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What is Family?

We all are like a small seeds sown in the ground as we grow our relations grow and we become a complete tree that tree is called “FAMILY”. Every single relation we cherish we believe in, we look up to be part of our family. The Sanskrit word “VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM”  is a Hindu Philosophy that indicates an understanding that the whole world is one family regardless of race, caste, creed, culture and religion.

Family does not only consist of a mother, father, a child, grandparents. Family consists of people, who support and love you, and the people you can confide in and trust. “FAMILY” may seem simple words, but there is no simple definition of the FAMILY. A family shares emotional bonds, common values, goals and responsibilities. Family is the place where everyone loves you unconditionally family is the first place where we learn how to share; care and respect.

We have prominently seen these common types of families in Indian Culture.

Nuclear Family:  Nuclear family is also known as a conjugal family. It is comprised of a married couple and their offspring. Nuclear families play an important role in the development of the personality of individuals. Nuclear family is the most common type of family in the world.

Extended Family:   A family consists of relatives in addition to parents and children (such as grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins) living in a single household.

Joint Family:   In a joint family, every member makes a financial contribution to the common fund and share common rights in the household property. A joint family comprised of a minimum of three generations: grandparents, parents and children.

Blended Family:   If the partners have children from the previous relationship and those children come to live with their parent’s new partner, then such family structure becomes blended family.

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is one of the psychotherapies which helps an individual to reduce distress and conflicts by improving the way of interaction between family members. As a family plays a very important role in one’s life. Family therapies sessions are lead by a specialists called a family therapists. Family therapists could be a psychologist, social worker, or a counsellor, who has been extra trained and skilled in family therapy. Family therapists address specific issues the affect the environment as well as the mental health of family members.

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Here are some counselling and psychological techniques used for family therapy by experts.

  • Structural Therapy:  Structural Therapy is basically known as Miscommunication Correction Therapy which focused on adjustment and strengthening the family system. This therapy identifies and addresses communication issues that give birth to problems within families.
  • Strategic Therapy:  Strategic Therapy and intervention have been highly affected in the establishment of modern family therapy. Under this therapy, every person’s problem identified that how this is affecting the entire family dynamic. This therapy is scheduled, giving all members individually one-to-one basis time to express.
  • Systemic Therapy:  Systemic Therapy is appropriate types of family therapy suitable for all age groups. It helps to change the negatives behaviour and resolve conflicts among the family members.
  • Bowenian:  Bowenian Therapy is also known as “Intergenerational Family Therapy”. It allows the family members to achieve a balance of internal and external differentiation which cause anxiety, triangular and emotional cut-off. It mainly aroused by family struggles and pressure towards togetherness.
  • Transgenerational Therapy:   Transgenerational Family Therapy allows counsellor/family therapist to examine the interaction of a client across a generation as a network for understanding and explaining the current problems within the family and predicts future difficulties.

When to Seek a Family Therapy?

  • When family members start experiencing difficulty in functioning in their normal capacity.
  • When family members tend to have extreme emotional reactions such as anger, fear, sadness, depression due to personal traumas.
  • Any of family members have substance abuse, such as addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling etc leading to family disturbances.
  • When children’s behaviour at home or at school get some changes.
  • If there is any conflict between families members especially in thought perception like between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.
  • If there is difficulty in sibling rivalry.
  • If there are financial problems and disarrangements of money among family members.
  • If family members are suffering from some traumatic events like cancer treatment, business flops, etc.
  • Divorce among any couple in family or separation of any family member.

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Procedures of Family Therapy

Family therapy aims to help the family establish a bond and stay together. The session will be taken by an experienced family counsellor, number of sessions will depend on the type of the therapy chosen. Usually, the therapist takes into consideration the issue primarily. Family issue combines with depression, stress and anxiety to a particular member. So, family therapy plans for approximately 10-12 sessions where the prime sufferer is invited to express first in an individual session and then all surrounded family members are invited one by one in initial sessions. The last session is a combined session including all members, having clubs of some points to be improved or deleted.

Every session of gamily therapy is an activity-based session aims at knowing the exact cause and perception of individual.

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