Everything You Should Know Regarding What is Extended Family

what is extended family

Family is always the priority in our life. We are loved and cared for from the day we have born in the family. But all the families are not the same. There are certain classifications. This article is regarding what the extended family is.

Extended family definition in sociology

Famous sociologist George Ritzer says that the relatives outside of the immediate circle of spouse or children are called extended family.

The family members can be parents, children, uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, cousins. According to the definition given by Steve Muller, the extended family members live in the same household.

Sanjay Barbora is a well-known sociologist in India. He says that the extended family is termed as a joint family in India. The set up of a Hindu joint family is widely spread in the Indian subcontinent, especially in India.

Barbora adds that a Hindu family is a concept of an undivided family here. This concept has been practiced not only by religion but the whole country for a long time. That is why it has an enormous legal significance in the country.

What are the nuclear family and joint family?

We must understand the family types if we want to know the difference between the nuclear family and the joint family.

The structure of a family has changed radically over the last fifty years. The reasons can be various.

The socio-economic structure of society has changed dramatically over the last few decades. The psychological connections between family members have changed. People want to live on their own. They want absolute independence too.

Not everyone is ready to make adjustments in these days. They have a career to build on. They do not wish to compromise with their future because they have been brought up like that. Family is no longer the priority in our life.

Family is the first-ever connection we make in society. It is the first-ever relationship we share. A link is all about caring, loving, feeling the warmth of each other. These soft, generous connections help us to be socialized. And thus we learn to love.

Family relationship is a connection that teaches us how to make love and how to care about our own and other’s emotions.

We are having psychological problems with family members. We are even unable to make healthy communication with parents. That is why the distance between us is full. We are unable to share thoughts.

Now, these can be the reasons that families are falling apart lately. Moreover, new formations of the family are coming to light recently. There are numerous types of family now.

* Nuclear Family:

It is one of the traditional structures of family. There are parents and children in the family. It is the most practiced family structure in modern days. The system of society has empowered it for long. The reason is that there are better possibilities to raise a child in a nuclear family. A child gets the full attention of parents. The interpersonal relationship is healthy. The child receives strength and stability from father and mother both. It is also financially sound. The adults feel financial ease, which is why there are more opportunities for the child.

* Extended Family:

It is the oldest structure of the family. There can be two or more adults who are related either by blood or marriage. That means in-laws can be part of extended family too. But they do not often stay together. If they do, then this can be modified extended family often called a compound family. All extended family members live in the same house. They share food and every resource with each other.

Members of a family are always there for one another in good or bad times. They maintain the household works together. The children are raised together. These families may form due to the financial crisis or because the older ones cannot live on their own. Extended families are becoming popular again as we want togetherness at last. Nothing can be better than an easing evening companied by your people.  

* Single Parent Family:

One parent raises one or more children on own in this kind of family. One mother raised her children, one father raising his children, or a single person with his or her kids. It is the most modern structure in the section of family structure. It can be said that this is one of the most significant change happened in society over the last few decades. It has been accepted well. The parent and children share happy bonding.

* Childless Family:

We always consider children when it comes to family, but some parents do not have a child. It can be their choice, or they are not able to have a child. These families are often forgotten because it does not fit into the conventional structure of society.

* Stepfamily or Blended Family:

Half of the marriages over the world end up in divorce. These individuals often marry again. Now children from previous marriage come to live with step-parent. There may be a stepbrother or sister too.

They all live together, and the family becomes a stepfamily or a blended family.

Extended family advantages and disadvantages:

The Advantages:

* Members help each other.
* They share feelings.
* They have someone to talk with whenever they are feeling stressed and worried about responsibilities.
* The people are your own. They care for your well being.
* You share great moments and memories. Those can put a bright smile on your face and provide you peace long after.

The Disadvantages:

* The family members know all your business. There is a lack of privacy.
* There may be conflicts that can go very wrong and dirty.
* Grandparents may interfere when they are not needed, along with their conservative thinking.

Extended family in a sentence

An extended family is a family that is needed in these days of loneliness and depressions. It is the reason why one should understand what the extended family is.

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