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What is Comparative Psychology & Career Opportunities in India - 2021

Comparative psychologists
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Do You want to Know About Comparative Psychology? How & Where Comparative psychologists work? All these types of Questions are arising in Your mind about Comparative Psychology.

Today, I am going to tell You about Comparative Psychology and I hope I will clear Your all queries related to Comparative Psychologists.

What is Comparative Psychology?

Comparative means, as it shows from the name itself. Comparing any two things is called Comparative Psychology. So here You will study human behavior and animal behavior as compared. It is considered to be different from animals due to the behavior of humans.

Psychologists research what makes Human behavior different from animals. Animals are loyal compared to Human beings. Opportunities are wide because You can work in a zoo where You will have to know about animal behavior.

This will work as an experience for a Psychologist. Many of you will start as a freelancer with your own scheduled life as you studied with yourself. Employment in the research team of laboratory and in university campuses also, It will also increase your knowledge and Experience.

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What Comparative psychologists actually do?

What Comparative psychologists actually do

Comparative Psychologist also has to work on Communication, Social and sensory level of different animal groups. They have to apply all the research on animal behavior and human behavior for their well-being.

Most Psychologists will come into the teaching field for the benefit of the new generation.

How to Become a Comparative Psychologist?

How to Become a Comparative Psychologist

In all fields of Psychology, You need knowledge and experience. To become a Comparative Psychologist you need to have educations and experience in animal and human behavior study. A bachelor's degree in Psychologist and degree of a doctorate is enough to become a comparative psychologist but you have personal experience of employment before opening Your personal clinic.

Most of the colleges and universities do not have a degree in Comparative Psychologist, So You will have to do research to become a Comparative Psychology.

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Some Colleges and Universities offers Comparative Psychology Courses

In a Survey of 2014, I learned about the Undergraduate courses in 650 academic institutes. Only 82 Courses in India offer an undergraduate course in Comparative Psychology. This number of institutes is only estimated in a Survey because we can not exactly determine the number of colleges and institutes that taught Comparative Psychology.

Although, these two Programmes “Psychology Career Centre” and “Western Washington University” will provide a facility of Comparative Psychology.

Salary of a Comparative Psychologist

According to foreign countries, the Salary of a Comparative Psychologist is very high because there You will find low competition in this particular psychological field.

In India comparing with foreign countries salary is very low, According to a Survey, the average salary per year is the following:

Career/Job Title

Average Salary
CDOC HC $39,000
Health Services Analyst $102,000
CDOC HP $56,000
Senior Research Data Analyst $53,000
Cyso $49,000
Professor of English $61,000
Reading Instructor $61,000
Client Liaison $35,000

Final Words:

Thorndike's work with cats, Pavlov's work with dogs, and Skinner's work with pigeons are just some of the examples of comparative psychology in which behavioral study of animals can provide insights into human behavior.

you can pursue study in this field.

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