Signs That You Keep on Overthinking Every Time

We should not take these issues of overthinking lightly. Before learning how to overcome overthinking. Let's understand the harmful effects and signs

Madhavi Adhvaryu Shah Anxiety 16 May 2022
Signs that you keep on overthinking every time
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Thinking makes you do your job, get a degree, and plan for the future, and many truth seekers and conspiracy theorists rely on their thinking brains to discover the peculiarities of the human condition. But, when you overthink everything, your mind gets out of control and eats all of your energy, just to keep going and producing unnecessary or even destructive thoughts. Whether you're worrying about something that could happen in the future or stressing about something that happened in the past, overthinking is distracting and draining you. On a deeper level, it's a form of self-destruction, and on a more surface level, we do it to try and protect ourselves from vulnerability. We should not take these issues of overthinking lightly. Before learning how to overcome overthinking. Let's understand the harmful effects and signs that you are an overthinker.

What Are The Harmful Effects of Overthinking?

Negative overthinking is like poisoning your system. There are many harmful effects of overthinking. Let's discuss some of them, here:-

1. Results in Sleeping Problems

Having a good sleep is very essential for our well-being and body functioning. Overthinking results in sleeping problems which can give rise to Insomnia, Depression, and Anxiety.

2. Increases Stress


Emotions depend on our thinking. Thinking gives rise to positive and negative emotions. Whereas, overthinking everything can lead to an increase in stress and anxiety.  Anxiety and stress can be bad for the health. You need to learn how to stop overthinking and relax.

3. Affects Decision-making Skills

Overthinking affects our decision-making skills and judgemental capacity. Some people also think that we can make the right decisions only when we over-think that topic. But, it's not true. In case of negative overthinking, we just think more and more about the problem instead of the solutions.

What Are The Signs That Say You Are an Over-thinker?

Following are the signs that you are overthinking every time:-

1. You Don't Want to be Part of Conflicts


Yes, This is also a sign that you are an overthinker. Usually, overthinkers avoid conflicts as much as possible because conflicts give rise to anxiety and aggression, which makes them uncomfortable and gives them topics to overthink about.

2. You Feel Difficulty Focusing For a Long Time

Do you have a hard time focusing on anything or do you feel troubled staying focused? It may be because you are an overthinker and don't know how to stop overthinking.

3. You Can Relax Only When the Objects Near You Are Well Placed


Usually, overthinkers don’t try to learn how to overcome overthinking and cannot relax in a messy place. They want everything well placed, neat, and clean. Because every time the brain suffers from mental clutter, revolving around many topics at the same time.

4. You Can't Wait For a Long Time to Get a Response

Whenever you send a text or ask something, the next moment you start waiting for the response. You don't like getting late responses, as it makes you worried and you start overthinking about it.

5. Your Mood Swings Anytime

Your mind revolves from here to there. It swings from topic to topic, covering every positive and negative aspect, sometimes unnecessarily. you get tensed, frustrated, upset, and exhausted for a very trivial insignificant matter. This may be a sign that you are an over-thinker and overthink everything.

6. You Always Think About Past


If you always think about what you did or what happened to you in the past you will never know how to stop overthinking and relax. How did someone behave with you and what was your response? If something went wrong in the past, you should forget it. Instead of this, you always think about the past. If you are also like this, probably you are also an overthinker.

Tips to Stop Your Habit of Overthinking?

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to stop negative overthinking and take back control of your life.

1. Stop Planning For the Future and Start Living in The Moment

If you find yourself overthinking, stop, take a deep breath and ask yourself, is it going to help you anyway? If it's not, tell your mind that you do not have to overthink everything. For example, If you are worried about whether you will get a good career after your education or not? Instead of overthinking, you can utilize this time in your studies and work on your weaker areas. Now when you have sufficient skills and knowledge, definitely you will get a good career. Try and learn how to overcome overthinking and recognize the thoughts which are not useful.

2. Give Your Best


You may worry about your ability to handle them like you, think you are not dedicated enough rich enough smart enough to do what you think is required of you, and overthink everything you are doing. This hinders your ability to face situations even if you want perfectly capable of handling them. Once you find yourself in a situation that may cause you to overthink your abilities, your best effort, and a wide variety of overall outcomes. simply, Do what you can do to the best of your ability and learn how to stop overthinking and relax, and forget the rest of things.

3. Only Focus on What You Can Change

Grab a notepad and a pen. Now make a list of your thoughts. When you finally recognize overwhelming thoughts, writing them down will help you avoid stressing yourself out over the negative overthinking. After writing down what you are worried about, you can create another column opposite the list and write what you can do about the thing that is bothering you? And remember that, when you learn how to overcome overthinking you also need to understand that in some situations there is nothing more you can do about it and learn how to be happy in life no matter what the situation.

4. Believe Yourself


The feeling of making wrong decisions in life or something gives rise to overthinking. Simply you fear embarrassment or negative outcomes. Of course, overthinking is not going to help you in making the right decision. It will only make you stressed which results in making the wrong decisions. So, stop overthinking everything and change your approach to decision-making.

5. Try to Learn From Every Situation

Take any situation as an opportunity when trying to understand how to stop overthinking and relax, without thinking about what you will get or lose. If you end up making the great and right decision, if you make the wrong decision, learn from this and know that laughter is the best medicine in any situation. So just laugh it off, learn from the mistakes and move on.

6. Don't be Too Hard on Yourself

Forgive yourself for the times you failed and stay away from negative overthinking. The truth is that life will not always go exactly as you want. You will need to learn how to overcome overthinking and deal with problems head-on. There will be times when things will go wrong and that's completely okay. This art of forgiveness will also help you to be confident and less prone to overthinking.


Overthinking fills your mind with negativity, and unnecessary doubts, which even don't exist, and kills the joy and happiness of your life.
You have many more good things to utilize your time and life. Overthinking about anything which cannot change is like stupidity. If nothing helps you, just ask yourself " Do I need to over-think, be over-worried, or over-stressed about this thing ?"

I hope, All the above-mentioned information will help you to live a happy life and make you understand how to stop overthinking. Don't overthink, believe yourself you are capable of overcoming this habit of overthinking just be conscious and implement these formulas.

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