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School Counselor

School counselors or guidance counselors, as they are popularly known, play an essential role in the process of guiding a student towards success. They provide constant support to make classroom programs more effective and preserve the decorum of the school. School counselors have multiple roles in a school system, but the stages of becoming professional school counselors and working with the students of different age groups are quite similar. Read the article carefully to know about How to Become a School Counselor.

How to Become a School Counselor receives training in advocacy, leadership, and collaboration that enables them to maintain a safe and fair learning environment at academic institutions. They make sure that every student of the institution has access to similar academic experiences without any discrimination. Advanced school counseling programs focus upon the primary requirements of the student irrespective of their learning abilities, and socioeconomic status through personal, academic, and emotional development.

How to become a school counselor

The first step towards becoming a guidance counselor is earning a bachelor's degree in social science, behavioral education for other academic fields. A bachelor's degree in counseling for psychology is preferable as it helps to explore the different aspects of professional counseling and assist students in enhancing their mental health.

Aspirants can also earn a master's degree in school counseling. The course structure of the master's degree in school counseling teaches about learning and behavior disorder, counseling theories, counseling ethics, and human development. Candidates who have completed a post-graduate program on guidance counseling or have a valid certificate have a first-hand experience of their professional life. It prepares them mentally for their post-graduate employment and develops a deep insight into working with students of different age groups.

Some people apply for licenses after completion of their graduate program. The requirement of a valid license is completely dependent upon the regulations of a state. Candidates are recommended to review the state regulations properly before applying for a license.

Work of a school counselor

Guidance counselors or professional school counselors provide their services to students both directly and indirectly. At times counseling experts develop and integrate detailed counseling programs that are focused upon improving the performance of a student. Following are some of the counseling programs that are offered to the students as direct services

* Core School Counseling Curriculum

It comprises programs that are specifically designed to help students become competent, knowledgeable, improve behavior skills, and necessary extracurricular skills.

* Individual Student Planning

These programs include activities that guide students in setting their goals and develop plans accordingly.

* Responsive Services

This program focuses upon meeting the immediate necessities of a student in both small and group settings. It also helps in crisis counseling.

Indirect services are referred to as those that do not involve the student or are performed on their behalf. Facilities like a consultation, referrals, communication with relevant stakeholders like parents, teachers, community organizations, and administrators are part of indirect programs.

The school counselors also take part in the process of evaluating the capabilities of a student, issues with participation of the student, and organizing workshops on topics like drug abuse, and bullying.

Some states require the school council to serve as an educator of the organization for some years before they become certified professionals. How to Become a School Counselor can become part of junior high school, high school, elementary school, district supervising committee, or academic groups.

Role of elementary school counselors

* Guidance counselors ensure proper academic, behavioral, physical, and emotional assistance.
* They try to establish a healthy relationship between the teachers, students, and other staff of the organization.
* Help student in behavior management, emotional development, and learning social practices
* School counselors try to identify signs of learning disability, behavior concerns, and emotional disturbances that affect their performance.

Role of middle school counselors

* Help students in their physical, emotional, social, and mental growth
* Help students connect with behavioral and academic learning.
* Encourage students to recognize development, peer mediation, and behavior learning.
* Address social and physical conflicts with the help of meditation

Role of high school counselors

* High school counselors guide the students to become independent as they step into their adulthood.
* Engage both students and teachers in career planning workshops
* Organize crisis counseling and management programs to guide students in adolescent trials
* Counselors help students in the process of pursuing higher studies with colleges, workforce, trade schools, etc.

Salary and career of school counselor

According to the studies, the employment of vocational counselors and guidance counselors will increase by about 8% in the coming years. The prospect is similar to all other forms of occupations, and the growing number of school enrollment will also increase the demand for professional school counselors.

However, hiring can be limited as schools are cutting down their expenses at different levels. On average professional school counselor earns around $54000 annually. Salaries vary based on the experience, location, tenure, and academic setting of the workplace. The wages of guidance counselors can be as high as $72,000 in some states.

Guidance counselors work in coordination with the parents, teachers, administrations, and other people involved in an organization. How to Become a School Counselor should always be good listeners to be able to address the issues of students of different age groups, backgrounds, and compassion.

Counselors typically work with students having emotional or behavioral problems; therefore they must have sufficient understanding to cooperate with the students.

Academic institutions always prefer professional guidance counselors of myfitbrain.com with prior experience as they have the necessary skill and knowledge of working with children through their previous experiences and internships.

The author here holds a lot of knowledge regarding How to Become a School Counselor. He is expertise in the counseling field for quite long and helped many students to cope up with mental issues. Being an advisor of myfitbrain.com, the author recommends opting for their service if students face any problems and require a quick assistance.

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