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Sanjukta Khaund

Mental Health Professional

Area Of Expertise : Child Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Parenting, Self Improvement, Panic Attacks, Adolescent Counselling, Mental Health, Motivation, Life Mentor, OCD, Over Thinking, Family Counseling

Language : English, Hindi, Assamese

Gurgaon, India

Sanjukta's clients quote her empathetic, non-judgemental nature, thought-provoking questioning, and a strong ability to understand and communicate, as the major reasons why they enjoy working with her. Her certifications include a Diploma in Counselling, Diploma in Applied Psychology, NLP Master Practitioner, CBT Practitioner, & ICF Certified Coach.  Sanjukta is proficient in helping clients overcome challenges in Personal Growth, Professional Development, Parenting, Life Transition, and Adolescence. She is a collaborative, solution-focused, client-centered Helping Practitioner, and through this approach, she provides tools and practical feedback to help clients build on their strengths and navigate their way through life’s challenges to attain the goals that they are committed to achieving. Her Objectives:          Enable individuals to unleash unlimited potential & achieve strategic life goals.          Enable to eliminate habitual negative thinking.          Enable to explore options, challenge disbelief, agree to action & hold to account.          Provide a non-judgmental, safe, dedicated space, and time. So, whether you are an adolescent, looking for support to thrive during your developmental transition; a college student looking to improve your social life or your career prospects; a professional looking for advancement within your career; a person looking to adapt to life’s changes & redefine yourself; or a parent trying to raise kids or balance work & life - If you are committed to creating a more fulfilling and meaningful life, she looks forward to working with you.

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