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What is exam fear in 2022? How can you overcome your Exam fear

This is due to exam fear. So, to know more about exam fear and how to overcome it? Let us first talk about what is Exam fear is?

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Are you a student whose exams are coming nearer? And you suffer from exam fear? If yes then I must say you are at the right place here in this article we are going to discuss what exam fear is? What are the common symptoms of Exam fear? how to overcome fear of Exam failure? And a few tips on how to overcome your Exam fear. Phobia of exams is something all of us have gone through once in a while. Most of the students take it very lightly and often face consequences. Exams days are something that is considered to be full of stress, anxiety, etc. I have seen students complaining that they suffer from memory loss while they sit for the examination. This is due to exam fear. So, to know more about What is exam fear in 2022? How can you overcome your Exam fear? Let Us first talk about what is Exam fear is?

What is Exam Fear?

What is exam fear in 2022? It is a kind of nervousness and anxiety students face before or during their exams. Let us understand this with the help of one example- There was a girl named Harsha who was suffering from the same Examinophobia. During the time of exams, the problem with her used to be that she used to study everything but during the examination, used to suffer from instant memory loss and end up with poor performance. Suffering from exam fear is completely normal. Almost every one of us suffers from exam fear once in a while. Many students also suffer from Exam fear because of the pressure being put on them either by their parents or teachers. But, whatever be the reason you should work on overcoming it as it can affect you physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. So, overcoming fear of exam failure is very important for good mental and physical health.

What Are The Common Symptoms of Exam Fear?

To overcome any problem firstly, you need to find out the reason why you are facing the problem. In the same way, to overcome the exam fear, we need to find the reason behind it. And to know whether you are suffering from Exam fear or not. Let us discuss a few of the common symptoms that state you are suffering from exam fear. It is very necessary to know the symptoms before knowing how to avoid exam fear ?

1. You Sweat a lot During Examination

Students suffering from Exam fears are often found sweating during their examinations. So, if you too get excessive sweat during your examination then you are maybe suffering from Exam fear. 

2. Suffer From Headache While Preparing or Giving Examination

It is being found that there are so many students who suffer from severe headaches while they are preparing for their exams or while giving their exams. This may be because of excessive pressure being put on them.

3. Have Feelings of Hopelessness

You will find Students who keep on saying negative about themselves, their exams, etc. They will always show negative gestures towards exams. You must have heard things like - I can't perform well, Studying is not my thing, and whatnot. These are the feelings of hopelessness. So, if you have the same problem then you are suffering from an exam fear then you need overcome fear of exam results.


4. Suffer From Shaking Problem

Many students are found shaking while they are writing their examinations. This may be because they are not able to write anything or they have not prepared well or maybe because of a lack of confidence. 

These are a few of the common symptoms of exam fear. So, if you have such symptoms then there's maybe a possibility that you too are suffering from Examinophobia.

Causes of Exam Fear

Before knowing how to overcome the fear of exams? You need to find out the causes of why you are suffering from it. So, let us know a few of the causes of Exam fear.

1. Lack of Preparation

The main cause of Exam fear is that you may have not prepared well for your exams. There are many students who suffer from learning disabilities and thus even after preparation, they fail and lack of preparation can lead to a lot of anxiety during your examination.


2. A lot of Pressure

Another cause of suffering from exam fear may be because you are often being pressured by your parents, teachers, siblings to score more. Stop being harsh to yourself and taking a lot of pressure. If you will not be easy on yourself then the pressure will make your daily routine hell and hectic.

3. Giving Too Much Importance to Your Examination

When you give so much importance to something you often end up upholding negative grudges over it. So, giving too much importance to your examination can cause you to Exam fear.

4. Self Doubt

Self-doubt can also be a major cause of why you suffer from Exam fear. There are many students who even after preparing so much keep on self-doubting themselves. You may have heard students saying I won't be able to perform well, my exam will not go good, etc. But, you can improve your self-confidence by taking self-confidence counseling.


These are a few causes and signs that you need to overcome fear of exam results. So, if you do any of these then stop doing them right away.

How to Overcome Your Exam Fear?

how to overcome fear of exam failure? But, Before this let's discuss why is it necessary to avoid exam fear?   You need to overcome your exam fear because it affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Exam fear can also lead to various physiological problems like depression, anxiety and many more. So, to live a peaceful and happy life you should focus on overcoming your exam fear. You should fight with negative thoughts and maintain positivity. There are a few tips that will help you to overcome exam fear of exam results. So, let us know what are these tips.

Tips to Overcome the Fear of Exams

1. Stay Optimistic and Confident

The best way to overcome your exam fear is to stay optimistic and confident while going for exams. Spent quality time with yourself.

2. Do Plan Your Revision Sessions

Proper planning of your revision sessions is very important. A good student is the one who finishes his/ her revision two days before their examination. You should never postpone your revision as it can cause you exam fear.


3. Create a Timetable and Study According to it

When you study according to the timetable. You do a very systematic study and are prepared well. When you are prepared well enough you stay more confident and that prevents you from overcoming your exam fear. It is the best way to deal with exam fear.

4. Keep Your Mind Calm

When you sit for your examinations do not get overstressed!  You should take a deep breath and stay calm and read all your questions carefully before you start solving your questions.

5. Do Proper Time Management

To overcome exam fear proper time management is very necessary. Before going for your exams you should plan out your timings and you should also plan 10 minutes of revision before you hand over your paper to your examiner. So, it gives you satisfaction and can help you to avoid exam fear.


6. Stay Cool And Believe in Yourself

To perform well in your exams you should keep your mind cool and believe in yourself. You should always think of giving your best. You should always prepare properly, plan your timings, stay cool, and always hope to give your best shot at everything. Trust me you are never going to suffer from exam fear.

7. Do Not Lose Your Hope

One should never lose hope. They should always think positively when it comes to their examination. You should believe in yourself that you can perform well because if you won't who will. So, to overcome your exam fear you should focus on not losing hope. It is the best way to deal with exam fear.

8. Practice Meditation

Many students suffer from exam fear because they lack concentration and due to this they were not able to study properly. So, to improve your concentration you should practice meditation regularly.

These are a few tips on How can you overcome your Exam fear? and it will help you to overcome your Exam fear.


Resolving your problem of Exam fear is very important for your mental health and it can also lead to various physiological problems like depression, anxiety, etc. Here in this article, we have discussed what is exam fear? What are the symptoms and causes of exam fear and last but not least tips on how to overcome the fear of exams? And I hope all your queries are being resolved. For more such information you can visit our website My Fit Brain. You can even consent to a psychologist if you are not able to overcome your exam fear by yourself.

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