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How to Handle Criticism in Life?

Are you often being criticised by people? You should learn to take criticism positively. So, let us now know what is criticism?

Sejal Davey Special Education 27 Mar 2022
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How do you handle criticism? Are you often being criticized by people? And it is affecting you a lot? If yes then there's no need to worry about anything anymore. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss what is criticism and how can you handle criticism? To live a happy and peaceful life one needs to learn how to handle negative criticism. At some point in time, everybody has to face criticism. People nowadays criticize others very easily. Based on color, gender, clothes you are wearing, or things you are doing. One thing you should always keep in mind is that no matter what you do people will say some or another thing about you. You should learn to take criticism positively. So, let us now know what is criticism?

What is Criticism?

To learn how to handle criticism firstly you need to understand what is critical is. It is a kind of comment passed by people. It may be because of what you are doing, because of your skin color, gender, or whatever. Regardless of the reasons why you are criticized. The point is at some or other point in time you need to go through criticism; it may happen at your workplace, in school, or at a family function. It is very necessary to learn how to handle criticism. So, let us know what are ways to handle the criticism.

How to Handle Criticism?

You need to learn how to handle negative criticism in your life and should learn to take criticism positively. According to the studies it is being found that criticism made positively can be the best way to make you more productive than before. If you have the ability to handle criticism on your own then you can follow our tips otherwise you can also take professional counseling, online counselling are also available nowadays. Let us discuss a few of the ways to handle the criticism.

1. Don't React Immediately

The problem with most people is that they react very immediately after they are being criticized. You should never react on spot. As it may destroy your relationship with the next person or you may also end up regretting because of the aggressive reaction you made while reacting to the criticism. You should always take time to understand the reason behind the criticism. Maybe the next person wants you to get improved and criticizes you in a way positive way. You should take time to understand the next person's point of view. Take a long breath, think and refocus. Give yourself the necessary time to understand the reason behind the criticism. You should never be in a hurry to reply immediately. If you always react on the spot this may also create a negative image in the next person's mind. 

2. Try to Understand The Situation

The best way to deal with the criticism is to try to understand the situation. There's maybe a possibility that the next person may be in a bad mood. And you have committed a mistake so because of the next person's bad mood he/ she must have criticized you. So, you need to understand the fact that it is not always about you. Maybe the next person is suffering from a bad mental state or is struggling through something really bad in their life. Understand the situation properly before reacting. You should not take criticism to your heart. Take it positively, it will help you to handle negative criticism.

3. Be Graceful To Yourself

You need to understand that it's ok to make mistakes. And everybody commits mistakes. And nobody in this world knows everything .so, committing mistakes is completely ok. Every time you commit a mistake you should learn something new from it. Rather than take criticism as a negative comment try to handle criticism positively. You should see it as a ray to identify the areas where you are lagging and try to overcome them in the best way possible. Show grace towards yourself. You should never be harsh to yourself, Believe in yourself then you can do it.


4. Find Out The Positive Behind The Criticism

This is one of the healthier and best ways to handle criticism. Start taking it positively. Understand the next person's intentions. Let us understand this with the help of one example- when your mother scolds you because you were not able to do something properly. The intention behind your mother scolding and criticizing you is to make you learn things properly. So, rather than reacting immediately, you should understand the situation and the intentions behind the criticism. You can also learn different ways to fight with negativity. The day you start finding out the positive behind the criticism is the day you have learned to deal with the criticism. If you also suffer criticism at work It is the best way to handle criticism at work.

5. Don't Suppress The Criticism

It can be the best answer to how to handle constructive criticism. Do not suppress the criticism as it may affect you and your relationship with the next person. It may also lead you to various psychological problems like depression, anxiety, etc. If there's someone who keeps on criticizing you for whatever you do. Then, you should not keep quiet. Give a reply because taking your stand is very important. But, you should know when and how to give a reply. Take the necessary time, think about it, and reply in a very soothing manner. When you take time to think about it you get to know when and to whom you sh reply. When you reply to the next person soothingly even the next person while trying to understand you and both of you both can togetherly find out a solution.


6. Try to Learn Things From Criticism

A successful person learns things from criticism rather than taking it negatively and self-doubting. You should try to learn things from it. You may feel credibility and low confidence while hearing criticism about you. Whether it be the criticism at work or home,  But, one thing you should always keep in mind is that from every experience you will get something to learn. Some people provide you with very constructive criticism so rather than reacting negatively you should try to learn things from it. There's a possibility that you may learn the most valuable things through such constructive criticism. Sometimes you may not be able to find something bad about yourself but the next person can notice. So, through this process, you can even learn about yourself.

7. Respect Negative Criticism

Everybody loves to listen to the positive about themselves. But, we should learn to hear negative as well. Accepting negative criticism is a very difficult thing. But, when you learn to accept and respect negative criticism. Then you start living a very happy and peaceful life. Because nothing else bothers you anymore. You can learn a lot of things through negative criticism. For example - A girl named Tisha is an internally published writer. And was happy with whatever she was doing in her life. But, one often day she got negative criticism that says she should rethink her decision to continue writing because she is not worth it. And the best part about her was she took the comment very positively and replied in a very soothing way i.e hey, thanks for your concern towards my writing skills and I am still a learner who is improving day by day. So, just like Tisha, you should take respect the criticism and take it in a very positive way. You can do this to handle constructive criticism.


So, these are a few ways that will help you to handle negative criticism. It can help you learn the best things so try to take criticism positively. If you are still, not able to handle the criticism and it is affecting you negatively then you should think of consulting a therapist. Laughter is the best medicine to forget all these worries You can even consult a therapist online. There are so many online therapy counseling platforms like My fit brain. And I hope you liked today's information about "How to Handle Criticism". Thank you!

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