All You Want To Know Regarding How To Make A Family Tree

How To Make Family Tree

The family is at home. No matter what happens in our life, the family is always our priority. We all are acts of love, and you get loved from the days you have born. That is the love of our family. Now to know your family well enough, you should know how to make a family tree.

Build your family tree

A family tree is actually to get all the information about your family history in brief and precise. Now how does a family tree look? Well, as it is mentioned in the name, a family tree looks like a tree indeed. You can add photos to it.

Why is this termed as a family tree?

If the family is a series of hierarchy and hereditary lineage, then the family tree shall indicate all the names of family members. In a family tree, we get a clear picture of the ancestry. When it is tough to define the roots and sources of the ancestry due to the nuclear families, the family tree can act as a descendant chart. Generally, a family tree or family flow chart or family layout is made in descending order. It is because it is easier to understand if you start from a single entity and then make progress.

How to make a family tree for school?

When you are going to draw a family chart at the very, you have to gather all the information about your family. Unless you have all the information, you can go only a little far with the chart. So the very first job is to talk with older and gather information. The oldest in the family is always helpful for this kind of information because the one has lived long enough to have in-depth knowledge of your family. You have to make sure that the one source is reliable as the older has a decaying memory.

You can also talk with the other members of the family. It would help if you spoke to those family members too who are not living together with you. It is needed if you are looking to gather all the information about your family. They can live far, or they may not be in touch with you for long, but you have to communicate. Now you have gathered all the information, and then you are about to start making the pattern.

You first have to know the format in which the school wants you to make a family tree. It can be in word, excel, paper, etc. Once you know what the format will be, you can go on in that way, but the essential thing never changes- you have to know everything about your family first. As much as you know about your family and as much as you work hard to make your presentation quite eye-catching, your family tree draws attention and is praised.

How to make a family tree for kids?

You can draw an exact tree of family. If you do so, then you should out your ancestor in the root of the tree. And then you put the descents in various branches according to the relationship. In this case, the reader needs to go through it from the bottom- precisely the root of the tree. Generally, family tree activity for kindergarten follows this kind of exact tree-like structure as the kids enjoy drawing that. They have fun when they attach face pictures of family members with their family tree. It looks good and is easier to understand. The family tree charts where face pictures of family members are attached are often termed ‘faces the tree.’

Now we are slowly getting into ‘how to make a family tree?’

How to draw a family tree chart on paper?

First, you take a big art sheet and color pencils and scales. Then you must select some geometrical structures for male and female members. You can use various colors for different lines of family members. Now you will decide what you want to draw- an exact tree or a tree-like structure like a flow chart. If you are going to draw family tree charts, then like a flow chart, you have to fix specific geometrical shapes for individual members of the family according to the descendent line.

Now you first write the name of the ancestor as far as you have information in a particular box, and then you gradually go on with the descendant’s name. You can use designs and colors for the better presentation of your family tree.

How to make a family tree on the word?

* Gather all the information that you can get about your family.
* Make a complete picture or a flow chart.
* Open a Microsoft word document.
* Use the Insert Shape option and make the flow chart.
* Adjudge names of family members for each shape.
* Use the arrowheads or spears to indicate the flow.
* Eventually, you get the full picture of your family.

Either go by inserting shapes and name one by one, or you can draw the whole outline of shapes as per the drawing in your paper and then enter the names into those shapes. You can use different colors and different fronts and can fill the shapes with different colors. It will make your presentation look gorgeous and eye-soothing. Last but not least, you should not forget to join the lines.

How to make a family tree chart on excel?

* You have done the underlying work. You have a sample of family tree charts drawn in the paper.
* Now making sure you know about excel, you have to create a new spreadsheet.
* Then you insert shapes into a spreadsheet according to your choice.
* Now you enter texts in those shapes.
* You keep inserting more shapes as your family tree goes on.
* Now you have to insert the joining lines, and your family tree is ready.
* You can add family tree templates also in excel.

So this is all regarding how to make a family tree.

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