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Give Your Children Freedom to Choose Their Career

There are so many reasons why you should allow your children to make their own career decisions. Let us know what are these reasons.

Tamanna Sachdeva Parenting 14 May 2022
Give Your Children Freedom to Choose Their Career
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Choosing the right career decision is very important and just like every other parent you must be concerned about your children's future. But, at the same time, you need to understand and allow your children to make their own career decisions. Yes, being a parent you will always choose the best things for your children. But, there are higher chances that the field you are recommending to your child is not a matter of interest for your child. Here, being a good parent should try to understand your children's point of view and instead of demotivating them, forcing them. It will surely lead you to better things and improve your parent-child bond. There are so many reasons why you should allow your children to make their own career decisions. Let us know what are these reasons. So, it becomes easier for you to provide your children with the necessary freedom and understand the fact why is choosing the right career important for your child. 

Reasons To Give Your Children The Freedom To Choose Their Careers

1. Every Child Has The Right to Choose

Today, we are living in our 20s where every child has the right to choose a career. You should not force your children to perceive something you want them to do. Try to understand their wishes and interests. They need to have basic rights to choose whichever field they want to live a happy life. If you will cut their feathers and do not provide them with the freedom they are asking for. They won't be able to fly. So, provide your children with the freedom to choose Career.

2. Trust Your Child That They Can Make The Right Choice


You should always trust your child that he/she is going to make the right decisions only. Because being a parent it is your responsibility to trust and support your children in their highs and lows. No matter what your relatives and other world think about the potential your child has. But, you should never doubt their decisions. It will give them the power to fight with the world and prove everyone wrong. So, be a strength to your children, give them the  right to choose a career and trust them that they are going to shine like the twinkling stars.

3. Your Child Will Get to Know About Themselves

This is a major reason to allow your children to make their own career decisions. Many children don't know what are their goals, why are they doing something, what is the purpose of living their life, etc. So, when they are allowed to make career decisions, they will get to know about themselves by introspecting about what is good for them and whatnot, what are they interested in and whatnot. Which is very important for them to live a happy and a better life. So, provide them with freedom to choose Career to let them know about themselves.

4. He/She Will Follow Their Interests

Interests matters a lot when it comes to choosing your career. If you won't be interested in something you won't be able to do it properly. You will feel absent-minded every time and start living a sad life. Which may also lead to mental issues like depression, anxiety and a lot more. For example - If your child wants to take arts but you force him/ her to choose science. Then, they are going to feel demotivated. 

5. Your Child Will be The Happiest to Follow His/Her Passion


According to various research, it is being found that the person who follows his / her passion lives the happiest life. For example - If you love dancing. You will be happier to take dancing as a career rather than perceiving something else you are not interested in. So, if you want your child to be happiest in their life then let them perceive whatever they want to.

6. Understand That Opportunities Are Abundant

Many parents hold misconceptions that doctorate or engineering are only degrees which will provide their child with greater success. But, this is not at all correct. Keep this mind that opportunities and fields are abundantly available for your children to choose from. And if you allow your children to make career decisions on their own then they are going to achieve the best things and get a huge success in their field. Don't be bound to 2-3 career options because there are numerous options one can choose from. And give your children  freedom to choose career choice.

7. Live Life Without Regrets


If you want your children to live / her life without any regrets. So, you should allow them to perceive whichever field they want. Keep this in mind if you won't allow your children to choose the field they want. They will always live with the regret that I would have lived a better life if I had followed my dream. So, you should always provide freedom to choose career choice.

8. Remember, Falling is Not a Sin

Many parents commit this mistake. If they have allowed their children to make a career decision in the past. But, if he/ she couldn't make the right decision then they are not allowed to take any further decisions. But, it is completely wrong. Understand that it is ok to make wrong decisions. You will learn to make better lessons when you commit mistakes. A good parent is the one who supports their child to make decisions again by providing them freedom to choose career path  instead of making them lose their morale and make them feel demotivated that they are not capable enough to make decisions. 

9. Your Child Will Not Feel Pressurised


One of the major causes of not allowing your child to make decisions related to a career is that it will make them feel pressurised. For example - If you want your child to become an engineer but he is more interested in sports. And you are not allowing him with the freedom to choose career in life. Suppose, you are going to make him choose engineering as a career, something in which is not interested, then your children will feel pressured. And sometimes the pressure is so big that it may lead your child to severe mental problems like stress, anxiety, depression and whatnot. And according to various researches, it is also being found that the reason behind the number of students committing suicide is due to the pressure of studies. So, it is a sign of a good parent to allow their children the freedom to choose career path. 

10. Will Have Better Success

One of the best reasons to allow your children to make their own career decisions is that they will have better success if the field is of their interest. Let us take an example of M.S Dhoni, he was asked by his father to be a ticket collector and if he would have stopped playing cricket and been a ticket collector then he wouldn't have been this successful and famous in his life. Keep this in mind, you won't be successful in the field you are not interested in. So, provide your children with the right to choose  a career and enjoy seeing them succeed.


So, here in this article we have discussed a few reasons to give your children the freedom to choose career in life. If you are still struggling and are not able to help your children out then recruit career counselling sessions from My Fit Brain. 

Stay tuned for more updates like this on My Fit Brain's Website.

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