How to Fall in Love with Your Life? | Happiness Counselling

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Yogendra Singh Rathore Happiness 03 Feb 2021
How to Fall in Love with Your Life? | Happiness Counselling

“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent on how you respond to it”, says Ernest Hemingway. Life is a gift.  Appreciate it and love it. It is a journey filled with people, experiences, emotions, heartbreaks, and love. In India, it is believed that the soul is immortal and changes the body just the way we change clothes. We all are on our journey to the Ultimate  Power. So it is important that we appreciate every moment of life, love our life, and live it to the fullest.


“Dance Like nobody's Watching

Love like you’ve never been hurt

Sing like no one is listening

Live like it is heaven on Earth”

Tips for Falling in love with your Life:

a girl enjoying the moment in a beautifully sunny day

According to a Clinical Psychologist at My Fit Brain

  1. Live in the Moment: This is the most important tip if you wish to fall in love with your life. Enjoy every little work you are doing daily, maybe having a cup of coffee, reading a newspaper, having breakfast, etc. Constantly thinking of the previous activity or the next one takes away the joy of small acts in our life.
  2. Give Honest Compliment: If you appreciate anything about give him/her an honest compliment. Not only will it bring joy to your heart but also a beautiful smile on someone else’s face.
  3. Be Affirmative towards Yourself:  Do not wait for others to appreciate and lift your mood, or compliment or appreciate you. Set achievable goals and compliment and motivate yourself. For example, if you are trying to give up junk food, set a goal of avoiding it for a week. Once you achieve it, treat yourself with a small pastry.
  4. Speak to an Unknown Person:  We meet a lot of people every day; on the road, in the garden, in the lift, or on the stairs, on the train or metro. Use these moments to talk to them. It might bring a smile to your face or theirs. It will give you an extra reason to be happy at the end of your day.
  5. Travel Often - “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, says... So take some time out from your daily routine, your job, and go on trips with family and friends. This will break the chain of your monotonous life and help get quality time with your near and dear ones. Undoubtedly this will make you fall in love with your life.
  6. Be Grateful: Spare a few minutes every day to meditate and connect with your inner self. Thank the Power of the Universe for everything you have. Appreciate the little things in life. The use of words like “Please & Thank You”, will not only make the people around you happy but also help in appreciating your life more. 
  7. Make a Wish List: Take a diary and make a wish list of things you want to achieve, own, or do; like underwater diving, paragliding, a night stay in the middle of a forest, rafting,  etc. Whenever you feel low, or unhappy, just go through it and it will immediately uplift your mood and let you fall in love with your life all again.
  8. Broaden Your Mindset: You will meet all kinds of people in your life. Some will like you, love you and some might dislike you. Some will be rude to you, even your family and friends at times. They might speak harsh words to you. Do not take everything to heart. According to a psychologist “ Forgive & forget, is the key rule for a happy life”, says a psychologist at My Fit Brain.
  9.  Quality Time with Friends & Family: Always make it a point to spend quality time with your near and dear ones. This will keep you happy and motivated day in and day out. Our loved ones are a great asset to us. They lift us when we fall and applaud when we win.
  10. Spend Time with Yourself: Last but not the least, love yourself, accept yourself the way you are. Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. Respect yourself. “ Join a hobby class like painting, drawing, sculpting, dancing, singing few minutes to lift yourself every day”, says a life Coach at My Fit Brain

I hope these points help you lead a happier life. We live once, so live every moment, cherish every bit of it. Live it the way you want your life’s story to be written. Though as humans, we all will make mistakes, so we should learn to forgive ourselves. No one is perfect and no life is.  “Live a happy life, not a perfect one”.

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