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How To Become Mentally Strong And Live Long

Do you know how to become mentally strong? Many people who want to live long don't realize that living a long life isn't just about eating healthy or exercising every day. Mental strength is an important part of longevity. Learn about how to improve yourself mentally.

Dr. Neha Mehta General 01 Jul 2021
How to Become Mentally Strong and Live Long
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If you are the wavering hesitant type who feels lost as if far away on a cloud, you need action. Contemplation has its rewards but excessive thought is often the cause of losing track of reality. Realizing the meaning and purpose of life is important but youth has no inkling of that yet. We would certainly expect the older population to have a strong grip on themselves and lead reasonably stable lives. No doubt the midlife crisis, divorces and tragedies, bereavement, and job loss could suddenly disrupt the normal course of events. How to Become Mentally Strong in such a situation could become a nightmare, but do not worry.

A regular life with ample exercise and sleep

The mind does not exist in a vacuum. Physical and emotional energies play an enhanced role though it would be right to conclude that the brain and the mind control everything. Since early school, we were taught the importance of healthy and hygienic habits. Putting things in the right place and taking good care of the house. Being kind and compassionate to each other and the pets too. 

A physically active life includes walking or jogging preferably in the park rather than amidst the dust and fumes of streets. Despite late parties, 7 or 8 hours of sleep seems quite necessary. Otherwise, performance suffers in the school or office. Concentration is weak and the day is spent in a daze. We forgot to mention eating that is done several times each day! How to Become Mentally Strong starts with a regular life.

The ‘feel-good factor associated with physical exercise

Along with the endorphins that are released, neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin bring that ‘wow’ awareness. Whether it is outdoor or indoor favorite games, even walking or running, they should be regularly done. They promote metabolism, help in losing weight and improve concentration. Not everybody is built for the gym though benefits like working in a group are many. Swimming or trekking, gliding, and kayaking, a vast sports world waits to be explored. 

A regular life with ample exercise and sleep

Set a foundation of regular and timely habits 

No matter what the nature of the distress in the present moment is all about, elevate yourself physically and try to recover from the disrupted routine. If grief weighs heavily, that may be easier said than done. A guilty conscience can be hard to tame. Recovering weakened energy may take a while. If the outlook on life is temporarily clouded and appears gloomy forever, do not worry so much. 

Don’t forget that time is the great healer!

Yet, you cannot lie in bed all day long amidst the fears and miseries and stare out of the window perhaps at the happy family opposite. Make an effort to follow a systematic routine of washing, food, exercise, and sleep, not in any particular order. Communication is important, whether with family members, neighbors, social media, or television news channels. Maybe you don’t feel like any of that now but rather wish to live in a remote forest cottage high on drugs or booze? But then How to Become Mentally Strong will not find a way. Addiction leads to weak minds and bodies.

Take care of the self 

Whether breaking away from relationships or addictions, embracing a new life would be possible, provided you love yourself. Don’t forget that there exists only one of your kind. All the talk of helping society and the world would mean nothing if you do not start with yourself. You occupy the center of the universe. The world exists because you exist. 

Developing willpower, mental stamina, and managing stress under difficult conditions may not be possible all alone. Do you have a person to confide in? Would you rather text everything over social media or confess in the church? Find a way to unburden the soul but avoid doing anything drastic like violence. How to Become Mentally Strong is about taking full responsibility for yourself.

Setting reasonable, achievable goals

The world loves sensations and we get to see enough of that daily. Whether it is books or movies, sports, and parties, the more the better. That is the charmed life of celebrities and most of us lead mundane lives in comparison. Avoid becoming a victim of media hype and a target of fraud or crime. Don’t bet too big on anything like horses and avoid lavish spending or dubious money schemes that take away more than they promise. 

Freedom from fear

The monster in the mind is most often fear that casts a cloud upon everything else. Get to the root of the causes of fear. Is it connected with a person, finance, professional issues? How serious is the matter? What is the extent of fear and why? Is any wrongdoing involved or injustice? Is redress possible? What actions are necessary? How to Become Mentally Strong is about getting rid of fears. 

Avoid escapism

Flying in the clouds far removed from reality is what escapism feels like. Teenagers may indulge in those whimsical flights of fancy. Don’t get carried away by the music and starry worlds up in the sky but remain solidly planted on the earth. Facing matters head-on is the wise policy. Find an opportunity amidst a crisis. Rather than becoming a victim, seek the heroic solution.

Small things matter 

Just like the process of eating in small portions with the spoon or fork, break tasks and goals down into small parts. The seemingly impossible tasks of writing a book or intercontinental travel make sense when you consider the book and journey in segments, divided by time. Drops constitute the ocean just like the cents make up the billions! Each of us is an amalgamation of organs, bone, skin, and hair and god knows what else. 

Live in the moment

Set aside thoughts of the dim past or futuristic worries. Embracing the moment in hand is the best policy. A realistic assessment of the present moment allows you to be carefree like a bird singing in the branches. Lift yourself out of the stifling environment and understand how it feels to be truly alive. Imagine yourself as the lotus above the water. Indulge in nature fantasies if such is the preference. Who does not love nature?

Mindfulness and meditation do heal the mind 

Since the mind is the target, mindfulness refers to the present moment. The stress-relieving and euphoria-enhancing power of meditation come as a tonic. Discover a new internal world which is the real ‘you.’ Commencing the meditation practice can be a few minutes of focusing on an image or object to delve deeper into the consciousness. 

Find interesting things to do like travel 

Keeping busy, being productive, and having the hands full are common sense methods of engaging the mind. Why not take a break from the present location and seek a change of scene? Travel does wonders by introducing you to new vistas of thought and experience. Suddenly, a dramatic new world unfolds like magic and there is no telling what wonders would happen to the mind. Even a weekend getaway nearby has the power to transform the mind and experience. How to Become Mentally Strong? An active, energetic lifestyle!

Maintain a diary of affirmations and gratitude

Putting things on paper has been the age-old formula like letter writing to express feelings and emotions. Keeping a diary even if for a few weeks provides an outlet. Like in school assignments, give expression to feelings of gratitude. Starting with the gifts of air, water, and sunshine, there is so much to be eternally happy about. Don’t take things for granted. 

Cultivate positive thoughts 

‘I can do it’, is an example of positive thought. Put aside the limiting beliefs like prejudices ingrained in the mind. We hesitate when it comes to something new without previous experience. But then, novelty keeps life ticking. Everywhere are new models of gadgets and awesome additional features to keep the show going. Learn to appreciate the ingenuity and give credit where it is due. Society is structured upon compliments and greetings. Scatter them everywhere. 

Take difficult times in your stride 

Some possess the quality more than others. Taking trauma in your stride and coping with emergencies. Disaster management is such a topic that requires training like delivering first aid. The basics may be quickly learned from online materials. 

Hasn’t most of the world learned enough harsh lessons already with regards to the pandemic? Despite terrible tragedies, the administrations the world over have not given up. Imagine the marvelous resilience and the power of positive thinking of the health authorities, fighting an unknown enemy. The world is certainly getting stronger as a result. 

Encourage spirituality 

Encourage spirituality 

With so many study materials often freely available online, there are lots to do. It might get tedious and require a refreshing break. Spiritual thoughts and quotes from the different religions do provide solace in times of stress. What were the prophets trying to achieve? Do you believe that miracles can be achieved like healing the sick or walking on water? 

Plan creative tasks

Just like feeding the body, nourish the mind according to interests with music or writing, painting or woodwork. Sand art or painting on a grain of rice! Isn’t the world full of wonders? With so much to see and learn, even a little bit takes the breath away. 

Bring change and novelty into your life

Humdrum urban life lived by the millions in super concrete jungles! Even without mental complications, the majority may be suffering from anxiety and depression on varying levels. How to keep yourself from sinking deeper into the rut? Keep renewing and reinventing through a variety of activities.

New interests and relationships like friends bring a boost of interest and happiness. Nothing succeeds like success, of course, and even the small successes begin to mean a lot. Instead of spending hours hooked to online social media, set aside some time for physical meetings with neighbors, colleagues, or club activities. 

Helping the community and those in distress, volunteering and teaching would go a long way to bring satisfaction. Avoid excessive materialism and give money and materials to charity and deserving causes. An altruistic attitude would bring lots of appreciation. Spread smiles. 

The age-old quest for happiness 

What makes you happy? Perhaps it is those little things like receiving a gift or watching a sunrise over the hill. Do you enjoy vacations in remote jungles and beaches? Decide to go for it. A budget deal will not pinch the pocket either. Make it possible. 

Like a checklist, are you happy with family relationships, the workplace, and the financial situation? What are the plans? Are you professionally well settled? If most answers are positive, there seems to be no rational reason to get depressed or worried. Avoid finding excuses about How to Become Mentally Strong.

Get rid of imagined anxiety and delusions

The mind is often deluded into thinking that problems exist. Company matters because they influence us so much. Like-minded people encourage you while some would rather put you down. Be careful about whom you confide in. Most do not sympathize. Rather, reach for the confession pages on social media that ensure anonymity.   

Reflect on your life in black and white or color. Some things do not change. Otherwise, everything is subject to decay, the nature of life being temporary. Finding success is often a race against time. 

Palmist or astrologer, therapist or psychiatrist, people do opt for them according to faith or advice. Do what suits you but be aware that no diagnosis will be full and final. An element of uncertainty rules our lives. 

Say ‘no’ to addictions

Substance abuse does have a vice-like grip on society and especially the youth. Drugs and alcohol do have the power to tear you apart and weaken the mind. Feeling helpless against the habit can be overwhelming. Supporting a habit that does a lot of harm can be a terrible ordeal. Maybe the cause of the hesitation is the bad habit, even seemingly innocent cigarettes do have the power to kill.

Whatever bad habit it is, let it be restricted to party occasions or festival days. The regular timings and bit of exercise on most days should be good enough. Find pleasure in simple things. The big question How to Become Mentally Strong will gradually find many valid answers with time and experience. 

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