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How to Manage Mood Swings Naturally - 10 Best Ways

Do you know how to manage mood swings without the use of medication? If no then this blog will help you to manage your mood swings.

Isha Sokhal Personality 22 Nov 2021
how to manage mood swings
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Do you want to know about mood swings? Or do you wish to know about how to manage mood swings without the use of medication? If yes, then here you are.  Mood swing is a major issue to ponder upon, especially when it starts to affect your life, behavior, or relationships. Here we tell you all about mood swings, from factors causing mood swings to how you can manage mood swings naturally, without the use of medication. But before that let's know a little about what mood swings are? So, let's begin.

What Is Mood Swing?

Mood or we can say the state of being, happy, sad, angry, confused, or any other feeling or emotion experienced by someone. There are times when you can be extremely happy or times when you feel sad or exhausted. It is for humans to experience such feelings or emotions. But when these changes in emotions become frequent and start impacting your life or behavior.

What Is Mood Swing

Mood swing is a state when your feelings are intense and are interfering with your daily activity or routine. It indicates something much bigger underlying beneath it like a major health issue. In mood swings, you experience a sudden change in your emotions. For example, if you are happy then you become either sad, irritated, or angry without any significant reason. Many factors affect extreme mood swings. Let's check some of it.

Factors That Affect Mood

Many factors affect mood. These factors are the major cause of mood swings. Here, we are going to tell you about some of the factors that affect or influence mood, leading to rapid mood swings

1. Stress

Stress is one of the major cause of mood swings. Stress and anxiety lead to a lot of emotional disturbance and tension and this leads to mood swings. Too much stress also leads to overthinking which can make you suddenly sad. Most of the issues begin with stress only and it is the major reason why people focus on stress management counselling these days in order to have a healthy lifestyle.

2. Improper Sleep

Improper sleep or Insomnia is another reason for a fluctuating mood. Improper sleep leads to the release of too many chemicals and also builds up anxiety. This can cause a sudden change in mood and irritability in behavior. Insomnia also affects your health adversely. 

3. Change in Lifestyle

Change in the lifestyle here means a change in diet or eating habits, change of house or office, loss of somebody, etc. Any significant change in your lifestyle can also contribute to a change in extreme mood swings. Adjustment to any new environment or situation is difficult which can cause mood swings. Most of the time after some time the mood stabilizes but sometimes mood swings prolong. 

4. Use of Drugs or Alcohol

Use of Drugs or Alcohol

The use of substances like drugs, alcohol, or caffeine can also be the cause of rapid mood swings. The use of such substances leads to a chemical imbalance in the body and that influences the mood. If you are using any kind of drug or alcohol, you may experience sudden and frequent mood changes. 

5. Health Conditions

There are certain health and mental conditions which cause mood swings like cardiovascular disease, thyroid, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, cyclothymic disorder, disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, etc which results in frequent mood changes. There are treatments for such disorders and counselors for treatment that help in coping with them and stabilizing mood.

6. Hormones

One of the biggest factors in mood swings is hormones. Most teenagers experience mood swings at the time of their puberty. Women experience mood swings during pregnancy and menopause. Increases in certain hormones cause a fluctuation in mood. Not only women but also sometimes you can find mood swings in men also.

How Can Sudden Change In Mood Swings Affect Your Life? 

As stated above, there can be many causes of fluctuating mood swings. But do you know how much these sudden mood changes can affect your life? Here we will talk about how sudden mood changes can affect your life.

Can Sudden Change In Mood Swings Affect Your Life

1. Deteriorating Health

One of the major effects that sudden mood swings have in your life is deteriorating health. Because of sudden mood changes, you no longer stay stabilized and also have a proper diet and sleep which can harm you. 

2. Imbalance in Relationships

Mood swings can lead to an imbalance in relationships, be it any. Sudden mood change can cause arguments and misunderstanding which may result in an imbalance in relationships. If you are also facing an imbalance in your relationships then you should definitely take relationship counseling.

3. Intense Aggression or Irritability

Another effect of fluctuating mood swings is the generation of intense anger and irritability in you. Anger can lead to high blood pressure and also affect your health. Irritability also contributes to increased anxiety and stress, which is harmful.

4. Change in Behavior

Change in mood swings brings with it a change in behavior. As said in the above point, you become irritated and also start developing a negative attitude and aggressive nature. Prolonged aggressiveness affects you and the people surrounding you.

Want To Manage Your Mood Swings Naturally? Ways to Manage Mood Swings 

Mood swings have a very deteriorating effect on the body. As we have seen above it affects our behavior and also brings aggressiveness in nature. So, you must manage mood swings. There are a lot of therapies that help people to manage mood swings but we will focus on some natural remedies that will keep your mood swings at bay.

Ways to manage mood swings

1. Exercises

One of the best ways for how to manage mood swings is to do some physical activities. Exercise is one of the best physical activities you can do to manage mood swings. It lightens stress and keeps you calm. It helps in circulating blood throughout the body and keeps your mood stable. 

2. Healthy Diet

Yet another method of managing your mood swing is following a healthy balanced diet. Most of the time an improper diet is the reason for a fluctuating mood. A proper diet will not only keep your mood stable but will also keep you healthy. 

3. Proper Sleep

Insomnia or improper sleep is one of the major reasons for fluctuating mood or repeated mood swings. Proper sleep will not only keep you healthy and enhance the functioning of the body but also help in managing mood swings. Sleep deprivation makes you irritable and influences your mood.

4. Practicing Yoga

Practicing Yoga

The benefits of yoga are not unknown, along with exercises yoga is a kind of medication that manage mood swings naturally. It not only makes you stable and brings about a change in your behavior but also makes your mood calm and pleasant. It feels you with a positive aura that lightens your mind and heart, directly stabling your mood.

5. Do not Stress Yourself

Stress is yet another reason for repeated mood swings. Stress can lead to improper sleep and confusing emotions and feelings. This becomes the main reason for a fluctuating mood. Hence you must work on reducing your stress and anxiety as this will naturally stabilize your mood.

6. Do not Keep Your Emotions to Yourself

Expressing yourself and pouring out all the feelings within you is another way by which you can manage your mood. Most of the time the reason for fluctuating mode is keeping all the emotions within yourself. Pouring out all the emotions and speaking up helps in keeping the mood stable and calm. Sometimes people behave possessively as well which does not turn out to be a good sign, so possessive behavior also leads to major mood swings. Therefore it is important to know how to deal with possessiveness.

7. Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol can cause chemicals in balance which can lead to mood swings. Avoiding the use of drugs and alcohol can lead to normalizing the body and chemicals within it. This leads to stabilization of mood and eventually makes your mood calm and happy.

8. Have a Routine

Many many of us would have tried to follow a tight schedule or routine once in our life. Following a routine or having a schedule helps in stabilizing life. Following the schedules especially for eating and sleeping affects the mood a lot. Sticking to the time of sleeping and eating keeps you stable and happy.

9. Be Happy

Be Happy

Yet another way by which you can know how to manage mood swings naturally is by being happy. According to various reports, it is said that when you are happy your mood automatically becomes lighter and pleasant. Happiness releases certain chemicals which keep your mood normal.

10. Recognize Triggers

One of the most important methods by which you can manage mood swings is recognizing triggers. This means recognizing spots at which your mood changes. Doing this will help you to work upon those triggers and come up with solutions so that it does not affect you anymore.


Now, when you know all about mood swings and ways for how to manage mood swings, controlling your mood swings will no longer be difficult. The important thing to note is that you must adhere to the methods of dealing with mood swings. You must stick to the adopt, avoid and recognize a policy, that is, adopting exercise, meditation, proper diet plan, and sleep routines. Avoiding stress, drugs, caffeine, alcohol, and confined thoughts. At last recognizing triggers and happiness. This policy will always keep your mood stable and life lively.

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