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Relationship Counselling

Searching relationship coach for relationship counseling near you? My Fit Brain has best relationship therapist/consultant for relationship counselling in India.

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Relationship Counselling

Know about relationships!

Relationships are a beautiful part of life, give it more strength with My Fit Brain.

Even once in a lifetime, everyone comes into a relationship. Many times get along very well and do not face any problems but some couples don't have a healthy relationship. Relationship counselling helps to offer such couples a chance to see through their relationship and each other and give it a chance. Not only this, but couples with no issues also take counselling to make their relationship stronger. With counselling sessions, you can mend your relationship and spend life together. Let's know about what are the common issues that make a relationship weak.

Problems in Relationship

It is not easy to maintain a relationship. When two different personalities, of different regions, places, environments, and thoughts come together, it is very obvious that there will be a time when they will disagree on some issues, they will fight a little bit and argue with each other. This all will only ruin your relationship. Here are some reasons why any relationship comes to an end.

  • You and your partner may face misunderstandings in a relationship.
  • A lot of arguments between couples.
  • Both you and your partner are not communicating properly.
  • Spending less quality time with each other.
  • Lack of trust and respect towards each other.
  • Affairs outside of a relationship or cheating on your partner.
  • Lack of intimacy - socially, mentally, emotionally, physically.

How Can You Maintain A Healthy Relationship?

Long-term relationships are the result of a healthy relationship!

If you want a long-term relationship accompanied by happiness and love, then having a healthy relationship is very important. Maintaining a healthy relationship is not easy but both of the partners should be persistent and have the motive of living together. Making a relationship healthy and fruitful is much more difficult than coming together and making promises. Here are some of the ways to make relationships healthy.

  • Try to be honest with your partner always.
  • Keep communicating even though you are not on good terms, never give up speaking to each other.
  • Always trust your partner and give respect to each other.
  • Try to give each other little surprises and make them laugh.
  • Try to understand the thoughts and perspectives of each other.
  • Look at each other's situation and try to step in their shoes.
  • Visit a relationship counsellor if you cannot resolve the matters of your relationship.

Do You Need Relationship Counselling Sessions To Make Your Relationship Work?

Online counseling can surely help you to resolve issues in your relationships. These days online counselling has gained a positive response from people worldwide. Online counselling has become reliable like any conventional form of counseling and therapy. Online therapy provides the same result as any walk-in therapy session would provide you. Online counselling works on clearly understanding your issues and providing the best possible solutions to deal with them.

Moreover, if you feel you have issues in your relationships that can not be solved by you then you should seek the help of online counselling.

  • Online counselling is as safe as any walk-in counselling session. The identity is kept secret.
  • You can contact your therapist either by call, message, or video call.
  • You can attend the sessions from wherever you are comfortable.
  • The sessions are very much private as it is in any normal counselling session.

Online counselling sessions are effective and efficient and many people are turning towards it.

How Can My Fit Brain Help You Have A Healthy Relationship?

With My Fit Brain make your relationship strong.

My Fit Brain is an online platform that focuses on giving online counselling sessions to individuals, partners, families, groups, children, and many more. We look forward to providing therapy sessions for issues like a breakup, depression, relationship, stress, anxiety, and many more. Further, we aim at giving counselling sessions for different mental health issues and other psychological issues. My Fit Brain provides you with the best therapist who helps you out to resolve the problems persisting in your relationship and also focuses on giving you satisfying results at the end of the sessions. Here is how My Fit Brain helps you:

  • Our therapists work on helping you understand the issue and finding solutions to resolve it.
  • You learn to understand each other in a much better way.
  • You try to look at the situation from each other's perspectives.
  • You communicate more and learn about what you want from the relationship.

Moreover, you can accept each other with a broad mind and also develop respect for each other. This is how My Fit Brain works on getting your relationship on track.

Find Out How We Work

We at My Fit Brain work towards the betterment of your life and make sure that you live a happy and free life. We have a smooth and easy booking procedure.

  • Fill in the questionnaire provided.
  • Choose the therapist from the list.
  • Book the session and your therapy starts!

We work on making sure that you and your partner both resolve their issues and try to understand each other's feelings and thoughts.

Look For Your Therapist

Find out the best therapist, here at My Fit Brain!

Here are some of our best therapists who work on providing quality counselling services so that you can resolve your issues. We have trained and qualified professionals with experience.

Relationships are to be adored and cared for. Even if there are some issues between you and your partner, resolving them and trying to understand each other's point of view can lead up to the development of a healthy and blossoming relationship. With My Fit Brain, you can try to mend your relationship and reignite the spark and passion that once existed. You can book your sessions here!

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  • Recommended

    Dr. Neha Mehta

    Consultant Psychologist

    Location: Hisar, India

    Language: English, Hindi, Punjabi

    Consultation starts from

    Rs. 1,500.00/30min*

  • Recommended

    Anujaa Navaratnaa

    Counseling Psychologist

    Location: Mumbai, India

    Language: English, Hindi, Marathi

    Consultation starts from

    Rs. 1,500.00/30min*

  • Recommended

    Tamanna Sachdeva

    Child Psychologist

    Location: New Delhi, India

    Language: English, Hindi, Punjabi

    Consultation starts from

    Rs. 350.00/30min*

  • Recommended

    Tushar Vimala Balakrishna

    Consultant Psychologist

    Location: Bangalore, India

    Language: English, Hindi, Kannada

    Consultation starts from

    Rs. 1,000.00/30min*