What Is The Importance Of The Family?

Neha Mehta
Marriage & Relationship

23 Jan 2021
Family Counseling

"FAMILY" is the most important thing that happens to one's life. It teaches all the aspects of life and also how to lead it. Without a strong family unit, there are several backlashes for an individual to face in this harsh world. Its importance starts right from birth and lasts till the end. For a child and an adult, family plays a crucial role in facing the world.

What is the backbone of a person?

No one can thrive without having a proper family upbringing and moral support. It works as the backbone of an individual who shines in the mere future. There will be no one beside you except your family, who will direct you on the correct path. Apart from this, the importance of the family is immense. In this article, you will have a perfect piece of knowledge of why family is important.

If you have a family, you are one of the luckiest people in the entire world. In this world, several individuals do not even have a family or a proper family upbringing. Family means the love and support of both parents. Millions of people around the world cannot experience the love of both parents due to internal commotions.

Individuals who have the support of both mother and father are considered to be the luckiest. A single parent sacrifices many things to make ends meet. But for individuals who have the support of their mother and father, do not need to worry about anything in the world. The father protects the family from all the external matters and the mother from internal mostly.

Here are some of the reasons and the crucial roles that a family plays in one's life. These are the most common and also important roles that help a child to grow.

a child putting his hand in elders hand

1. Excellent and Effective Values

- The world is harsh for those who do not have proper moral values and also support in their life. Individuals can automatically get carried away to the wrong path. This path ends you up at nowhere. Excellent and effective morale value starts with the family. The attitude and the superb upbringing is the mirror reflection of the family culture.

The way a family leads life is the same way an individual has choices. Hundreds of ill-influence await that will lead to a harsh path. Going under bad and ill-influence merely takes a single wrong decision. But for creating a practical moral value and positive outlook towards life, take almost one-third. Peer pressure is one of the most toxic things children and adults face in their lives.

The courage to say "no" comes with a good upbringing. Your family teaches you to choose and distinguish between the "right" and "wrong." As a parent, you must prepare your ward about good morale and useful aspects of life right from birth. Good morale must be the habit, and for this, it takes almost decades. Little by little, as the ward grows up, they will understand and distinguish between good and evil. It is one of the foremost reasons why family is important.

5 family members joining hands

2. Physical as well as Emotional Backup 

The family provides food, clothes, and shelter to the child. For easy-going in life, these are the most crucial needs. As a child, these cannot be self-provided. Apart from this physical backup, emotional support is a must. A child does not have the strength to tackle all the psychological problems. Some individuals commit suicide due to the lack of emotional support from their families. The needs of the individual are explained in the theory of Maslow's Hierarchy.

In this theory, the physical need of the individual to run life is in the lower spot. It means the emotional support and strength is the most crucial aspect that parents provide. Parents need to understand that only providing food, shelter, and other physical needs is not the essential thing. But they must also be on their ward's side and look from their aspect to understand mental health.

For understanding the emotional needs, the parents must indulge themselves with quality talking with their child after an age controlling an adult is impossible. As a parent, if you teach moral values, they can easily restrict themselves. That is why online psychologists prescribe spending a particular amount of time with the children. Having a proper discussion about the day helps adolescents relax from the upsurging tension of studies, peer pressure, and bullies.

a father teaching her daughter

3. Understanding the Child's Need 

A child can only speak up for their parents' needs. It is because they feel safe and secure. Giving a stable and relaxing mind is the utmost duty of a parent that helps to raise a child. When children see that they are backed up for good cause and needs, they will automatically generate a positive vibe in themselves.

But as a parent, you need to keep in mind that agreeing to all the requirements even they are useless is not justifying.
When children see that all their needs are fulfilled, they will not work hard. For this, you need to talk and make them understand the usefulness of hard work in life. Pampering and providing necessary needs have a thin line between them. It must be controlled by the parents to make their child shine in the future and be self-dependent.

Parents and families must also indulge themselves in the day to day life of their ward. That helps in better understanding. When a child grows up, they are not comfortable to speak with their parents. But if you have a friendly relation, and teach them their limits, they will quickly confront everything. Thus it is clear why family is important.

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