Best Free Online Counselling Services India

Choose The Best Free Online Counselling Services India

Finally, you have taken the decision to seek help for the stress that is weighing you down daily. But where to start and how?

It is time you get to know about free online counselling. The therapy includes talking to a well-known specialist about your daily routine and leaves the rest to him. This therapy does wonders.

There are numerous websites that offer Free Online Counselling Services in India. A good one can help you start your journey to healing as soon as you decide to act. One such leading Online Counselling Service in India is offered by My Fit Brain.

Whether you have decided on your own initiative to meet with a therapist in India or have been given the recommendation to consult, most people do not know where to start their research. In fact, the Highest number of therapists compared to other provinces in online counselling India, so you might think that finding a therapist in India would be easy. With so many options available, where to start your research and how will you decide whom to start therapy with?

Get Online Counselling Services in India | Types of Counsellors and Therapist

Want to get online counselling, want to fix a meeting with counsellors and many more, you reach on the right place. Before finding the best online counselling, know what is counsellors or therapist and types of therapists.

 The term "therapist" is a general term that defines a wide variety of professionals specializing in the treatment of specific problems. For example, you could make an appointment to meet with a social worker, a counsellor, a marriage and family therapist, an art therapist or drama therapist, a psychotherapist, a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Confused? Each of these professions is different in terms of training and specialization. The type of therapist you are looking for will depend not only on the problem you are experiencing but also on your income and insurance coverage.


If you want to change something in your life or just want to explore your thoughts and feelings about a problem a little deeper, a counsellor might be the right choice. The helping relationship uses spoken therapy to focus on specific problems, bring about change in life's adjustment and promote well-being. The counsellors will help you develop an action plan to reconcile these issues or teach you how to better manage them. Some common consultation topics include addictions, bullying, illness, mental health, interpersonal relationships, trauma, career, and more.

Marriage and family therapist

If you are in a relationship or have questions that involve your family, you may be better advised to work with a professional specially trained to work with couples and / or families. You can find Indian marriage and family therapists mainly in private practice or in private clinics, such as the best Online counselling India. Some also work in units such as the Marriage and Family Therapy Service of the Hospital. Many therapists do not have the specific training to support families, therefore, TCF is often the best equipped to address and resolve the issues underlying this area.

Art therapist

People who are more sensitive to artistic expression may wish to work with an art therapist or drama therapist. These professionals use artistic tools and artistic expression, such as role-playing, to deal with individual and personal problems. They are often associated with therapy for children, but they are, in fact, very effective when used to work with young people and adults of all ages. Therapy using the creative process can help you reach different parts of yourself that may not be accessible through spoken therapy alone. In addition, creativity in itself can be therapeutic.


Psychotherapy uses a variety of psychological methods to help people change, overcome problems, improve their mental health, and alleviate certain problematic behaviours, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts or emotions in order to improve interpersonal relationships and social skills. Some aspects of psychotherapy can be related to the helping relationship, however, psychotherapists tend to work with a longer-term perspective and will explore recurring patterns, personal history, and current issues. In India, professionals such as social workers and counsellors can obtain a license to practice psychotherapy with additional theoretical and practical training.


People with severe mental disorders who would benefit from a combined approach to medication management and therapy will typically be referred to a psychiatrist by their family doctor or other professional. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in mental health and mental disorders. They often use medication to help their clients manage their mental health problems, especially since certain disorders particularly require medication (schizophrenia or certain types of depression, for example).

Choosing an online physical counselling therapist

Whether you want to meet with a social worker, counsellor, art therapist or drama therapist, psychotherapist or psychologist, your choice may be affected by the cost of therapy, wait times, and the urgency of the or problems. CLSC services to private clinics, which can be found online by Google search. Some employers provide health insurance coverage for mental health services. If this is the case, this cover may take the form of a specific monetary amount, cover a certain percentage of the cost of the fees or even cover a specific number of meetings. It is important to know the details of your coverage if you plan to use it for mental health services.

If you do not have private insurance coverage, your local CLSC (local community service centre) typically offers free services from a psychologist, social worker or other advisors on their team. The waiting period to meet with a mental health professional at the CLSC or any other service offered free of charge can vary from a few weeks to several months. It will depend on their waiting lists.

If your problem requires immediate attention, you can turn to private clinics in India which offer mobile scales to determine the fees, based on your income. Those with more limited total income will be offered a lower fee, which will make therapy in private a little more accessible.

Some tips in closing

It is important that you develop a good collaboration with your mental health professional. Don't be afraid to shop when it's time to decide whom you choose to work with. Especially if you believe that you will be working over a period of several months or more, you will want to feel comfortable and confident.

Hearing the therapist’s voice over the phone before setting up the first date is another option to make you feel comfortable. Some therapists will contact you by phone or give you the option of contacting them by phone to make an appointment. This will give you an idea of their personality, how they communicate and can answer any questions you may have about the online counselling India for therapy.

Finally, check the professional affiliations of the professional and, if you choose a professional working in private, ask him what type of receipt for insurance purposes will be issued. You will want to know exactly how much it will cost for meetings and that you will be working with a professional whose services will be reimbursed by your insurance.
All you do is choose your therapist and start your session.

There are various benefits that Online Counselling Services provide you. The biggest one being that of convenience. Anybody can use this service and from anywhere. It eliminates the excuses of lack of time to visit a therapist or unavailability of a counsellor.

Online Counselling Services also provides for confidentiality. No one needs to know that you are seeking online therapy. All you need is a comfortable space to carry out your session. No going to a therapist’s office. It also maintains anonymity options. You do not have to reveal who you are or where you are from.

Another benefit of online counselling service is the unlimited reach. Your therapist may not be from your city, and yet you can take advantage of quality online counselling.

Online Counselling Services also help the physically challenged. It makes it easy for them to reach a therapist and discuss all that is disturbing them.

You can plan your Online Counselling Session at a time convenient to you. Another benefit you get is affordability. Online therapy is cost-effective and pocket-friendly.

These benefits make it possible to talk to your therapist of even the most intimate issues that could be causing your stress.

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  • Recommended

    Neha Mehta

    Consultant Psychologist, Mental Health Professional

    Location: India

    Language: English, Hindi, Punjabi

    Consultation starts from

    Rs. 1000.00/30min

  • Recommended

    Asees Kaur

    Consultant Psychologist

    Location: N/A

    Language: English, Hindi, Punjabi

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    Rs. 500.00/30min

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    Dr Abhishek Chugh

    Neuro Psychiatrist, Sexologist

    Location: Rohtak

    Language: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Haryanvi

    Consultation starts from

    Rs. 1500.00/30min

  • Recommended

    Tanishka Pathak

    Counselor, Counseling Psychologist

    Location: N/A

    Language: English, Hindi

    Consultation starts from

    Rs. 1000.00/30min