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Stress Management Counselling

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Stress Management Counselling 

What is Stress? What causes stress? 

Stress has become a common word, just like cold or fever. It is hard to define what exactly stress means but we all feel stressed. When was the last time you said, it is so stressful or I am under stress. Stress has become part of our daily life. There are just a few days when we relax. If there is an exam tomorrow, we feel stressed, if you are going for an interview, you feel stressed. This is the feeling you have when you are stressed. A mixture of fear and pressure comes out as stress.

There are many causes of stress. Almost anytime you feel under pressure and overloaded, stress joins in you. Still, here are some of the causes.

  • If you are encountering any change in life.
  • Overthinking is another cause of stress.
  • Having too much pressure about something.
  • Worrying can also cause stress.
  • Thinking of situations whose output is not known.
  • Facing any big challenge or trouble.
  • Too much workload can also add up to stress.

These are a few very common causes of stress. Apart from this, there are many causes why you may build up stress. 

Signs that you are under stress

Signs of stress are quite visible and felt as well. It is not difficult to identify if someone is stressed or not. We will here tell you some of the very relevant signs of stress.

  • If you are very nervous, scared, or afraid while doing something or are about to do something.
  • A lot of thoughts come to you and you cannot control them or stop them. 
  • If you feel like being overburdened
  • You find yourself aggressive, impatient, and feel irritated.
  • You are not able to enjoy your life and the present moment.
  • Feeling depressed or sensing any attack.
  • Shaking of legs or feeling anxious.

These are some of the symptoms that indicate you are stressed.

How can you cope up with stress ?

Stress is not difficult to handle, you just need the mindset to do so.

Stress is common but still, if it is left ignored, it can take the face of some potential chronic illness like a panic attack. Hence coping up with stress and handling it is very necessary. Here are some of the best ways to handle stress. 

1. Exercise and yoga -

Meditation and exercises are the best ways to keep yourself calm and reduce stress.

2. Deep breathing -

Practicing deep breathing also reduces stress and keeps your body and mind relaxed.

3.Counselling -

Counselling also helps in finding and stress triggers and thus helps in reducing them.

4.Speaking out what is in the mind -

Expressing emotions and feelings also helps in reducing stress and feeling light.

5.Medication -

Medication also helps in keeping stress at bay and avoiding any other situation.

Can online counseling help you manage your stress? Do you need counselling sessions to deal with Stress? 

If you doubt whether online counselling can help you manage your stress or not then we will provide you with the answer. Online counselling can help you in managing stress and keeping it at an edge. Moreover, if you witness any signs of stress then you should not take it lightly and immediately see the help of an online counsellor

Online counselling has become as effective as any conventional method of counselling. As lockdown came, online counselling became very popular. There are many reasons why people these days have started taking online sessions. 

  • The entity of the client is kept anonymous and the session is also private.
  • It saves you from social embarrassment and you can attend the online session from anywhere you want.
  • You can talk to your therapist either on call, message, or also on a video call.

How can My Fit Brain help you manage stress ?

Manage stress with My Fit Brain!

My fit brain is an online counselling platform that provides different counselling sessions for various issues and mental health problems like depression, Anger Management, breakup relationships, family, parenting, child counseling, anxiety, stress, panic attack, etc. It provides counselling for career and staying in the corporate world as well. Moreover, my fit brain provides the best quality therapist who helps you in dealing with different issues.

My Fit Brain helps you in coping up with stress and living a stress-free life. It works on helping you out to release your worries and get back to normal working.

  • Our therapist works on finding triggers that increase your stress and finding solutions to overcome it.
  • it provides you with personal space where you can easily speak out about what is in your mind.
  • They help you and guide you to find the solutions to your issue so that you can live happily.
  • Online counselling helps in identifying any underlying health conditions.

Find out how we work

We at My Fit Brain believe in providing ease to our clients, so we have a simple booking session and therapist selection process. All you have to do is: 

  • Fill out the questionnaire.
  • Select your therapist from the given list.
  • Book the session.
  • Start your therapy.

We focus on giving you the best possible solution so that you can easily cope up with your stress and live a stress-free life.

Look for your therapist! 

Find the best therapists at My Fit Brain!

My Fit Brain provides the best quality and professional counsellors who are well trained and experienced. Here are some of the stress management counselling therapists who provide you quality sessions so that you can manage your stress.

Choose them here.


Stress is a part of life. It is inseparable. If we are living, we are prone to problems and hence stress accompanies it. Stress cannot be avoided but it can be controlled and managed. With My Fit Brain, you can manage your stress and keep it at bay. Counselling sessions have always proven to be effective and provide a way to overcome them naturally.

FAQS on Stress Management Counselling

1. What do you mean by stress and stress management?

If you wonder what might be the correct definition of stress, then this section is for you. Stress has a definition that says any change that can potentially cause psychological strain, be it emotional, mental, or physical strain is stress. When a body or mind is stressed, there are some responses that can be an indication to the level and type of stress you are having. Stress management is the method of dealing with a person’s level of stress, be it chronic or normal. Different types of stress management involve techniques and physiotherapies that help to carefully observe your mood and keep track of your emotional and mental health also apart from the physical stress.

2. What are the types of stress that stress management counselling addresses?

The word “stress” holds an important meaning for all of us as we all deal with any kind of stress in day-to-day life.  Different types of stress can occur at varying degrees. Counselling sessions can help in addressing the stress that results from life events like the stress of achieving perfectionism and stress from an insecure future. There are mainly five types of stress that you face in daily activities, namely environmental stress, postural stress, emotional stress, dental stress, nutritional stress. Counselling helps to address the common stress, manage our minds and actions and build some immunity to stress. 

3. Why do you need stress management counselling?

The answer to this question is that counselling sessions for work-related stress  help to find out the exact reasons for the worker’s stress. We need sessions to know what stress is and when stress can lead to drug abuse, pain, illness, lack of interest, restlessness, negativity. In the above-mentioned cases, proper counselling sessions from the health care professionals and counsellors are required. These sessions can treat your stress-related symptoms and the issues arising from them.

4. Do these stress management sessions have a 100% success rate?

These types of stress management sessions help you effectively in managing stress. They can help to an extent to take control of your life. They can make you happier, healthier and more fruitful. You will get closer to your goal. Everyone has certain goals in life like a healthy work-life balance, good relationship status and relaxed evenings . You get a step closer to your dream of shaving a stress-free life.

5. How can counselling sessions resolve your stress-related issues?

Counselling can help to resolve stress-related issues in many ways. After counselling sessions, counsellors may suggest some therapies and treatments to cope with stress in healthier ways. The sessions emphasise the need to effectively reduce stress by focussing on body, mind and emotions.These sessions will focus on relaxing the body, deep breathing, hot bath, running, dancing and massage which helps reduce stress. Counsellors suggest keeping your mind away from negative feelings.

6. What therapies happen after a stress management counselling session?

One example is cognitive behavioural therapy which helps to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings that develop from stress. The new therapies and sessions can reduce the issues related to stress. Some therapies like mindfulness-based cognitive therapy promote open-mindedness for reducing stress. There is an acceptance and commitment theory also. Therapies and sessions stop the normal mental conditions like anxiety from getting worse. Counsellors will provide you with the best strategies to keep your stress in control.

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