How To Fight With The Time When Love Kills?

When Love Kills

Can you die from loving someone too much? Many analysts have shown many circumstances when love kills. Even people can see many news reports of death causes for love.

Recently Rob Stein has posted a report at The Washington Post, where the researcher scientifically founded the 'die of love.' Mainly the article says that traumatic heartbreak is a strong reason for death (whether it's homicidal, suicidal, and accidental or health dysfunction).

The article says, first identify and then take action to fight.

Identify that time when love kills you:

According to the survey of NCRB, 28% of death has increased between 2001 – 2017 periods of time in India.

The WHO has posted one person attempts suicide in every 40seconds all over the world. 90% of suicides happen for mental causes, and a person is affected mentally mostly for love. So, can you die from lack of attention? Yes, if you underestimate the topic.

Very interestingly, the dying of love meme is another crucial reason for suicides for love. Such memes are inspiring others to take such a way to release the pain.
So, forget about I will love you until the day I die quotes or other dying love quotes for her and him, and consider the brief with attention.

Broken Heart:

Heart and mind, these two body parts are interlinked. The brain is the element that controls the heart. So, heartbreaking or loving someone by heart is being manipulated by the mind. Doctor Christopher Peterson explains the broken heart affected in this way.

People often fall in love, and falling in love doesn't have any control. It can happen anytime, anywhere. The sad part is a sudden affair is like buying a lottery. One doesn't know what is in his or her fate? So why depend on that so much?

Even though the relationship goes well for a while, the crest may fall on the head any day. Four things are required in a relation, protection, love, security, and peace. These four pillars have foundations. In most cases, people fall in love without judgment.

As a result of falling in love without judging is the cause of being deprived and dead. Unfortunately, 85% of people in India fall in love and then try to adjust and carry a long-term relationship.  

Broken Heart Symptoms:

Broken heart symptoms are many. Some are expressive, and some are non- expressive. Generally, the deprived side does some specific behavior.

* Searching for my girlfriend died quote
* Uttering the 'can you die from a broken heart lyrics in any preferable language' repeatedly.
* Trying to know heartbreak meaning from friends.
* Searching broken heart-related substances on websites.
* Consuming alcohol, drugs.
* Stop connecting with society.

So, these all are belonging to the expressive and non-expressive death for love symptoms.

Broken Heart Syndrome:

The shocking events like 'when someone you love dies' can push the person in a deep traumatic condition called a syndrome. Recognizing that the time (when love kills) is near has many ways. Here are two examples;

* An article of JAMA internal medicine says that the immediate risk after an emotional heartbreak is increasing cardiovascular rates. A quick heart attack can take life.
* Change of behavior like being timid suddenly stops talking, and sudden crying is the symptoms of strong mental effects of divesting. These are neurological effects. It stays in the subconscious mind and bursts unpredictably.
The person says, 'my husband died, and I want him back'. In such a case, the person is in love with a dead person for years. When some devastating heartache comes in life, it becomes tough to be recovered.

Can you die from a broken heart?

Many people have witnessed heartbreaking issues like losing a young daughter or son, death of wife or husband, parents' death, loss of a job, deprived by the parents, and others. Such people have survived and stayed a healthy life.

On the other hand, love kills many. A person just met with a girl, spent a few years together, and observed that the girl maintains a dual relation. The very next day, local police have found his body.

The police marked that he searched for do I have broken heart syndrome. So, the question is, 'how can you die from a heart attack' while the person has no heart problem?

Both types are in the world. It depends on the person how he or she deals with the situation. The dying problems are not merely related to heart problems or depression. It's a complicated issue that became a syndrome.

Die For Love

* Shakespeare's King Lear's death cause was the murder of his daughter Cordelia.
* Hamlet of Shakespeare died in search of the murderer of his father.
* In the same play, Ophelia died because Hamlet estranged her, and hamlet is killing her father.

Can you die from a broken heart when someone you love dies?

There are many classic examples of the die of love. The psychologist Veronica Fiske says that people start to feel that there is nothing in this world anymore.

Loss of hope, the realization of no activity, and the feeling of importance show a worthless me. In such a condition, the person cannot think with the brain, and the heart overpowers it. So, they believe whatever they are feeling is accurate, and it's the time when love kills.


There are many deep-seated reasons for losing hope after an emotional breakup with a loved one. Yet, life is like the Sea's water, everything would come on it and flow away, but the Seawater would remain to heal until it has dried up by Sun.  

Love Transcends Death Quotes

Charles Dickens compares the body in the grave with stars. So look at the sky at night and mark your beloved one among those stars.

Vincent Okay, Nwachukwu explained that what is in the grave is the body, and what is in our heart is the real love.

The doctors tell us to deal with emotional heartbreaks practically. Thus, the time when love kills somebody would come can be overpowered with lifelines.

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