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This article will give you an idea of what rehabilitation counseling is, the types of professionals who do it, and how they can help.

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rehabilitation counseling

Summary: Awareness of the suffering of millions who require assistance to overcome difficult situations would improve society. How can it be done, and by whom?

Solutions exist at the right venues with qualified persons. Trauma, physical and emotional disability, or mental problems, perhaps? Injury or disease, congenital disabilities, and addictions, blind and lame, no matter. Rehabilitation counselors are more widespread than commonly thought. Find them in hospitals and vocational rehabilitation agencies, prisons, and educational facilities. What is rehabilitation counseling? The process will help put affected persons back in the normally functioning daily mainstream of life.

A caring society that rehabilitates

The spirit of social service and give and take with a fair and equitable sharing of resources helps humanity. That is what organizations like the United Nations have been encouraging. Isn’t it sad that several areas of the world yet remain impoverished and hungry? Those millions need rehabilitation, too, like educational facilities, excellent health arrangements, and nutritious food. Efforts are continually being made to alleviate such distress.

Qualified counselors and recommendations

Rehabilitation centers counselors

Besides studying social work, rehabilitation counselors are usually qualified in psychology and psychiatry to help with mental problems. Along with psychological stress, the issues may be related to social and emotional, physical, or adjustment disorders. Empathetic counselors genuinely wish to see the victims succeed and carry out the activities of an ordinary citizen. Work assistance, finding a job, food, and accommodation, and carrying on an independent existence are some challenges.

A relationship based on trust

Like a family doctor, the counselor appears like an angel to the affected person or family. While some people fancy all sorts of unreal problems, severe cases might involve vast suffering and losses. Imagine rather typical wartime. Natural disasters leave a lot of suffering in their wake, and those are not rare too. Rather than medications alone, it is a sustained process of healing on several fronts. Close cooperation with the counselor would bring many positive rewards. Rehabilitation usually takes several weeks or months to accomplish, and so the relationship of trust is even more critical.

Physical, social, mental, and emotional obstacles

emotional obstacles

Disability can be debilitating. Isolation is the result of the standard stream of humanity that is busy studying, working, and enjoying life. If the disability is a congenital disability or the result of a motor or industrial accident, there are many others in the same boat. Why not join hands and find standard solutions?

Physical and emotional support, according to individual needs, would be rendered. Social service organizations, NGOs, and government facilities cover many of the requirements. In some situations, obtaining the facilities may require a lot of paperwork and cumbersome procedures. The counselor considers it part of the duties.

Productive citizens

Each member of society has a role to play, contributing to the community in some ways. Obstacles of some kind may temporarily prevent such a productive life. Isn’t it a social duty to get rid of the hurdles and enable the affected person to resume a healthy working life? Even prisons should be playing such a role to rehabilitate those serving terms for offenses. Many prisons offer work and training facilities to enhance productivity during and after prison life. It is essential that society takes a positive view and not brand them, criminals, for life. What is rehabilitation counseling? It is a program that restores meaningful life and work.

Occupational therapy

The capacity to work defines a person’s status in a materialistic society. Work generates real wealth. In the absence of work, like with the unemployed millions, depression sets in, and involvement with nefarious activities increase. All they need are jobs along with counseling to get rid of worries.

When injury, addiction, and congenital disabilities interfere with working ability, ways must be found to rectify the situation and assist productive work. Specialized equipment and software, AI, and robots may help with such cases. Prosthetic limbs and electric wheelchairs are common. Further, the computer technology like TDD or telecommunication devices for the deaf and tactile maps would help.

Physical therapy techniques

  • Orthopedic
  • Neurological
  • Cardio-vascular
  • Geriatric
  • Pulmonary

Physiotherapy techniques

  1. Joint manipulation
  2. Ultrasound
  3. Neurodynamics
  4. IcinG
  5. Taping
  6. Massage

Rehabilitation and Medical Treatments

Advanced modern medicine has become a great blessing in the rehab process. Diagnosis of injury or disability and their relief requires medical procedures. Orthopedic processes and surgical operations would serve important rehab purposes.

The Rehabilitation Process

Advocacy or case management, different terms may be used. Beginning with a series of diagnostic consultations and testing as applicable, interviews with the individual and family members, if available, would help clarify the situation. A psychologist and physician may be involved along with other therapists like physical and speech therapists. Rehab may last weeks, months, or years. The path to self-reliance may be long and complicated.

A rehab program is developed with probable timelines, consultations with therapists, and costs. Mental health counseling beforehand may be required.
Home care or hospital facilities may be required, according to situations. Outpatient facilities and rehabilitation clinics, workplaces, or private rehab offices could be future settings.

Some high-stress situations requiring rehab therapy

The loss of a limb in an accident is replaced with an artificial arm or leg. Brain injury that results in severe trauma. Receiving a transplant of a body organ. Children with a physical disability requiring coordination of limbs and minds. Depressed individuals as a result of addictions. Marital separation or divorce. Senior citizens with physical problems and mental stress. Corporate executives who are severely stressed needing a balance of work and home life.

A few solutions that rehab offers

A few solutions that rehab offers

  1. Practice with gadgets like walkers and wheelchairs
  2. Speech therapy used in dyslexia and aphasia
  3. Respirative therapy and Cognitive therapy
  4. Managing pain
  5. Burn care
  6. Gait training
  7. Orthotics like splints and braces
  8. Cerebral palsy and Down syndrome
  9. Parkinson’s disease
  10. Dementia

Coping mechanisms

Those who suffer from disabilities require a helping hand to deal with cognitive and emotional problems, physical, too, that will only make it worse. Managing their daily lives is the utmost challenge. Knowing such individuals well will help meet their requirements. Know their abilities and experiences, personal interests, and levels of physical health first. Promoting independent living and sustainable incomes through work would be the highest priority.

What is rehabilitation counseling?  It improves the quality of life and increases confidence. Self-esteem rises, and sufferers begin to feel better and can live and work efficiently. The world does not seem to be an evil place anymore. Don’t give up the battle. Help is around the corner, nearby.

Author Bio: A dedicated social worker of vast experience, the writer has found meaningful answers to the question: what is rehabilitation counseling?

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