When Can A Child Sit In The Front Seat

Neha Mehta

23 Jan 2021
When Can A Child Sit In The Front Seat

The safety of your ward is the most important, and therefore the professionals recommend several tips and directions. When the child is above 13 years, you can let them have a front seat. Children have craved for the front seats, and therefore it depends upon you to convince them.

Due to the several breaks in this rule, several governments have made this a practice. Many countries charge fine when anyone violets the rule. Kindly read this article because you can learn when a child can sit in the front seat and the essential details about it.

What are the Dangers Involving in the Front Seat?

The front seat of the car is very prone to accidents. From several studies, the car manufacturers have found out that mostly the front passengers are hurt. Nowadays, car companies all over the world make airbags for drivers and front passengers as well. But the position of the airbag is active only when the passenger is at least 5 feet tall.


With the height, the weight of the passengers also counts. The minimum weight of the front passenger must be over 155 pounds. Even when the child wears a seat belt, the jerk of the airbag can hurt them. Only when there is a certain amount of collision, the airbags deploy with a thud. Sometimes the thud hampers the adult, so it is very risky for a child to sit on the front seat.

After a certain age, the skull gets too rigid to break only with a jolt. But the skull of a child is not so developed. And thus, there is every possibility that the child will get affected the most. There are some tips that you should remember even when your child attains 13 years of age. Read the below tips:

  • Teach your child to wear a seat belt every time. And thus make it their habit to do so.
  • Slide the front seat to the furthest extent. It will help to save face as the airbags deploy.
  • Give proper car lessons. Ask them to wear seat belts always, and to lean back on the seat. Do not be close to the dashboard. When an accident occurs, these tips will be fruitful for you.

Why did the Government make this rule Compulsory?

There are several instances where the car owner does not follow the rule, and therefore this rule has been made compulsory. But the parents should know that these rules will directly benefit them. Some parents allow their ward to take the front seat, even before 13 years, and charge the Government for the loss. It is why the road safety sector of the Government costs if anyone breaks the rule.

The government officials recommend following specific road rules that will save your future. After reaching age 13, the child is allowed to sit on the front but must be following particular rules. Countries like Dubai, the UK, the USA, and many others, charge a considerable amount of fines. This process helped them to control this situation and also reduce the life loss of a child. Till now, it must be clear when a child can sit in the front seat?

From different states, the Government has found that accidents often occur from the front. And even a small accident can harm your ward the most. The children are prone to the effect of the accident because the jerk of the airbag hits the brain. An adult can easily survive the jerk or the thud, but children are critical to these. So it depends entirely on the parents to ensure the safety of their child.

When your ward is going to school, make sure that they are sitting on the back seat of the car. Ask the chauffeur not to let your child sit on the front at any cost. It will help to keep your ward safe and sound on the road.


Different Life Ages and Safety

It is the most crucial part, and you should pay complete attention. All the parents should know the exact life stage of their children and seating rules. Life stages differ when it comes to the car seat for the toddlers. Remember not to put the rear-facing seat where the airbags can deploy. If it is not possible anyway, then it is wise and recommended to disable the airbags at the foremost. Now let’s see the different life stage:

  • From birth till age 2- Children must have their seats in the rear-facing car until they acquire perfect age. Avoid them to seat on the front unless they reach age 2 and 45 pounds. It is the minimum age and weight limit. During this age, a simple jerk or shock from the airbag can be dangerous. Their skull is not developed to survive the shock. There are some individual cushions for the newborn to age two that will keep them in a place and keep safe from any accidents.
  • From ages 2 to 8- At this stage, you can let them have a seat on the forward-facing chair. But remember, if there is no need, you can continue to make them sit on the rear-facing position. Nowadays, it is compulsory on the part of the parent to take them for a ride with all these rules and individual seats. The child must be 45 to 65 pounds in weight at this stage.
  • From age 8 to 12- Now you need to place a belt-positioning booster seat for your child. It will help to keep them safe from any accidents. After they reach a height of 5 feet, make them sit on these special seats.

Now it is apparent, and you have your answer when a child can sit in the front seat? These rules and regulations must be followed at any cost.

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