Suicide Prevention | Why Do You Want To Lose?

“When there is no hope & You feel helpless”

Then the only way people think is “SUICIDE”

The suicide of an unsuccessful student or newly married woman is the common news we heard nowadays. From the past few years, a lot of negative effects have been seen on the mental health of people in the society.

Here are some reasons for suicide:

Why do people get such Suicidal Thoughts?

This is still a complex question. But according to the study of human behaviour by the mental health professionals, some of the estimated accepts responsible for some mental illnesses are

  • FINANCIAL PROBLEMS: Loss of jobs, loss in business, unemployment, financial fraud, etc
  • RELATIONSHIP ISSUES: Loneliness, death of life partner, griefless, cheated in a relationship, etc
  • MENTAL ILLNESS for a reason
  • FAILURE: Failure in office work, jealous from other in-office environments
  • BULLYING: Troubled by someone in the office, school or college
  • ADDICTION: Use of alcohol or substance

Identify the Change in Suicidal Person

  • Helpless Person
  • Loneliness
  • Sadness
  • Disappointment for Life
  • Not Having Any Reason in Life
  • Lose All Hope to Live
  • Always Think About Failure
  • Disturbed Sleep
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Unwanted Gain or Loss in Weight
  • Excessive Usage of Alcohol & Substance
  • Poor Social Circle
  • Emotionally Weak
  • Aggressive Behaviour
  • Tension or Stress

Help will Solve Suicidal Thoughts

If you suspect someone whom you know is going through despair or disappointment. It is totally a Myth that an individual can talk about dying in a joke. So never avoid talking to them, maybe he is seeking for help.

There is also another myth is to avoid talking about the problem with a person, otherwise, he/she will feel more suicidal. So always keep in mind, talking to such a person struggling with loneliness, depression, or despair is a way to escape from the situation.

While talking to the one who is suicidal?

  • Keep Calm & Speak Comfortably
  • Don’t Blame and Humiliate them for their behaviour
  • Support & Encourage Them
  • Make them feel that you are there to help them

Psychological Treatment is the Solution

If you or someone has thoughts of harming themselves, you should seek help from the doctor to fight with suicidal thoughts. Identifying the views of such people during the counseling process is the part of the treatment for suicidal.

New Interest in Life

  • Exercise Regularly
  • Adequate Sleep
  • Balanced Diet
  • Screaming to New Activities
  • Seeking out with your Interest

Keep Distance From Negatives

Many times, household items such as clothes, gifts and other things which make you feel stress when you look at it, destroy that stuff and feel comfortable.

MY FIT BRAIN is a leading psychological treatment providing a centre in INDIA; becoming a helping hand for those you feel suicidal or getting suicidal thoughts frequently.  As their tagline “We Care For Your Emotion” they are taking care of such people suffering from any Mental Health Disorder across the world.

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