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How to Convince Parents for Love Marriage?

Even if the days when parents arranged marriage for their children are definitely over in our society, the parental view is still important for two people who plan to share their lives. Unfortunately, quite often, two lovers have to deal with the reluctance and/or resistance of the family of one or the other or of both families at the same time. This is a delicate situation that must be carefully circumscribed in order to contain the multiple conflicts that could result.

Faced with parental reluctance or resistance, how do you get your loved one to accept your family? This is a difficult question to which many lovers are subjected without ever knowing how to go about it. And yet, there are many tricks to manage without problems the situations

A romantic relationship doesn't often involve just two people. Behind these two actors hides a whole social environment whose influence is not negligible. As a result, the family constitutes a social institution with a strong impact in the management of a romantic relationship. Hence the many recriminations of the genre.

This is a complicated step for many long-distance relationships.

And unfortunately, like most people, there is a very good chance that your parents have a fairly negative opinion of this type of relationship.

It is for this reason that I receive a lot of emails and messages asking me how to solve this problem.

How to tell them?

It is true that one can manage to overcome the judgment of friends or acquaintances, or even ignore it if necessary, but as a general rule parental acceptance exceeds this level and constitutes an essential step to go to the next level in long-distance love.

And this is no small task.

The fact is that this is a real work of persuasion that must take place, in order to make your parents realize that your relationship is healthy and legitimate.

Here are 3 steps to follow in order to convince your parents (or those of your partner) to accept your long-distance relationship!

1. Understand what concerns them

The key to responding to their objections is to listen to the first and try to understand your parents' main fears, to see where it is blocking.

It is very likely that by listening to them you will realize that:

They think your relationship is not serious at all

Worse, they think the person you consider to be your partner is a killer/predator/criminal (your choice)

And this is all the more true if your relationship was born on the Internet.

However, try to change your point of view: if you were in the same situation as your parents, would you not react in exactly the same way to the announcement of this news?

Yes, I can guarantee it.

This is precisely what we want to prove. You will seek to put yourself in their place and show empathy for them so that they realize that you are not naive or blinded by love.

Concretely, tell them opposite that you would have the same concerns if the roles were reversed, but that there is absolutely no reason to worry since you are both sincere, mature and who is loved passionately.

2. Reassure them

Now that we know that your parents surely think that this relationship can be futile, harmful or even risky for you, you have to reassure them by proving that, on the contrary, you are the ideal couple.

It goes without saying, parents want to know that their child is in good hands and will not be negatively influenced or hurt.

In other words, parents need to know that your partner is someone GOOD and trustworthy.

To do this, as you might have guessed, the easiest way to convince them is for your partner to speak to them directly, either in person.

And here the challenge is that your partner gives your parents a very good first impression.

This means that your partner must:

Pay attention to body language and show confidence

Be kind, courteous and friendly

Be curious and give them the importance

Talking about yourself and your relationship

Prove that you are happy together.

Marriage is something important in your life. It is a serious institution and everyone has the right to choose their soulmate regardless of caste, principle or color.

It will help if your parents are already familiar with the person you love and have a good impression. If not, have them meet this person at least once in an informal setting before telling them you want to get married.

Make sure you both introduce the other to your family as a caring and caring person. Do not present him as your partner right away. Let your family know the person. Be careful to make a good impression by always being attentive. Let all of your cousins know who you get along with and whom you can trust that you are in love with and that you need their support when the time comes. After a few months, your respective families will know your partner and when you tell them that he/she is your perfect half and that you want to get married they will not stress too much because they will know you both and they will feel the same as you regarding your married life.

How To Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage

Convince your parents by making them meet with him/her

To convince your parents the first step is to make them meet your girlfriend/boyfriend. This meeting purpose will be to create your own parents this perfect

husband/wife they will do it for you. Train your girlfriend/boyfriend so before this assembly (Warning: I am not talking about putting a false face on your own parents, I am just on your parents insisting on need when they meet with them to put their best feet forward .).

If you are able to use this assembly to impress your parents that he/she is an ideal match for you, it will be simple for them to convince you of a love marriage with him.

Convince your parents by creating a reciprocal association

An even better thing to do would be to present your daughter/man to your parents as a friend of yours, at least every year before intending to marry. Help your parents get to know each other and understand each other. You talk about someone your parents understand later when you put the issue of union with them. So convincing your parents that they understand and so long would not be much more difficult.

Convince your parents by giving live examples

Mention these cases, saying how to be in a relationship with someone for a while before the union is important to judge therefore creating a better opportunity to have a happy life and common compatibility, which brings me to the vital point.

Convince your parents on the basis of compatibility.

Compatibility goes far beyond horoscopes, caste, food customs, family history, and fiscal capacity. It will depend on the types of characters, beliefs, tastes and approaches to the relationship, etc. And these things can never even be tried without spending at least two years in an active relationship with one another (that you are all fine).

Convince your parents of your love marriage mentioning common psychological requirements that are essential.

Choosing a man or a girl with whom you plan to spend your life implies reconciling different personalities, those of your parents and your lover. Your family may hate your choice. Faced with this situation, reaching a consensus would save your love for one and the other. No one is held to the impossible, it may sometimes be necessary to let time do its work.

If you are a classic couple, whether the family of your partner is rather traditional or that in general, you appreciate this custom, here are some missteps to avoid when confronted with the parents of your friend!

1. Wait until the last minute

Do not wait until the day before the wedding to drop by your in-laws! Tradition has it that a man goes to his stepfather to ask for his daughter's hand before he even asks his partner. You are of course not obliged to respect this custom to the letter. On the other hand, you will have to do it early enough to show your parents-in-law that their opinion counts.

2. Warn others before parents

Likewise, avoid telling your friends before your parents. You may be very close to a cousin, co-worker, childhood friend, etc. But generally make sure to talk to your parents and parents-in-law first about your marriage plans. By telling a friend about the news, he or she could circulate the information that would come back to your parents-in-law before you even have time to make your request.

Asking for your partner’s hand doesn’t have to be awkward from the moment you know your parents well. In this case it will be a simple formality and even a nice time of complicity in their company. On the other hand, if you have never had the opportunity to get to know your in-laws, the task will be more emb3. Not knowing your parents-in-law

arrassing. You don't ask for your spouse's hand when you meet your parents for the first time! Arrange to spend a few moments with them before you go ahead and ask them the fateful question.

4. Not learning about family customs

Better to know who you're dealing with before saying a word! Try to gather some information about the habits of your in-laws. Are your parents-in-law simple, laid back, traditional, who share good manners and good manners? Adapt to their style so as not to hit them and prepare your request according to their character and how they work.

5. Do not bring a gift

There is, of course, no question of buying the affection of your parents-in-law. On the other hand, little attention will always be welcome to relax the atmosphere and make the atmosphere even warmer. A pretty bouquet of roses, chocolates, a good bottle of wine, the gift doesn't have to be extravagant, just to show your affection for your spouse's family.

Avoid telling them that you will take care of the preparations for your wedding alone. Instead, offer them this opportunity to get involved in the organization by helping you, for example, to set up a beautiful wedding room decoration. Your parents-in-law will thus feel involved in this new project and not left out of this new life that you are going to build together.

Did you ask for the hand of your future wife to her parents? Are your own parents also warned of the big news? So that's it, you can start sharing your happiness more widely around you and prepare your wedding invitations to invite all of your loved ones to this beautiful event.


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