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What is Psychotherapy, It's types, & How it works?

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What is Psychotherapy, It's types, & How it works?

Psychotherapy is a term used to treat psychological disorders and mental illness with verbal and therapeutic techniques. During the psychotherapy, your therapist or a trained psychiatrist would help you to analyze and resolve the reasons for their mental illness, anxiety, or stress.

It purely depends on the psychiatrist or therapist what strategies or techniques they use for psychotherapy. A similar thing among all the strategies involves developing a therapeutic relationship, communicating and creating a dialogue, and working to overcome problematic thoughts or behaviors.

Types of Psychotherapy:

When we talk about Psychotherapy, it not necessarily mean a patient lying on a couch and sitting near a therapist with a notepad and pen, noting down the issues or stress factors of the patient.  The type of technique used varies depending upon the stress level, situations, training, and background of a therapist, preferences of the patient, or nature of the patient's problem. 

Here are some different types of psychotherapy that a psychotherapist opts for in the treatment process:

Psychoanalytic Therapy

The psychoanalytic approach involves diving deep into a patient's mind and past experiences to have some unconscious thoughts, feelings, and memories that affected or influenced the behavior of the patient

Behavioral Therapy

In the 20th or 21st century, behavior counts for more psychological problems. In behavioral therapy, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and social learning is analyzed to help the patient remove their problematic behaviors.

Humanistic Therapy

This therapy was first used around the 1950s by Carl Rogers who was a Humanist Psychologist. This therapy focuses on helping people enhance their humanistic behaviors. This helps people to maximize their potential and stresses the importance of self-exploration, free will, and self-actualization.

Cognitive Therapy

This therapy started to be used around the 1960s and it brings a major revolution in the field of psychotherapy. After this therapy to be used in practice, psychologists began to increasingly focus on how human thought processes influence behavior and functioning.

Cognitive therapy is purely based on our thoughts. "How we think is how we become" is the main aspect of this therapy. Our mind has a powerful impact on our thoughts. If we will think about something in a negative manner, then our behavior tends to be the same as our thoughts and vice versa. The major goal of this therapy is to determine the factors that hinder us to think positively or the factors which are responsible for our negative or pessimistic thinking and to remove those first. 

This therapy is also used to treat a range of conditions including phobias, addiction, depression, and anxiety. This therapy is equipped with many cognitive and behavioral techniques to remove the negative thoughts and replace them with the positive ones which helps one to alter his/her behavior which was way more pessimistic due to negative thoughts.

Psychotherapy works on different formats depending upon the nature of the therapist and requirement of patients such as:

  1. Individual Therapy - It involves a one-to-one conversation between the patient and the therapist. 
  2. Couple Therapy - It involves a conversation between a therapist and a couple who is trying to resolve issues within their relationship and helping them to effectively regain previous strength in relations. 
  3. Family Therapy - It involves a conversation between a therapist and a complete family or multiple individuals in a family who is trying to solve conflicts among them and helping them to improve relationship strength among the family members.
  4. Group Therapy - It involves a small group of individuals may be friends, colleagues in conversation with the therapist. This approach allows members of the group to offer and receive support from others, as well as practice new behaviors within a supportive and receptive group.

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