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Breakup Counselling

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Amidst the complexities of existence, finding yourself weak and helpless is not so rare. Yet, every problem has a solution, no matter how mighty the problem appears. Come to us to heal those emotional wounds of losing a partner. Loss of self-esteem, anger, and denial are common during a breakup. When you seek breakup counseling, be assured that recovery is not so distant.

Causes of confusion amidst the sensitive times

Best Breakup Counselling

  • Does any chance of patching up remain?
  • What happens to the children, joint finances, and alimony?
  • Does the separation go to court or is mutually agreed upon?
  • A breakup affects other relationships with the family and friends circle
  • Temporarily it seems as if work or study will not be possible 
  • Confidence and a sense of worth have been lost it seems forever
  • The excruciating experience appears to be impossible to rebuild
  • Perhaps it is infidelity that is soul-shattering 
  • Anger, betrayal, and hatred prevent forgiveness 
  • Trust, love, and partnership appear to have departed from life
  • Though you desire a new relationship, how to go about it? 

Breaking away and finding life meanings afresh

The aftermath of breaking up could be a terrible experience! It all feels so empty inside, and nothing makes sense anymore. 

Lying half-dead in a stupor all day long? Maybe lost to the world and not eating or working? Storybooks and movies may have such lovelorn characters in plenty, but are they real? The love disease has broken many hearts, and nobody knows why?

The possibility of a reunion

Best Breakup Counselling

Break up is a heart-rending thing. Every Relationship has a history. This is why ending a relationship is painful. If love is on the verge of sickening and decay, then the partners may get devastated. That is why one should know how to fix a broken relationship. 

Love is an authentic but tender thing. It needs a lot of compassion and sharing of feelings.

Things best avoided

Time spent alone with the counselor, and even a change of place would work well after such a breakup. The avoid appears hellish for the moment after perhaps several years or decades of the relationship. Extended family members or close friends would offer moral support if disputes are involved, and you are in the right place. 

Getting rid of painful memories associated with the person would be best avoided. Objects and pictures, gifts, and the family album need to be put away or even destroyed if you consider that justified. Delete social media accounts that would remind of those better days. 

You do not wish to be reminded of those happy times spent long ago that soured later due to whatever reason. 

Avoid rushing into another relationship, however attractive it seems to be.

Don’t get into substance abuse of drugs and alcohol either. The mind is now confused or perhaps full of negative thoughts and feelings. Don’t rush into something violent that you might have to regret later. Breakup counseling will remind of the do and don’ts.

Benefits of breakup therapy

  1. The global affinity for the online world has intensified with the pandemic. Even earlier, a variety of businesses and also education. And the administration, research, and social media had moved online. Sheer ease that beats distance and expense makes the internet so convenient. Study or work, commerce, and shopping, the internet is a godsend.

  2. Rather than closed-door face-to-face breakup counseling sessions, opening up online once appeared unfeasible. Adjustments have happened, and machine learning and AI convince us that it is the best way to go. Tomorrow’s dream can still come true.

  3. Research proves that online breakup counseling is as effective as the physical presence with a little bit of faith and commitment. Agreed that the internet contains fraud, but so does the offline world. Choose the company and the counselor carefully with regards to reputations and licensing.

After the breakup

Best Breakup Counselling

Feelings and emotions should be expressed rather than bottled up deep inside. Writing could become the media of expression that you practiced in your school days. Pent-up emotions need to be put in the form of a story, poem, or diary entry. The pain and the grief behind the loss must find an adequate expression that brings a sense of relief. 

Some like to express themselves through the medium of painting or music.

Digital expression is nowadays standard. The mind is full of questions, but answers are hard to find. Finding stability and getting back to a productive life can be quite a trial. The response may be different across persons. Sentimental types may take longer to recover. The sooner normalcy is restored, the better. Adjustments to the absence will take some time. 

Accept reality and move on. It would help if you carried out regular responsibility, whether professional or family duties. Remain in touch with friends and well-wishers. Let them gossip and blame. Don’t be in a hurry to clear your name of any wrongdoing. A settlement and closure must be reached soon.

Our expertise

As licensed counselors, our team has a great responsibility towards society, especially in such sensitive matters. Profound experiences of counseling are an extension of academic achievements. Now that we have reached this far, we confidently extend support to those who need it. 

In principle and in practice, our counselors remain dedicated to preserving relationships rather than recommending disruptions like separation and divorce. In keeping with Indian traditions, we wish to maintain the sanctity of marriage and discourage breakups. If you feel that the relationship is in danger due to specific reasons, it is time to seek counseling as a preventive.

Services Offered

Best Breakup Counselling

Though it is hard to understand that most problems originate in the mind, we will help to find the source of conflict. Whether it is initially when relationship problems begin or at critical moments, we will remain by your side and extend moral support. If the worst has happened, during and after the breakup can become a harsh period that deserves careful handling. 

At such sensitive times, you need our sustained psychological support. Once the anguished thoughts and ideas are strengthened and the emptiness is replaced with things to do, healthy existence is not far away. We will work together towards a positive future in spite of the temporary quiet period. Avoid surrendering to negative thoughts. We will work together to find a way through the forest of grief. Dedicated breakup counseling is exactly what you need. 

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