bodies but also break the relationships with others because they are also worrying or facing the same problem due to certain actions.

For the Behavior & Cognitive approach, Cognitive Behavior Therapy(CBT) is used for the patient. It is the same type of therapy used to treat Depression illness because of its higher 90% success rates.

Causes Of Stress

causes of stress - inforgraphic

Certain factors give rise to the level of stress. Here are some of the main causes of stress:

  1. Stress At Work
  2. Unhealthy Relationships
  3. Financial Problems
  4. Family Issues
  5. Daily Routine Stress

Stress At Work

People who are following 9-5 Job time are more likely to fall under Stress. They keep their job priorities on the first line of the queue leaving everything behind. Such kind of behavior is totally unsafe for building healthy relationships with others which results in chronic stress.

In some cases, people have to perform the job task before the deadline due to the pressure of BOSS. It creates Anxiety, losing interest in everything, Depression among them.

The stress at work also has physical problems like back pain, headaches, stomach aches, and many more.

In India due to fear of unemployment or getting fired from the work subordinate always get pressured by their superiors for doing the job before the deadline. Such restriction removes freedom of an individual and feels more anxiety and stress at work.

Unhealthy Relationship

Many people give us lots of problems in our lives. They are themselves negative and their negativeness comes in our vibe as well which in result mood swings.

Such kind negative people are also known as Toxic People. We should keep ourselves away from Toxic people to maintain our healthy environment. They always demotivate us, break the relationship with others, also in some cases it is found in toxic couples as well. These unhealthy relationship stresses include sharing too much problem with others, avoiding our partners most of the time, abusive, lack of communication, and, etc.

Financial Problem

The one main big reason for the stress is financial Problems. Lack of monetary funds creates anxiety depression in our minds. As you know everyone needs money to cover their expenses and save for the future as well. But in some cases not having enough money creates a family problem.

Or maybe one has to feed the whole family itself. It creates the burden of responsibility on the shoulder of one person. Such responsibility increase the level of chronic stress where are person minds becomes weaker, slow brain nerve cell, and also unusual thoughts of suicide.

Family Issue

Everybody has issues with their family, parents, or relatives. It happens with everyone but in some cases, children are facing problems with their parents while they are raising. These issues may be due to toxic relationships between the two, negative environment, children's high demand for stuff, and there are many reasons for it.

In that case, it creates hatefulness and a lack of trust between them. It causes peer pressure, anxiety, depression, and many other physical and emotional problems.

Daily Routine Stress

We are all restricted to our daily routine without having a change in it. Following the same rules over and over again loses our aptitude skills. This has a major impact on our psychological health and physical body. We have seen getting the tap ON, losing house/car keys, and losing any other things. All may be due to the stress of performing the same job over a period of time.

People lying on their bed for a longer period of time have higher chances of catching Stress, depression, and anxiety disorder and there is no going back. Just by adding exercises, a proper way of doing or performing tasks and hitting daily goals can nearly prevent the stress up to 99% as research by the doctors

How Stress Affects Your Health?

Everybody faces stress in their life and there may be different reasons for each one of you. It is Completely Normal. A low level of stress is good for the body but an increase in the level of stress can take it to the worse scenario. Now one question pops up in mind “How Stress Affects The body/Health?”. Well, it is divided into two parts Physical Health and Emotional Health.

Under the feeling of high-level stress we feel headaches, digestion problems, losing muscle loss, coverage High Blood Pressure, Insomnia(Sleeping Problem, Chest Pain, and less social activities. Stress also leads to Depression which takes the person to the stage where it loses their interest in everything like physical movement and that causes physical body damage in the long term which leads to shorter life expectancy.

Emotional Health is also important as a healthy physical body. Under the high level of stress, it creates the problem of chronic stress. This type of emotional stress may arise due to the loss of some, peer pressure, Education Pressure, Money, Bank loans, and other pressure as well.

When we face such type of pressure, it targets the brain which weakens the brain muscles(that control the mind) that in result cause loss of control of the brain over the mind. From an emotional health aspect, it leads to major Depressive mood disorder, panic attacks, anxiety, lack of concentration, hating everyone, and other mental health problems as well.

A brain that connects the mind to the body gets blocked under chronic pressure which if not treated at the right time can take the mind to the damaged stage.

So, it is better to avoid such kind of stress by meditation and exercise regularly. It keeps both the mind and body healthy all the time.

treatment available for stress

Treatment Available For Stress

Once you have started facing problem Stress then treating it before the time would be beneficial at all. There are certain treatments available for stress which have been scientifically proven by High-Qualified Doctors, Scientists based on their analysis.

The curing process of Stress includes a natural way of treating, Medications, Some clinical Therapies, and Organic Treatment as well.

Breathing Techniques

The breathing technique is the natural way to deal with stress and get cured permanently. There are different kinds of breathing techniques that can be practiced.

Deep Breathing

The first foremost step of breathing is to take a deep breath. Deep Breathes is a great way to heal the body from the inside. It is a natural type of remedy that treats the stress completely if done with more focus and control.

Deep breathing is a technique used for centuries as preferred by doctors. In Deep breathing, we inhale and exhale and relax our mind and body. For following deep breathing sit down in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Now inhale and hold for 3 seconds and then exhale/Breath out.

Do this exercise regularly for effectiveness. Start with 2 minutes for a few days then increase the time to 10 minutes.

Avoid taking a short breath because short breathing does not provide proper oxygen to the brain and lungs which in result the slow flow of blood.

Focus Breathing

Once you start deep breathing the next step is to focus breath. Because without focus there is no meaning of breathing techniques. When you inhale/exhale concentrate when breathing in and breath out. Create a visual image of a picture you like or dislike and start solving it in a mind without overthinking over it. This focus helps in making the mind peaceful and healthy.

You can use Mantras or Phrases for more concentration on the breathing part. These focus breathing are likely to follow in YOGA and Therapy sessions to avoid negativeness from the mind and heals the physical body.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle relaxation deals with contracting and relaxation of muscles during the breathing techniques. When we take long breaths our body’s muscle group becomes tense at that time. And when we exhale it quickly becomes relaxed which is more satisfying.

The more focused body parts during progressive muscle relaxation are the legs, stomach, chest, arms, fingers, shoulders, and brain. The process goes upwards by concentrating on the lower body first then going to the upper body. The phenomena are very simple, the tension of muscle groups creates pressure on brain muscles and physical muscles. And when we relax all our pressure comes out and gives us unbelievable instant relief.

During the Deep Breathing technique, it is the most important part to throw out the stress from the mind and peace your mind.

Modified Lion’s Breath

You may have heard about the lion’s share which means a large portion. When we do breathing techniques for the treatment of stress, we breathe out like a lion by opening a big mouth to release the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) as much as we can.

It includes the same process at the time we “yawn”. If you have a problem opening a large mouth for exhaling you can use the words like OOH & AAH. The modified lion’s breath process starts with inhaling with a nose, and when the stomach starts filling with air then we exhale with a mouth as discussed.

Note: The breathing Techniques should be repeated 20 times at least per session. Also do not take the pressure of following the same routine otherwise you will hectic. Do this in a healthy and green environment with good sunlight when you have free time. Although you can comfortably do it by lying on the bed, sitting on a chair, or any other comfortable position. If you have a problem in performing these techniques then there are various TV channels, online programs available for free to help you out in every situation.

Light Therapy

Light Therapy is also termed phototherapy in scientific terms. It is used for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder bis ut is considered very helpful in treating stress. People who are likely to develop stress at the time of change of season like whether it is summer or winter are advisable to go for light therapy.

Now let’s have a quick overview of light therapy and how it works.

During the winters people are not likely to get exposed to sunlight which creates the problem of sleeping. To overcome the situation, a light therapy box is used through which a beam of artificial light rays on our face indirectly helps in stimulating the mood behaviors through the production of serotonin chemicals.

The artificial beam of light is completely safe for our skin. The bright light therapy usually takes about 10-15 minutes depending upon the patient's requirements as consulted by doctors. Light therapy or phototherapy is the best way to treat problems of stress, mood swing, and sleeping problems like Insomnia. If you are causing certain types of SSRIs medication then you can add light therapy for increasing and fast results.


As we have discussed in the Depression Topic, Meditation is a regional and spiritual process for the treatment of stress, depression, and anxiety disorder. Even if you are allergic to certain medications you can take the help of meditating.

Meditating means getting in a comfortable position with a healthy and peaceful environment then inhale and exhale by examining the inner thoughts. Meditation can help in removing the toxic thoughts from the mind and inner soul and gives peace to the whole body.

If you have a worrying problem and thinking you can meditate and start visualizing that picture and do some simple problem-solving method inside your brain and fantasy exercise. Meditation does give you the perfect answer for your question but it trains the mind differently so that it can tackle every real-life situation easily without being panicked.

Deep Breathing is also a part of Meditation. Simply Start meditating for a shorter period of time then increase the time length for the best solution. The longer you meditate the more it detoxifies the body. If you are null in the knowledge of meditation you can simply join FREE online programs that teach online training sessions of Yoga and meditation. Or you can hire a professional on a certain basis.

Meditation should be a part of every human no matter whether you are facing Depression disorder or stress. It is the key factor for a healthy lifestyle.


It’s all about “Sleep”. Sleep plays one big major role in treating any type of brain illness disease. Once you start getting a proper amount of sleep you are almost 90% treated without taking any medication or therapy. The sleeping problem causes Insomnia. Insomnia is a stage where a person either sleeps too much or too little due to chronic stress. Both sleeping less and excessively is very dangerous for a healthy lifestyle.

Sleeping Too Much/Oversleeping causes lack of energy, feeling fatigued, no concentration, not being able to make decisions in life, and can lead to the increased pressure of stress. Lack of Sleep can take stress to the worst scenario and it also causes low energy, skin problems, acne/pimples, and low muscle growth with soreness.

It is estimated that a person requires 8 hours of sleep at least a day to maintain a good healthy lifestyle and proper functioning of body and brain. Sleep between 11:00 Pm to 7:00 Am Approx. Keep your devices away before going to the bed, drink one glass of water for better sleep, and meditate. That's all you need for getting a good amount of sleep for the treatment of Stress.

Healthy Food

Eating healthy food is a good state of mind. Good quality of meal contains nutrients values which produce special type chemical that travels throughout the body and mind for the proper functioning. Food produces energy which helps in fighting various mental and physical diseases.

If you have started eating a good diet then you are already 50% Free from Stress and mental disorders. It can occur when a non-vegetarian person only consumes the flesh of meat in every meal or it happens with vegetarian people following the same type of diet over and over again without calculating it as a micro-nutrient.

A good diet shout has the proper amount of nutrient included in such as:

  1. Carbs
  2. Protein
  3. Fats
  4. Minerals
  5. Vitamins


Carbs are also known as carbohydrates. It is a complex food that is the 70% source of energy for the body’s functioning and strength. Carbohydrates must be added to every meal you consume.

Some foods that are rich in carbohydrates are Brown Bread, Rice, Chapatis, etc. These are complex carbohydrates in scientific terms because it requires more energy to digest and dissolve in the body.


To strengthen the body and brain muscles, a protein is required. Protein helps in muscle recovery and fixes the broken tissues and repairs them back to it. Protein must be combined with carbohydrates for fast digestion.

To keep yourself stronger mentally and physically you need to consume per gram body weight protein. Some of the foods rich in protein are Chicken Breast, Eggs, Milk, curd, broccoli, pulse, etc.

If you cannot cover up your daily requirement you take the help of Whey and isolate protein supplements. They are completely safe for the body.


Fats are like a healthy grease required for the proper functioning of Organs. Here I am talking about healthy fats. To get yourself positive energy you need to consume good fats like Omega3 fish oil. Omega 3 has a micronutrient that helps in fighting Depression and Stress.

Avoid unsaturated fat foods as much as you can. These unhealthy fats are totally unsafe for the body; it makes the liver fatty and the brain does not accept the negative energy generated from these fats.

Fatty food is another main big reason for increasing the level of Stress.


Water is all about soluble minerals. Once you start consuming more and more water, your stress will never come back. One main reason for stress is an unh hydrated brain.

Water minerals help in digesting all foods properly and allow them to see the energy in the various body parts. But avoid consuming liquid calories for more minerals.


Vitamins are a must require for the body’s functions. Foods rich in vitamins are Green Vegetables, Fruits, sunlight(Vitamin-D), etc. There are different types of Vitamins like Vitamin- A, B, C, D, K.

But all these vitamins are very difficult to consume in Indian Diet plans. So you can take the help of Multivitamins supplements tablets or syrup to fulfill your requirement.

Water Intake

As said, our body is made up of 70% water and from that brain requires a regular supply of water to maintain the flow of energy throughout the body. Consuming water can also help in keeping the mood good and in a positive vibe.

After eating healthy foods you need water to digest them properly. If you cannot complete your water goal which is about 3liters a day. Then you can include foods rich in water like watermelons, oranges, spinach, etc.

It’s all about the nutrition value of the foods once you started eating healthy nutritional food you can actually see yourself transforming from negative to positive.

In India, people are not strict with their diet they eat fried and street foods in the market which contain unhealthy oils that result in proper imbalances of the body.


Getting proper sleep and eating healthy foods is not enough until you make your body movement. And it can be only achieved through Exercise. In India, only 20% of the population do exercise regularly and the rest of them are suffering from different types of Stress.

People who are likely to suffer from stress and other mental disorders do not workout. Workout/Exercise has lots of benefits trust me.

When we do exercise a special type of chemical release from the body refreshes our mood and helps in removing toxic chemicals in the form of sweating. Did you know more than 80% of people have been cured of Stress without having any return of it?

In the starting people may not have interest or time in doing exercise, or they quit very early. It all happens because they set bigger goals at starting. Just start with 2 minutes daily then increase the workout time slowly.

The exercise is divided into two three categories:

  1. Yoga
  2. Weight training
  3. Cardio

If you want to get away from Stress Join a gym and start weight training. Weight training is good for all-over-body development.

In case you have no time you can go for a walk, running, jogging, skipping, etc.

Although if you want to spend time at home then yoga exercise would be the best solution for the treatment of Stress.

Clean Environment

A healthy clean environment must be present to keep the negativity away from us. When we are surrounded by a dirty environment and foul smells our mind becomes weaker and the brain gives signals to the body and in the end, it feels like a huge burden of a small task.

To stay away from the stress from our lives permanently, a clean place where we live is one of the major factors. Always keeping the house cleaned and a well-organized structure of everything is a good way to keep the space healthy and safe.

Same as plant gives us Oxygen to breathe and they take all our negativity and give us a peaceful environment. Keeping small plants and shrub flowers gives the mind a healthy signal which fixes the mood swings in the case of Stress and Depression.

A clean environment can be achieved from the inner soul. To keep a healthy environment one must always be well-groomed, properly dressed with beautiful fragrance is always required.

Opting in Positive Environment

Changes are required for everyone. If you are surrounded by negative people and environment then you will always feel worried and stressed in life. Mostly with the people, we stay with are likely to harm us the most- mentally.

Some of them love us from the outside and have hatefulness from the inside. So they create such types of situations in which we are always confused and make our stress & depression all the time.

For starting, change yourself by adopting good habits like making a routine plan, try new hobbies, go out and play, Travel as much as you can, etc. These changes give the mind signals of getting positive vibes.

To release the stress from your mind you can set goals in your life. Plan for the short-term goals of changing yourself and execute correctly. Surround yourself near the educated-minded people because their conversation is totally different and helps in achieving goals.

Rather than sitting in a private room thinking about stressful thoughts, it's better to develop your skills like swimming, cycling, learning from online courses and, etc.

By changing your environment from positive to negative you can actually see the difference in your level of stress.

Going Out and Enjoying New Activities

Following the same routine over and over again, our mind becomes tense and gets full of negative thoughts like a bucket of water. And this situation can only be overcome by going out and exploring new activities.

Hanging out and new activities include playing with friends, cricket, football, basketball, etc. When we hang out the stressful thoughts are less likely to develop because we forget all our problems and just want to enjoy life fullest at that movement.

When we start some new activities our brain muscles and wire get triggered quickly and the other positive side of the brain gets open. The mind itself gives a challenge to the body for performing the task.

These challenging activities remove the hectic burden from the mind which gives rise to stressfulness and Depression. Spending more time in new activities and hanging out is considered as one of the best solutions to treat depression rather than clinically medications.

However, these techniques of treating Stress are a long-term process but for getting quick results you can consult a therapist, he or she may prescribe you some stress-relieving therapies. Some famous therapy is discussed below.

Talking Therapies

Stress can be very painful if it is not treated properly. And it can be caused due to the burden of work, following the hectic routine in a constant loop. But when we do not share our thoughts and feelings with others or do not talk about our problems it gives rise to Stress.

Talking Therapies are the most effective way of treating Stress for decades because of their 100% accurate results. When there are not developed medications available for Stress, talking about the person's life(suffering from chronic stress) helps in concluding the exact answer for its treatment and gives them relief.

But now due to the development of Doctors and Therapists, it has become much easier to treat Stress and other depressive disorders.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is also known as CBT. It is used for treating certain mood disorders and stress. As its name suggests Cognitive, means to analyze other person's moods and thoughts.

On the other hand, Behavioral term deals with the person's actions and reactions at the time of Stress. CBT therapy is used in analyzing both aspects at the same time. Now how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Works, In CBT the therapist and the patient talk about the problems, what is the reason behind the stress, Acts, mood swing, and everything.

Now the therapist asks the patient to prepare a journal for himself or a well-organized diary to record and write his thoughts and actions at the time of a particular situation of Stress. At the weekly Therapy session, both the Therapist and the patient of stress discussed their weak points. These weak points help in giving a rough solution to deal with the problem in the future.

Therapists may not give the exact answer to your query but it helps in developing the mind in such a way So that we can deal with every problem without taking any burden and being hectic.

CBT sessions can take about 40 to 50 minutes per session on average depending upon the requirement of the patient.

Psycho-dynamic Therapy

Psycho-dynamic Therapy is the most effective technique to identify Stress and cured accordingly. The term psycho relates to the mind in which a patient tells about his problem from starting. And dynamic involves deep analysis of Stress and the main root cause of every problem.

This therapy is used for Depression as well but works perfectly for treating stress and anxiety disorder. Psycho-dynamic Therapy involves a proper introspection of a patient and works accordingly.

In Psycho-dynamic Therapy the therapist gives the patient to talk about themselves and their problems. Patients are allowed to talk freely about their situation without being interrupted. Then the therapist asks the patient to tell the problem when it first occurred in life at a very early age.

This technique helps in squeezing the exact root cause of stress. The therapist may go to Frequently asked questions during the whole session to examine the fact the patient is trying to explain them.

The psyco-dynamic therapy also concludes the relationship with the family or our friends. The therapy session may take about 50 minutes in total per session and can last for weeks depending upon the stressful patient.

If you have any problem in concluding the root problem for your stress you contact some of the online therapists for therapies.

Problem-Solving Therapy

Problem-Solving Therapy is another type of therapy that includes developing the aptitude skills of the patient to tackle the Stress Easily. In regular loop days of everyone’s life, there is too much stress and problem associated through which we feel so much pressurized.

This pressure arises because we do not have enough skill or trained mind to deal with all of this. At this time Problem-Solving Therapy comes in a lime-light.

In this therapy, the therapist and the patient talk about their problems that are recurring again and again. Then the therapist gives some homework like problem-solving maths, assignments, projects, and other kinds of stuff. This technique keeps the person busy and helps in examining the real facts about the problems.

There are two types of Problem Therapy involved in treating Stress:

  1. Social Problem Solving Therapy
  2. Self Examination Problem Solving Therapy

Social problem-solving therapy includes all the matters related to the social life of a person. In some cases, social life is the main cause of stress. So to cure social anxieties and stress this technique is adapted.

Self-examination therapy includes the stress that happens due to the personal life. This therapy helps in overcoming the bad situation by developing Goals, mentors, and how you can react in case of failures.

Problem-Solving Therapy can be also helpful in solving real-life problems because it keeps the brain aware and attentive all the time. And an attentive brain cannot be easily stressed.

It is one of the shorter term therapy which takes about 10-15 minutes of consultation through doctors.

In India, almost every therapist tries to practice this therapy technique with the patient to get the best results.

Interpersonal Therapy

No matter whether you are facing stress or depression in your life it will always affect your personal growth and trusted relationship with others. Interpersonal therapy is all about. If you are using certain medications for treating Stress then you may include this therapy to increase the effectiveness.

Interpersonal therapy has been used for years and scientists have concluded the best among all. Despite India, even Americans are using this technique for the treatment of Stress.

In this therapy, the therapist allows you to share your feelings and thoughts about others and factors causing stress. But it’s quite different from other kinds of stress Therapies. Here cognitive and behavioral actions of the patient are not recorded but the therapist gives some idea about how to take actions at the time of situation accordingly.

Here you are gaining one special skill. In interpersonal therapy, the therapist gives you special powers to deal with every situation in life in a positive manner no matter how the worst situation is.

Interpersonal Therapy is quite lengthy from other types of therapy. Interpersonal therapy can be 20 hours long within a week. It means you need to give some time to this therapy rather than doing/following other works.

But trust me it is the most effective therapy than medications and can benefit you in the long run.

Behavior Activation

As the term suggests Behavior Activation means analyzing the human behavior pattern at the time of high Stress. At the time of stress, people do not like anything and they obstruct doing physical activities due to low energy fuel.

This low energy does not allow us to perform a bigger task which results in total loss of some minor day-to-day tasks. With the help of Behavior Activation, we can set some small goals for a short period of time by consulting a therapist.

The small tasks are easy to adjust and best for examining the behavior pattern at the time of Stress. It is basically for the people who are suffering from chronic stress and mood swings.

When the goals are set for the shorter-term the therapist quickly gives the idea of dealing with it and takes proper actions. Behavior Activation is a part of Cognitive Behavior Therapy which also deals with observing the behavioral nature of a patient.

Other Talking therapies require so much time in session and in some cases patients are not treated fully. But in Behavior Activation you can actually see changes in yourself because of its short-term nature therapy.

Even if you do not want the help of a therapist for treating stress by using Behavior Activation you can simply do it yourself if you need it.

Group Therapy

In India, group therapy is one of the most effective techniques used for treating Stress and Depression Disorder. In group therapy, people suffering from the same illness like stress are sitting together and discussing their problems with each other.

If you visit a specialist doctor which has the same type of patient in large numbers. Then he may suggest you try group therapy for sharing your thoughts with unknown people.

The meetings of these types of groups are likely to be held in Churches, open areas, halls, etc. From the start of group therapy, everybody sits in a circular order and each one of them shares their thought bone by one. And there are a total of 8 members max included in Group Therapy

People who are introverted and extroverts can use group therapy to share their burden of stress, which helps in decreasing the level of stress due to sharing. Everybody has the right to ask questions regarding the problem narrated by an individual.

At the same time, Therapists observe problems of all and properly guide them so that they get the best solution to their question.

Group therapy is also good for changing yourself in a new environment and building relationships with others. because two people suffering from Stress can help each other in guiding.

Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Some people suffering from Stress and Depression are always found guilty of themselves even if the situations are not in their hands. So for treating such kind of stress Mindfulness-based therapy is used.

Mindfulness-Based Therapy helps in introspection of the patients’ inner thoughts, feelings and observing them without feeling guilty or questioning them. This therapy helps us conclude in responding positively to whether the situation is.

Mindfulness therapy is directly related to mindful meditation and cognitive-Feelings & Thoughts. It includes a meditating process for about some minutes and can last longer depending upon the patient’s strength.

This therapy should include in every one day to day life and it can be performed during the time of Yoga. Because it helps build brain muscles and proper functioning of brain wires that in last give stronger ways to protect ourselves from stress and other depressive disorder illness.

Even after trying all of the above therapies then there is some more therapy that is related to the patient only that is also known as Counselling.


Stress Management Counselling Based on Specific Problem

Sometimes our thoughts and feelings are very difficult to explain to everyone. And these difficulties create the development of stress to the extreme. Once it reached the maximum it is very hard to treat.

Here counseling helps in interrogating the deeper inner thoughts with the use of some frequently asked by doctors from patients. Stress Management Counselling means asking questions from a patient in an organized manner to find out the root cause of Stress.

Stress Management Counselling is done by counselors because they have achieved their diploma in it. Counseling is very helpful for treating mental disorders and reducing the Stress burden from the mind.

Counseling can be categorized in the following:

  1. Relationship Counselling
  2. Sex Counselling
  3. Child Counselling
  4. Marriage Counselling

Relationship Counseling

In the case of Stress and Depressive one thing that affects the most is a relationship. Hectic mood and the burden of stress create changes in personal behaviors, actions, and reactions. Sometimes it may be the main reason for chronic stress and mood disorder.

In some cases, people are not happy with their life or partner because of their different feelings and thoughts. And they are scared to expose each other's relations for fear of breaking it. Here relationship counseling helps the most.

Relationship Counseling involves the relationship Counselor expert seeking questions and answers from the counselee. The counselor tries to ask the unique types of questions depending upon their relations individually.

After collecting the desired result the counselor tries to give a rough idea of why the bad situation occurs. But a counselor is quite different from a therapist. The counselor’s duty is to gather questions and answers from the counselor without treating them.

Counseling can be very helpful in deciding the main occurrence of Stress and proper actions can be taken from the future and present for saving the relationship with family or friends.

Sex Counseling

The problem of sex can be another reason for stress disorder. As you know sexual activities are very important things in everyone's life to keep the mind, mood, and body healthy for a longer situation.

Mostly in couples, this sex problem occurs the most but they feel shy in discussing with each other. The problem maybe they don’t be able to satisfy each other, no interest in sexual activities, or having HIV Aids.

To treat such kinds of problems consulting the Sexologist is one of the prior solutions. A sexologist is a counselor who achieved a diploma in sex counseling. The counselor asks if certain changes and behavior happens in sexual activities and will guide properly with the best solution.

In India, more than 65% of the people are suffering from Sex problems but they feel shy because of society. Which in result caused them huge chronic stress and depressive disorder.

A sex problem can be caused due to inheritance from ancestors, hormonal changes, lack of knowledge in sex activities. To solve all these queries a sex counseling works best in all cases.

Child Counseling

Stress can happen to anyone no matter what the age, size, or sex basis. Nowadays children are suffering from Stress more than Adults at such an early stage. And it is very difficult to predict their problems from a therapist and doctors. So child counseling helps in this type of case.

The huge burden of Studies, career focus, bullied at school, family issues creating a huge impact on the children's brain. These problems at this sensitive age are not good at all. Children started losing interest in activities, gaining weight, or weight loss, worries are a sign of Stress.

To overcome the situation Child Counseling is used by a child Special Doctor or you can say, Counselor. The counselor asks in a friendly manner about their problem and they create such a type of environment to make the child comfortable during the whole session and give proper answers to the counselor during counseling.

The child counselor advises parents as well to react positively with children in any circumstances. Because it gives the children confidence and builds trust with others which is like a natural pain killer of stress and depression.

Child Counseling is most effective to keep the children away from a mental disorder and make them happy always.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is related to the counsel of married couples. Marriage is the most sensitive and stronger relationship between both males and females. In some cases, these relationships get destroyed due to some problem which leads to high levels of stress and other depressive disorder.

Preparing for unpredictable future marriage counseling can save your relationship for a longer time. In arranged marriages both the couples are unknown to each other and or they may love each other. Through this, there is a lack of trust, no involvement in sexual activities which are results in divorce.

These thoughts create a change in the behavior pattern of a partner and their feelings. Some of them are not prepared for their child too early and it creates a married life problem.

In marriage counseling, the counselor may ask some frequent questions from both of them about their like/dislike about the other partner. The session may be individually or together as well. Then he may conclude the root cause of the problem to guide them properly.

To build a healthy relationship married couples should go for marriage counseling because it creates trust between the two.


Aromatherapy is the organic way of treating Stress and mood swings. Aroma term represents Fragrance, which means using different types of scents and essential oils.

The essential oils are generated from flowers, shrubs, blossoms, and various ways of generating fragrance from organic compounds. Another reason they give rise to stress is the bad foul smell which creates negative vibes all around. Such a vibe increases the mood swings and stress. The smell can be changed through aromatherapy.

In this variety of aroma, the fragrance is used such as Lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, Basil, Chamomile, Geranium, neroli, Rose, Bergamot, and ylang-ylang. These are basically essential oils. All these essential oils can be added to soap, shampoos, sona, room fresheners, bathing products, and air. Using in the environment where we are always surrounded, helps in stimulating the mind in the right direction.

Aromatherapy is not like other therapies for treating stress, however, it may not give 100% results. But it can be added while you are on Medications prescribed by the Doctor. ANd adding this therapy can increase the curing process in half a time.

Everybody can use Aroma Products and therapy in their day-to-day life to get away from stress for a small period of time. Or you can take the help of a Doctor for inclusion in your regular plan.

Make sure to keep yourself away from synthetic products for pregnancy because such products create skin irritation and other negative impacts on the brain. In the end, Aromatherapy is good for Stress relieves. You can use Aromatherapy as an external or additional way of treating mental illness if you are already using other therapies and medicines.


Medication is the best way of treating stress clinically. Medication includes medicine, syrups, and other types of medical drugs given to the patient for treating the illness in a shorter period.

The medication is given to the patient prescribed by the doctor only. It used to be when the problem of stress started going to a worse scenario. It includes the proper treatment of dosage throughout the day.

Therapy and other home remedies are a long-term way of treating any illness but medicines give instant relief and are best with almost 90% accuracy rates.

There are certain types of medications available for treating Stress and Anxiety both some of the most famous medicine are discussed below:

  1. Sedative Medications
  2. AntiDepressants MEdication
  3. Beta-Blockers
  4. Buspar Medication

Sedative Medications

Sedative Medications is the best medication for treating stress and anxiety disorder. Benzodiazepines are Sedative medications mostly used nowadays. Benzodiazepines help in relieving the mind by reducing the tensions from muscles.

This medicine allows brain chemicals to increase their production rate in the neurological system to release healthy mind chemicals that also help in pain relievers and stress relieves.

Side Effects of Sedative Medications: High dosage of Benzodiazepines can cause walking imbalances, fatigue easily, memory problems.

The sedative should always be prescribed by the Doctors to patients depending upon their cases.


Antidepressants are the most common medication used by doctors for preventing Depressive Mood Disorder and level of Stress. Antidepressants target neurological systems by increasing the production level of serotonin.

SSRIs are the best antidepressant medications.

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors(SSRIs)

SSRI medication is responsible for increasing the level of Serotonin, Serotonin chemicals represent mood behavior, sleep, behavior action, and appetite. SSRI is given based on its serotonin level after having a complete check-up.

But increasing the level of serotonin by using SSRIs has some side effects associated with it Such as week muscles, drying mouth, dizziness, losing interest in sexual activity.


High blood pressure and heart condition can take Stress to the extreme level. Here beta-blockers medications are used for treating the problem of high (BP) high blood pressure.

There are two types of beta-blocker:

  1. Inderal(propranolol)
  2. Tenormin(atenolol)

This beta-blockers help in blocking the action inside the neurological system of the hormones like norepinephrine inside the arteries and muscles of the heart which cause widened arteries and also decrease the contraction of the heart.

There are not many side effects of beta-blockers but it has some common effects after using it such as Sleeping problem, tiredness, digestive problem, and skin problem.

Buspar Medication

Buspar is another type of medication used for treating anxiety and is very effective for reducing stress. Buspar is quite different from antidepressants, beta-blockers, and sedatives. Buspar is mainly good for reducing stress for a shorter period of time. But it is not good for treating the stress in the longer run.

Because of its uniqueness, even scientists do not conclude how Buspar works, they have resulted in the fact that it targets the serotonin and dopamine brain chemicals and helps its functioning inside the brain.

The one major drawback of Buspar is, it is required at least 4 weeks to see proper results like relief from stress. And even in some cases, it does not work at all.

Note: If you are already using an MAO medication inhibitor, please try to avoid Buspar in this case. Because the combination of these two medicines at once can create huge side effects of permanent memory loss.

Buspirone is the main medication of BusPar which helps in regulating mood behavior. Buspirone has some side effects such as headaches, and feelings of low energy.

So these are all medications used for treating Stress. And we can say antidepressant works the best in all above because of its wide positive reviews around the globe.

However, different types of stress occur which has their own medication from the list above.

Types of Stress

Types of Stress

Stress is a negative type of feeling that occurs due to mishappening and problems. These bad thoughts create bad situations inside the brain functioning and imbalances the brain chemicals.

Stress can be caused due to various reasons or events we faced in our life. But each situation creates a different type of stress depending upon circumstances.

These types of stress require unique treatment, medications, and therapies for the full current. A low level of stress is faced by everyone but when it increases its height it can take the level of Stress worst.

Let’s discuss some of the facts about the stress types, their side effects, and treatment in detail.

Usually, there are 3 different types of Stress:

  1. Acute Stress
  2. Episodic Acute Stress
  3. Chronic Stress

Acute Stress

Acute Stress is the most common type of stress that can happen to everyone in the entire world. Acute stress has very few side effects on physical and mental health but it may slightly affect healthy brain functioning.

Acute stress involves normal negative thoughts that can occur due to tragic events or by accident. This stress can also occur by overthinking and having serious possession.

If you are constantly thinking about the argument you had in the past or having bad thoughts for the upcoming events. There are higher chances of acute stress.

Acute Stress can be treated easily at an early age with some medication, therapies, exercise, a good diet, changing environment, etc. But if it is developed at a very extreme stage then it may definitely harm the physical and psychological health of both.

However Acute stress is a little safer than episodic stress and chronic because acute has very less effective symptoms.

Symptoms of Acute Stress

Acute stress can be easily identified by the following signs such as:

  1. Feeling of anxiety and Depression.
  2. Angriness
  3. It includes distress in the body such as headaches, back pain, joint pain, neck pain, and tense muscles.
  4. The stress of Acute also cause stomach problems such as heating the stomach from inside, acidic feeling, constipation, and diarrhea.
  5. Not only this but there are higher chances of High blood pressure, increasing heartbeat, feeling low energy, and insomnia.

Episodic Acute Stress

Episodic acute stress is an extension of acute stress. It is like a second stage on the development of stress to the worst. if you are already facing acute stress then there are higher chances of being caught under episodic acute stress.

Some people get triggers easily with such small events happening and always feel pressurised are found under the category of episodic stress.

They always feel worried about others, take responsibilities without even performing because of loudness, and constantly thinking about the future through unpredictable imaginations.

Well, Episodic Acute Stress can be cured through some special therapies given above in the list or you may prescribe the doctors based on your current situation. Then the Doctor will examine what type of Episodic Acute Stress you are facing on.

There are two types of Episodic Acute Stress: Type A and Worrier.

Type A

Type A people are always in a hurry to do simple work. Due to the overloading and pressure of the work they always get angry, lack of patience in them.

These people with episodic acute stress always feel insecure and have negative thoughts in their minds always.


Worrier people are the ones who are hurting themselves physically and mentally. These people have always negative thoughts in their minds about the unforeseen situation.

These types of personalities people are always getting into anxiety and the development of depression as well. They constantly thinking about themselves and others that why they are named “Worries”.

Their decision and organized plan are full of negative statements.

Episodic Acute stress has some of the following symptoms that can help in taking the type of stress people are facing to the next level.

Symptoms Of Episodic Stress

The episodic has the following symptoms or sign to analyze:

  1. People feeling angry all the time, anxiety disorder, and depression.
  2. Short-tempered people.
  3. Loss of memory, losing the ability to learn new things, mental problems, and slow speed of brain functioning.
  4. Breaks relationships with others.
  5. pain in the body, tense muscles, and joint problems
  6. Upset stomach such as constipation, diarrhea, irritation
  7. The low immune system catches flues and viruses easily.
  8. Causing high blood pressure, fast heart rate, sleeping problem, not getting proper breath, migraine.

Treatment for Episodic Acute Stress

As discussed the two types of Episodic acute stress. Their treatment is quite different from other types of peoples. Treating episodic people requires several months with the help of physiological doctors and physical as well.

Their thinking is quite different and it can only be changed or cured through interaction with others by building relationships or changing their lifestyle or behavior pattern.

If Episodic Acute Stress is not treated at the right time then it may create a situation worse than before.

Chronic Stress

Chronic Stress is the most dangerous type of stress ever. Chronic stress fully damages the neurological mental health of a person and physical damages throughout the body. It has a very negative impact on the human body.

If chronic is not treated at the right time then it may create a situation of suicidal thoughts. In doctor’s terms, it is considered as the third/last stage of stress.

People who are suffering from a lack of monetary funds, no jobs, family issues, negative work environment, marriage problems, are likely to fall under the category of Chronic Stress.

In some cases, Chronic Stress develops at a very early age because of many mistakes happening in life. Which later take the cases to the extreme.

People who are suffering from Chronic Stress have seen behavior changes, emotional obstructions, changing in their feelings. This all happens because this stress changes the brain chemicals and disturbs the vagus nerve which is responsible for thoughts and behaviors.

Symptoms of Chronic Stress

The symptoms of chronic stress are the same as acute stress and episodic stress.

Here are some of the symptoms such as:

  1. Feeling of anxiety, anger, or irritability.
  2. Pain in different parts of the body.
  3. Sleeping problems
  4. Digestive Issues
  5. Weak Immune System
  6. High BP & Fast heart rate

Treatment Of Chronic Stress

Chronic stress is one of the worst types of Stress now. But it can be treated with some medications and therapies. But one major factor of curing Chronic Stress is though naturally to keep the safer side in the long run.

When the behavior and feelings of a patient started changing their stress automatically started decreasing. AS studied till now antidepressants work as the best way of treating Chronic Stress with depression.

Chronic Stress is so dangerous that it kills people due to uneven thoughts and feelings inside the brain due to overthinking and pressures.

People with chronic stress have suicidal thoughts, homicides, heart attacks, physical and mental pain suffering. All this happens because people are unaware of chronic stress as they have habituated.

Identify stress levels


How To Identify Stress Level?

There are certain ways through which our body reflects the level of Stress though physically and mentally. When the stress is overloaded it usually increases its level day by day. No matter the causes it can happen to anyone.

With the help of stress, we can easily identify it before it reaches the worst condition. Actually, these are basically the symptoms of stress that can be recognized through our bodies.

Once these levels are spotted we can easily test them and take help from therapists and doctors for their treatment.

Some of the ways to identify Stress are:

  1. Physical Sign
  2. Mental And Emotional Stress
  3. Stress Test
  4. When To Get Help

Physical Sign

Changes in physical characteristics are the best way to identify Stress. These changed characteristics can be shown in terms of symptoms. Stress affects almost everybody internally and externally.

However, some common spots help in easy spot Stress and its various levels. When we feel some illness or pain inside the body getting continuously on a regular interval without any reason then are higher chances of stress.

  1. Sometimes our muscles become tense and being felt sore for a longer period of time or having migraine problems reflects the extreme stress.
  2. In various circumstances, people who are suffering from stress get triggered by small actions and reactions. Such types of events cause High blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart attack, blockage in arteries, and fast heartbeat. Even so, it transforms the body into a fight-to-flight stage.
  3. The digestive problem is the most common physical sign that helps in understanding the level of stress inside the brain. Problems like constipation, diarrhea, and intestine problems have been seen in all types of stress patients.
  4. In stress, the body loses all its reproductive power which in result low testosterone in males and low growth hormones in females as well. Such blockage of growth can be very serious for overall body development.
  5. Having a sleeping problem also reflects a high level of stress. it can be included in both physical signs and meant signs as well because sleep is connected to mindful thoughts and feelings.

All these physical signs are a good parameter for measuring the level of Stress and other depressive conditions inside the brain and can be treated accordingly.

Mental And Emotional Sign

Emotional Thoughts and feelings inside the brain are the main reason for that attacks mental health that occurs due to Stress. Constant negative thoughts can be responsible for higher levels of stress like chronic stress.

The mental and emotional sign is one of the greatest ways to check the level of stress present inside the body. People who are pressurised due to studies, work, relationships, and other reasons are more found under these types of categories.

  1. Breaking relationships with others due to anger, anxiety, depressive moods reflects the higher scale of stress.
  2. Having possession of a thing can define the stress at an early age which can be treated with some techniques and therapy.
  3. Getting Suicidal thoughts and negative feelings all time can also be the one main big reason that affects mental health which lies under chronic terms.
  4. Emotionally harming others and getting too attached or losing concentration also falls under this.

The above list contains the most common mental and emotional signs to represent Stress on a meter that techniques prescribed by the professionals.

When to get help

If you have the following symptoms or signs discussed earlier the stress then you have the right time to fix it now before it gets too late. But still, the question arises how can I analyze the stress and get help for myself.

These are some of the symptoms you will face if you are suffering from stress and you definitely need help for this:

  1. You may have sleeping problems which are known as insomnia in medical terms.
  2. Feeling of anxiety and depressive moods.
  3. Breaking relationships with others and getting alone most of the time.
  4. Consuming Too much alcohol/drugs/smoking.
  5. Escaping yourself from responsibilities.
  6. Feeling Burden on the head all the time
  7. Uneven thoughts of suicide.
  8. BAd performance

If you are facing such issues, it is time to consult your regular doctors and explain your problem. He may refer to the mental health expert or therapist.

Moreover, the therapist may offer you some therapies and consult about your problem deeply from its root cause. Early stress can be treated with some medications but when it turns chronic it is very difficult to prevent.

Stress Test

The exercise test is the other name of a stress test. Sometimes physical and emotional signs are not enough for giving the perfect results of the stress. BUt STress Test is generally used for calculating the exact amount of stress or pressure stored inside the body.

In a test of stress, the doctor will attach electrodes patches to the chest for measuring the heartbeat and other patches on the various other parts of the body for checking the blood pressure. Then you were asked to run on the treadmill to check your blood flows during the workout or exercise. If you are not interested in exercising then the doctor will inject a special type of drug that regulates the body's blood flow. It's completely safe.

During or after the test you may feel a few headaches and that’s it there are no other side effects. When all your blood flows are recorded on the electrocardiogram machine then the doctor will analyze whether you need to go for further tests or not.

A stress test far better way to analyze the level of stress that occurs more frequently.

Consequences of Long-Term Stress?

Short-term stress is known as acute stress which is normal for everyone because it does not cause major effects on mental health. But when it becomes an ongoing process on a recurring term then it is called Long-term Stress.

Long-term stress can also be defined as Chronic Stress. Chronic stress is the most dangerous stress ever seen by doctors which affects the both physicals and mental health of an individual in the longer term. The long term requires serious focus on the illness by adapting major therapies and consultancies with the doctors. In some cases, it does not cure at all.

Some factors affect the body in the long run of the stress:

  1. Long-term stress causes an unusual feeling of suicidal thoughts, homicide, not-loving yourself, and feeling alone all the time.
  2. Lack of Concentration in performing any kind of task on a day-to-day basis.
  3. Continous stress is the major cause of depression, anxiety disorder, and other mental illness diseases.
  4. Besides, long-term stress causes imbalances in the functioning of the heart which results in slow blood flow throughout the body and cardiovascular diseases in every case.
  5. Weight gain or loss.
  6. Losing interest in sex activities have been found in both male and female through many sex problems have been seen.
  7. Skin problems like pimples, acne due to rehydration of the skin.
  8. Stomach problems such as digestive issues.

Long-term is discussed as the third stage of Chronic Stress which bodily affects the physical body such symptoms are pain in different parts of the body and other serious mental problems can be developed.

Long-term stress can be treated if proper precautions have been taken otherwise it can lead to the death of a person in case no actions have been taken.

Stress And Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety are two inter-related terms that follow the same symptoms and consequences. but still, people confuse Stress and Anxiety. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Stress is a situation where a person feels pressurized or being irritated due to any of the reasons. On the other hand Anxiety states where a person feels worried, nervous, and fear. Moreover, stress and anxiety are good at early-stage because it helps in keeping us alert about our task. But when both clashes at a developed stage it can cause serious mental and physical health issues.

Reasons for Developing Stress and anxiety

Whenever we are facing accidental events or mishappening around us. Our brain chemicals hit though out the body through the vagus nerve as a warning signal. These signals create high blood flow through which our feeling and thoughts change a develops into stress or anxiety.

There is much reason for such events like:

  1. Death or leaving a loved ones
  2. Starting anew work on a new place
  3. facing any health issues
  4. Marriage
  5. Much other common reason

The thoughts from these events create a unique type of stress in the mind and anxiety as well which can be shown through the following symptoms.

Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety

There are some common differences of symptoms which are the same in stress and anxiety.

  1. Muscles tension
  2. DIgestive Problkesm
  3. High blood pressures
  4. Unusual headaches
  5. The feeling of low energy
  6. Dizziness
  7. Insomnia
  8. Weight gain or loss
  9. Getting panicked
  10. Uneven Negative thoughts
  11. Irritability
  12. Lack of concentration

These were some common issues found in the case of stress and anxiety.

How to Treat Stress and Anxiety both at the same time using Medications?

Stress and anxiety can be both treated using some drugs and medicine because both follow almost the same symptoms.

SSRIs have been considered the best medications for treating certain types of stress and anxiety disorder. SSRIs increase the serotonin brain chemicals which help in stimulating the mood.

But do you know consuming alcohol, overdosage, and hanging out with negative people can take the anxiety and Stress to their worst condition? Please make sure to avoid these techniques when you are on certain medications or therapies.

CBT therapy is best for treating anxiety disorder and the stressed mind as well.

Stress and Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Stress can cause erectile dysfunction. Let’s Discuss how?

At the time of Stress or anxiety, our mind becomes confused due to change in brain wires via behavioral changes. through brain not be able to give proper guidance to the penis which result in problems in ejaculations. This all happens because of loss in sex activities, losing confidence and self-esteem that result weaken the sex appealing.

Erectile Dysfunction is mostly found in Men’s where they either pre-ejaculate the semen or delay in the organism. But talking about sex problems and ejaculation is considered unacceptable by society in India. Through this, both males and females try to avoid share their feeling with others that cause chronic stress and other serious problems later on.

In this decade people prefer to go for pornography which creates a fantasy in the mind of an individual that not only affects the mind but also breaks the relationship with the partners.

Problem Erectile Dysfunction is very underrated in India it needs to be focused at utmost good faith. This is the one main big reason for Stress in our Country.

How to Prevent Stress?

Stress is often normal for everyone but when it transforms itself to the developed stage it can cause a serious problem. However, there are some prevention techniques to stop and realize stress from the mind.

5 Easy Ways to prevent Stress:

1.Excercise Daily

When we exercise/workout daily it helps in shaking the whole body. Such moving helps in fixing the imbalances of brain chemicals. Despite that exercise has lots of benefits to discuss.

Regular exercise helps in detoxifying the body completely from inside and out sie as well. It stimulates the mood by reading the healthy chemicals and improves brain functioning.

Although it creates the mind stronger that helps in taking better decisions in life. Once you started exercise you can actually see the difference that negative thoughts will never come inside the mind.

You can use YOGA/Weigh training to keep yourself busy and give challenges to your mind so that it cannot create an unhealthy mental problem thinking process.

By adapting exercises daily you can easily prevent stress permanently.

2. Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important factors in Stress. Once you started getting proper sleep of 7-9 hours you are already away from bad thoughts. Because lack of sleep or bad time sleep blocks the brain functioning and creates negative thoughts in the mind.

In some case stress cause insomnia the sleeping problem where a person cannot sleep or sleep too much. Once you cured this you are almost 80% completed your treatment process in stress.

Start getting a perfect nap because it is the best way to prevent stress from your life without feeling any burden.

3. Proper Nutrition

Nutrition is like fuel for our body. A healthy diet reflects a healthy person. When we do not provide enough nutrients to our body then it doe not extract energy from anywhere else. through this, it makes the muscles week and we are feeling with negative energy inside the mind.

By creating a proper diet plan and including healthy oils keep the brain safe from any kind of disease. If you are not abe able to get enough nutrition value from foods then you can use supplements.

Start eating healthy like green vegetables, fruits, eggs, and other dairy products these things will help you in preventing stress in the longer run.

4. Keep Hydrated

So far now keeping your body hydrated through water is one of the best ways to keep yourself away from stress and other depressive disorders.

Our mind and physical body require more water to function throughout. When we keep the brain hydrated by consuming more and more water daily thee it allows us to maintain the mind chemicals ina stable position.

Drinking gallons of water per day not only maintain mental and physical health but good for the skin and heart as well.

5. Daily Goals

Our mind becomes confuses when we do not things in order. And an unorganized manner of performing task gives pressure on the mind and we feel very hectic. The perfect way to deal with this is by creating daily goals.

By creating a schedule plan on regular days in the morning for the whole day with the perfect time management Keeps the body in aright directions. Through this, we divide the work into various sections. Through this, we can hit our goals easily without being panicked.

SO, these were some of the 5 points to remember while preventing yourself from Stress.

Conclusion: Stress

So far we have discussed every aspect of Stress in this article. In conclusion, we can say that Stress is normal for everyone because it changes our emotional feelings. Stress is good at a very early age but it is very dangerous when it becomes chronic stress.

Despite this, there are different types of stress whose cause us different from each other. But one thing common is found that all symptoms are almost interested in each Different Types Of Stress.

If you are suffering from stress then you can take the help of CBT therapy because of its effectiveness. Or clinically medication like SSRIs is performing the best for treating anxiety disorders and stress well because it increases the production rate of Serotonin (which is mainly responsible for mood Behaviors).

In starting if stress is affecting your daily life then you can adapt some prevention techniques to deal with the stress easily. Keep one thing in mind Stress is most common nowadays every human being once in their life faces stress whether it is male or female. So please don’t think about ch.

If you need any help you can consult your physician he may recommend you some therapist or prescribe you some medicines to handle the Stress.

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